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Mass Effect Arks by Shadow_trooper
Mass Effect Arksby Shadow_trooper
Not an ark game cross over, an idea of sleeper ships that are found, they are from an alternate dimension, and they change the history of the Galaxy.
A few Titans solve many issues, including the Reapers. by Vinnymoneyho
A few Titans solve many issues, in...by Vinnymoneyho
There has always been a section of the galaxy closed off to all of the galactic Civilization. Known simply as the Montoken Region and encompassing 20% of the galaxy, no...
Human rituals by MoonyPad
Human ritualsby Kota
After accepting his undeniable attraction towards his commander, Garrus has a new mission: To win Shepard's heart. With a little help, of course.
The Wrath of the many. by Vinnymoneyho
The Wrath of the many.by Vinnymoneyho
For millions of Years, the Reapers have tormented the galaxy. Races caught within and outside of its trap have been swept aside. Yet one race survived, and aided Humanit...
Mass Effect : Ghost Operative by MTalias
Mass Effect : Ghost Operativeby Mitchell
A few years...okay maybe more than that, I'm sucked into the ME universe...do I know how? Hell no. Am I gonna mess with the cannon and original timeline? Hell yeah! I'm...
Delayed Translation by ytsc00
Delayed Translationby YTSC
Mass effect AU. Garrus a soldier is sent out to fight the humans in the First contact war aka Relay 314 Incident. He start to notice that every failed mission or hasty r...
Unseen: Mass Effect FanFiction by RedzDragon
Unseen: Mass Effect FanFictionby RedzDragon
Unlike her famous Spectre brother, Captain Shepard has always preferred to work in the shadows and away from the spotlight. But when rumors about an illegal A.I is broug...
Lazarus Project: Mass Effect 2 (Shenko) by Julianne_Winters
Lazarus Project: Mass Effect 2 (Sh...by Julianne Winters
~~MASS EFFECT: BOOK 3 of 3~~ *Book 1: English Bay Blues *Book 2: Dragon's Teeth: Mass Effect 1 Ranked #4 in Mass Effect After the Normandy goes down in an attack by a...
Mass Effect: Alive by petrifiedPopTart
Mass Effect: Aliveby Jaden
Two years without her. Shepard... Is dead. But she's not dead. "Shepard... You're alive?"
New Beginnings by victoriacousland
New Beginningsby victoriacousland
Post destroy, Shepard and Garrus have to begin a new life... From scratch. (Not related to mass effect relays, this is not a prequel) After destroying the reapers, Shepa...
Insomnia (Mass Effect) by TimidQuarian
Insomnia (Mass Effect)by Emily
Thane is nearing the end of his life, and Shepard knows it. When Thane admits that he is getting a transplant Shepard can only hope that Thane will return from the opera...
Mass Effect: Aria's Dog of War by HawkMistress
Mass Effect: Aria's Dog of Warby Hawk Mistress
Aria T'Loak, the pirate queen of Omega has a secret up her sleeve. A soldier that will do anything she asks without hesitation. Her Dog of War will never say no to her...
Mass Effect: Transcendence by writeowl
Mass Effect: Transcendenceby writeowl
Shepard (F) and Thane Krios are reunited after the Reaper invasion has begun. But can they and their relationship survive?
Mass Effect One Shots - Kaidan Alenko by got-it-memorised
Mass Effect One Shots - Kaidan Ale...by Kim Gray
These will also be posted on tumblr and fanfiction.net! Just a place where my thoughts can get put down before I forget them. Please enjoy!
Sempiternity (FemShep x Liara) by BechloeSendrick05
Sempiternity (FemShep x Liara)by your friendly dinosaur
Jane Shepard was a stranger to emotions. Hard military life and past traumas had stripped her of openly expressing the vulnerable parts of herself, but an inner part of...
English Bay Blues: A Mass Effect Prequel (Shenko) by Julianne_Winters
English Bay Blues: A Mass Effect P...by Julianne Winters
~~MASS EFFECT: BOOK 1 of 3~~ *Continues in Dragon's Teeth: Mass Effect 1 Ranked #8 in Mass Effect When 17 year-old Kaidan Alenko accidentally kills his turian instructor...
A Royal Pain In The Ass by SoulofArnor
A Royal Pain In The Assby SoulofArnor
Femshep meets a unique Reaper form.
The Gang's All Here (A Shrios Fan fiction) by Gamerwannabe96
The Gang's All Here (A Shrios Fan...by Madison N.
Happy holidays from Shelby Shepard and friends! Shelby is finally able to have a normal Christmas with her new family, her first at home holiday in years. But what surpr...
Mass Effect One-Shots by Moukin
Mass Effect One-Shotsby MoMo
A collection of Mass Effect one-shots. Most will involve Fem!ShepxGarrus, but there will be other relationships if they fit better with whichever prompt I am writing for...
Reapers End by NickiH621
Reapers Endby NickiH621
A fan-fiction story based after the events of Mass Effect 3. Paragade FemShep | Kaidan Alenko Romance | Destroy Ending All crew alive/loyal excluding those lost during...