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The Psychopaths of Tensura by ElectroZGamerZ
The Psychopaths of Tensuraby ElectroZ GamerZ
A psychopath being sent to Tensura for the destruction of the world.
Reincarnated in slime as the son of a primordial by KurokawaRei
Reincarnated in slime as the son o...by KurokawaRei
I was fit, handsome, smart and had a girlfriend, pretty much haad everything a teenage boy could want, but an unfortunate accident led to me being reincarnated into a fo...
King of Greed by Zapz77
King of Greedby Zapz7
Yuuki Kagurazaka gets reborn into the world of Highschool Dxd. How will he accomplish his goal of world domination in this new world? (Will Contain Tensura concepts like...
Rimuru and Iruma's Adventures in the Netherworld by mu1622
Rimuru and Iruma's Adventures in t...by mu
A bored Rimuru Tempest accompanies Diablo when he goes to meet with an old friend in the Netherworld. What will happen when he meets an out-of-place human boy who piques...
Return of the tempest by DefinitelynotCiel
Return of the tempestby DefinitelyCiel
Inside the Ruins Castle, The Great Jura forest Became bigger than before. No one dared to step foot inside or dare to claim the great Jura forest for 2000 years. The Tem...
Tensura X MHA {{Fanfiction Crossover}} by StaciaPLE
Tensura X MHA {{Fanfiction Crossov...by Krul
Rimuru, after successfully repelling Velgrynd, the catastrophic dragon, takes his well-earned break. But, unfortunately, his break gets cut short after Guy had called in...
Twin Slime by Fallen_Michael
Twin Slimeby Fallen_Michael
Tensura Fanfic What would you do if you got reincarnated in your favorite fantasy world? A 39 year old man comes back from his job preparing for the culmination of his l...
Tensura pirates adventures! (Tensura x One piece) by DarkFighter_
Tensura pirates adventures! (Tensu...by Dark Fighter
Rimuru and co are bored and want some fun. They decide to visit the one piece world as a source of entertainment. And of course since its one piece world, what better w...
𝑭𝒓𝒐𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 by Rimuru6360
𝑭𝒓𝒐𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆by Chaos Creator
𝑭𝒓𝒐𝒛𝒆𝒏 𝑳𝒐𝒗𝒆 Rimuru Tempest. A 'slime' the weakest race in the Jura Forest has to become stronger to protect the one that is dear to him. Velzard. A 'True Drago...
Singularity (Rimuru x Arifureta) by Aestics
Singularity (Rimuru x Arifureta)by Aestics
Dying and reincarnating. Battling the supreme evil and achieving grand peace. A fairy tale. Wasn't that supposed to be the course of events...? Yeah, right... But... wha...
Tensura: Reborn as Velzard by fire3D2y
Tensura: Reborn as Velzardby Fire
This is the first time writing a story so I don't know how will it be
DON'T Let The ROB Becomes The Group Admin!!! by Bottle-kun
DON'T Let The ROB Becomes The Grou...by Bottle-kun
Title: DON'T Let The ROB (Random Omnipotent Being) Becomes The Group Admin!!! 《DISCLAIMER》 《The following is non-profit fan fiction. I do not own Naruto, Tensura, Kenja...
My Heroic Demon by Ciel_303
My Heroic Demonby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Before the world was created, God felt that there was an entity more powerful than Ivaraj, the world-destroying Dragon. The entity was accidental and self-created throug...
Ancient Demon Lord Rimuru by Mertinator1905
Ancient Demon Lord Rimuruby Mertinator1905
80 years have passed since Yuuki's defeat. Rimuru, after dwelling for countless years at the end of time and space, has surpassed Veldanava in terms of strength and is...
See what happens when a tensura fan gets reincarnated in TENSURA AS his favourite charater 'Rimuru Op rimuru Feel free to suggest, and point out my mistakes I DO NOT OW...
[BOOK 2] That Time I Traveled as a Demon Lord by BlameMyGamingChair
[BOOK 2] That Time I Traveled as a...by CHAIR-KUN
Sequel to "A demon in a Ninja world" Things to do: 1. Got reincarnated. ☑ 2. Got nerf'd. ☑ 3. Died. ☑ 4. Revive yer self on the other "other" World...
The Dragon of the Void by Athryn111
The Dragon of the Voidby
Hello, this is my first story. Its a fanfiction that is made using the "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" series. The main chracters are Veldanava, Rimu...
Demon Slime | Demon Slayer x Rimuru by TheFreshWaffles
Demon Slime | Demon Slayer x Rimuruby Fresh Waffles
3 years after the defeat of Yuuki... In this timeline, Rimuru is bored and getting increasingly impatient. In a hope to satisfy this eternal boredom, he ends up, with th...
★vacation to another world★ tensura X bnha by caleismbowdown
★vacation to another world★ tensur...by yua akatsuna
_________________________________________ the individual RIMURU tempest has gone in a vacation,after he have gone back he made a journal of he's vacation,let's see what'...