To the Moon and Never Back  by SedatedCourtney
To the Moon and Never Back by Courtney
Highest ranking: #1 in teenagelife Claire Woods; She's sensitive but not many people realise it, she seems tough because of her strong character and she loves her food...
  • tomboy
  • drama
  • new
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Her Monomaniac by sitttheint2005
Her Monomaniacby S.T.T
Adelina has always been abused. Chores. School. Abusive parents. That's always been part of her life. But there is the time when the shining armor comes in ,right? He...
  • romance
  • love
  • youngadult
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Bad But Good (Rewrite!) by Mikeygirl14
Bad But Good (Rewrite!)by Bre Z Hamato
Chronicles of Jake. Book 1. The Stories The world of a teenager is the scariest place in the world. Many people don't think it is and that's because only a teenager k...
  • fiction
  • action
  • gangleader
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The Story of Bestfriends by OmahGlob
The Story of Bestfriendsby OmahGlob
What happens if two bestfriends starts having feelings for one another after such a long time of being just bestfriends. Their feelings get stronger and stronger everyda...
  • teendrama
  • teenagelife
  • school
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In Just A Week(On-Going) by SoullessLady
In Just A Week(On-Going)by SoullessLady
Year 2020 when they finally graduated as a senior high school student. And as a reward to themselves, they agreed to go on a vacation trip without phones, wifi's and soc...
  • ordinary
  • imagination
  • vacation
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Edie's Diary by Liya_Scriven
Edie's Diaryby Liya Scriven
Edie Campbell is the girl with the diary, the diary that she uses to write about her day and how she feels and what she thinks will happen next in her life. But will act...
  • teen
  • love
  • diary
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Do it Better: Second chances don't come easy by TjAce182
Do it Better: Second chances don't...by T.Jace
"Second Chances don't come easy" The life and times of Sydney Grey. - She swears she's done this all before but how's that possible. After moving to a new sch...
  • girls
  • dreams
  • teenagers
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Forget by pensiives
Forgetby eli
Ellie Roth doesn't expect to find her best friend, Ryan Moore, to be making out with her other friend, Julia. From then on, Ellie doesn't talk to Ryan. Until she does. B...
  • teenfic
  • teenromance
  • funny
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The Honest Diaries by art_whore
The Honest Diariesby Someshadeofyellow
The title is pretty self-explanatory. ✨
  • highschool
  • drama
  • diary
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Teenager Posts by Emerald_Eyes_12
Teenager Postsby Emerald_Eyes_12
If you are in the mood to laugh your lungs out, then this is the book that you should read. Laugh, Enjoy and Relate!!!!
  • crushes
  • relatable
  • life
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Senses of Love *ON-GOING* by I_am_Jenskieee
Senses of Love *ON-GOING*by I_am_Jenskieee
Love is the most beautiful..........pain Attractive but Hideous Lovely but bloody
  • deaths
  • torture
  • love
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Dear Cecilia by agikyungsoo
Dear Ceciliaby Shamrock
Part 1: A message to her 13-year-old self. Part 2 and Beyond: Hundreds of letters to Cecilia agikyungsoo © 2017 All rights reserved
  • past
  • school
  • advice
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¢σρу¢αтѕ |ѕραм вσσк| by ThatTransBoii666
¢σρу¢αтѕ |ѕραм вσσк|by Spooky_trans_boii
It's my life as a high schooler and having a full life
  • smoke
  • billieeilish
  • hostage
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What's on my mind? by OFFTH3MARK
What's on my mind?by AAA
This book is so that I'm not having to constantly spam my message board with updates and provides an insight to me as a person. I have a few friends who have similar sty...
  • teenagelife
  • stress
  • updates
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The last heartbreak by Ghashu7
The last heartbreakby Ghashu7
"I love you" I yelled at the top of my lungs, his footsteps stopped and he froze, my breathing was ragged and unshed tears were now forming there way on my che...
  • its
  • bestfriends
  • silly
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High school Rp by Solo_Senpai
High school Rpby Jaclyn Robinson
••• High school has a few flaws but it can also be a great place depending on ur rep. So let's see if high school will be ur golden place •••
  • realistic
  • random
  • smutwarning
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must be said (RHYMING POETRY!) by judihourani
must be said (RHYMING POETRY!)by judihourani
the truth about almost everything and they give a rhyming twist to it. warning: diction not so strong I'm only 14 but I'm learning. please give feedback good or bad i do...
  • teenagelife
  • truth
  • rhymes
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[Princess Series] 1. Would You Be My Cinderella by Christella_VirissyaT
[Princess Series] 1. Would You Be...by Virissya Thalia
Dongen putri Cinderella, cerita pengantar tidur setiap anak perempuan tentang seorang putri sesungguhnya menjadi 'Si Upik Abu' karena ibu dan saudari-saudari tirinya. Na...
  • angst
  • alyuki
  • yuki
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Long Roads by KenzieXpastel
Long Roadsby Kenzie 🖤
Northmain a town with the darkest secrets. A girl named Alex and a boy named Micheal hears rumors about the college they are in. Micheal and Alex explores their College...
  • teenagelife
  • mystery-thriller
  • crime
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The Four Bad Girls And Four Good Boys (Slow Update) by Lean_Jeon
The Four Bad Girls And Four Good B...by Author_Mataray
Gangster's? totoo nga bang nag eexist sila sa mundong ginagalawan natin?totoo nga ba sila? Oo totoo ang mga gangsters at nag eexist din sila sa totoong buhay ngunit ang...
  • samantha
  • carl
  • maureen
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