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Isekai Quintet (Continune Version) by polopui656
Isekai Quintet (Continune Version)by polopui656
I want to write continue version of this fanfiction because it still have a lot of potenial to be great fanfic. Disclaimer: I don't own the original version of this fanf...
That time I got reincarnated in tensura with infinity by Void_God_Azathoth
That time I got reincarnated in te...by Void_God_Azathoth
Tensura x male Gojo oc Basically guy dies and gets reincarnated into tensura as a human with the powers of his infinity. There will be maybe one or two more oc's later...
Trying To Have The Best Experience In Tensura by V3Veriza
Trying To Have The Best Experience...by ( – –)
Just a casual OC trying to have fun in Tensura No harem, no romance, there will be a few wholesome moment, and there will be a lot of mischief done by OC
Reincarnated as a Nymph ||TenSura|| by ladybird1864
Reincarnated as a Nymph ||TenSura||by Ladybird1864
(Reverse Harem: Souei, Benimaru, Veldora, Diablo, Guy Crimson, OC Male) Being reincarnated is rough. Being in charge of a whole ecosystem even more so. Having the attent...
Life As Monsters: Male Reader x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime by TheSpectre21
Life As Monsters: Male Reader x Th...by Spectre
Tensura x Male Godzilla Reader You and your buddy Satoru were going on about your day as usual before heading to work, when suddenly, out of ALL the chances, both of you...
Team 7 In Tensura by He_Who_Remains
Team 7 In Tensuraby Joker
I took the inspiration for this story from @therenceforsure12 so be sure to check it out if you don't know. The story will be from Team 7 perspective. I would make a sol...
The Return of the Void Dragon by SantaCarnyte
The Return of the Void Dragonby Carnyte
After saving Milim, his beloved niece. Rimuru revival brought new surprises and the family of {True Dragons} are surprised brought new surprises and major changes to the...
Blue's End , White's Dream (Tensura X Orv) by Livionne
Blue's End , White's Dream (Tensur...by LIV
After getting killed by Hinata Sakaguchi, Rimuru found himself in another world similar to earth. He lived and grown up as a human but an apocalypse striked the world tu...
Chronicles of the Star-King by Immortal404
Chronicles of the Star-Kingby Immortal-kun
Two thousand years have passed since the Creator God, Veldanava, died and refused to reincarnate. At least, that's what everyone believes. But what if he couldn't reinca...
Past Tensura Cast React To Future  by ShivamNegi9
Past Tensura Cast React To Future by Shivam Negi
What if some day a supreme entity who is greater than all summoned the whole cast of Tensura in a theater to watch the future Rimuru is not a demon lord and the attack...
Demon lords Voyage! (Tensura X OnePiece) by RenBowLTE
Demon lords Voyage! (Tensura X One...by Chiharu
Milim who was a big fan of One Piece, decided ask rimuru to create the One Piece world and decided to go there with her fellow demon lords! How would octagram fit in in...
Luminous's Sister by KunaruInLife
Luminous's Sisterby KunaruInLife
[255 for Demons!] This is the usual Tensura world except for one thing, a certain demon lord has an unknown sibling equaling to a demon lord seed's power and has the amo...
The Youngest True dragon(Slow Update) by Kirarakazumi
The Youngest True dragon(Slow Upda...by
Before Veldanava died he created the fifth true dragon that will inherit his goal and dreams as well as some of his powers.With the last of his powers he named the drago...
The World's Ego by aoba-megumi
The World's Egoby aoba-megumi
The Elysian Realm and the story of the Flame-chasers have ended. However... [Confirmed. Reincarnating the soul named 'Elysia'] A new story is about to begin in another w...
The Blank Primordial by Kischur
The Blank Primordialby Kischur
The Blank Primordial - The Oldest Primordial, with her being first one to be created by Veldanava, with the sole purposed of having fully control Turn Null But after hav...
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Dragon god... (on hold) by SelemenceTube
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A...by SelemenceTube
This is a story about a young man who was ill since birth he lived a short life of sixteen years but what if as he was dying sad and alone a voice spoke out to him? And...
That time I reincarnated in Overlord?? by Veriael
That time I reincarnated in Overlo...by Veriael
Arthur, our resident Earthian suddenly gets reincarnated in Overlord's Earth 2138 1 year after the release of Yggdrassil the best VRMMORPG. Knowing the future of Yggdras...
The creator's son! (Tensura) (Hiatus) by Rimuru893
The creator's son! (Tensura) (Hiat...by Rimuru893
The adventures of Veldanava's son and milim's brother who gets In a stasis for over 20,000 years what will he do in the adventures to come after waking up?!
Tensura, The Short Story, React, Short Crocssover and Oneshot by VoidGod0
Tensura, The Short Story, React, S...by Void God
So It's my Second Fanfic and I Will Primarily be Short Story, React, Short Crocssover and Oneshot. And My Au Part Tensura Belongs to Fuze-Sama And Peace.