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Lost Protecting Slovenia (An LPS [Last Pizza Slice] fanfiction) by xx_HaleighBear_xx
Lost Protecting Slovenia (An LPS [...by HaleighBear🧡
Elon Musk has been arrested for a qserious financial crime he committed, but a random post on his Twitter stated that every independent country had to pay a certain amou...
Planet of the Redmaynes by Nim411
Planet of the Redmaynesby Nim411
There is a planet of redmaynes and they are coming. Elon Musk is a hero and will save us by being smart. Will he win? Find out
It's called love [paused]  by Shrekisjustice
It's called love [paused] by eddy daddy
a Shrek x Bob the builder x prince Philip x Boris Johnson x Donald Trump x Elon Musk x Bob Ross Fanfiction
The Killers Of Elon Musk by ella_hp_dm
The Killers Of Elon Muskby Nobody
a very chaotic story my friend and i made on text. written by professional writers N.Waddington and Ella.C full of pure utter confusion (sorry... creativity) Enjoy :) (...
Being Musk | KUWTK by BriFlare
Being Musk | KUWTKby -BriFlare
Being a Musk isn't always easy....
RARE FIND | Selena Gomez by michaelgirgenti
RARE FIND | Selena Gomezby Michael Girgenti
RARE FIND is based around an unknown author who randomly bumps into megastar Selena Gomez at a popular bookstore late one evening in Studio City, California. The inspire...
The LA Devotees by mothercabzz
The LA Devoteesby mothercabzz
We've all been there. Your wife doesn't satisfy you, you try to vent your frustration, she makes a stupid joke and then you kill her. But what happens when you're a cele...
Space Odyssey (Ethan Dolan) by anna-i-oop
Space Odyssey (Ethan Dolan)by anna-i-oop
In a time of world catastrophe, seventeen-year-old Lauren, the daughter of Elon Musk, must leave her life on Earth behind and pursue a new one in outer space. What will...
Constellations by Kelly_Kat-246
Constellationsby Kelly Kat
"I am so sorry Neil" "It will be alright Lily," he responds. Lily Collins yearned to follow in her father Micheal Collins' footsteps but there was o...
Is This a Good Idea? - Elon Musk by somefdupshiz
Is This a Good Idea? - Elon Muskby somefdupshiz
When Elon finds himself lonely again, he meets a young girl like himself. Will they fall in love, or will they become enemies? Hi ! I wrote this story mostly for fun , b...
Big Daddy by misorakidura
Big Daddyby misorakidura
"I didn't think you would remember me.." Lindsay started. "Are you kidding? Lindsay, I was practically in love with you." he admitted ***************...
Unless It's With You | KUWTK FF by BriFlare
Unless It's With You | KUWTK FFby -BriFlare
You came into my life when I wasn't trying to find Anybody to love, hiding what I felt inside But you opened me up and now I finally realize I'll be your girl for life Y...
Give it some space- Elon Musk x Boris Johnson by ElleCopperOnTwitter
Give it some space- Elon Musk x Bo...by Elle
100% serious, not a joke at all. Not a fanfic, dont really like either of these. AnYWAys read the introduction and then decide No smut, implied fluff or somth, E
FTL: A SpaceX Story by BerkeleyL6
FTL: A SpaceX Storyby BerkeleyL6
In the near future, the ISS receives a strange docking request from an unknown spacecraft. Meanwhile, SpaceX, has been celebrating the successful test flight of the new...
The Secret Love of La'Dementia Bezos by est3li
The Secret Love of La'Dementia Bez...by est3li
Ladementia is in love with Jeffrey bezos... but when a hot British politician falls for her, who will she end up with??? Plot twists, romance, Elon musk, and Jesus awai...
The Emperor Protects  by cummerford
The Emperor Protects by cummerford
After hearing of the actions that Jeff Bezos had commited on Planet Earth, a furious Elon Musk travels to his home planet to exterminate the threat and save the Universe...
skephalo oneshots ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ by skephalofangi23rl
skephalo oneshots ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️by skephalofangi23rl
Skephalo Oneshots ❤️ PLEASE DON'T SHOW THIS TO SKEPPY BUT PLEASE SHOW THIS TO BADBOYHALO tw//eggs, spontaneous combustion, elon musk
The Missing Peace (mark Zuckerberg x elon musk) by HaikyuDork1
The Missing Peace (mark Zuckerberg...by Berry B Benson
the story of how they started dating 😳 I dont own Mark Zuckerberg or Elon musk. All credits to their parents. I do not own the photo. My bsf made it so credits to him :)
life with 6 daddys by imaginegoodname
life with 6 daddysby lizzie :) | 🎗️
dont take this shit serious xD
A sick day ❤️ | Jeff Bezos x Elon musk by sadisticcrows
A sick day ❤️ | Jeff Bezos x Elon...by Sadistic crows
Was bored and thought why not make a fic featuring everybody's two favorite rich people! A sickfic, highschool au with an element of mystery 😭 Have fun :,)