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Project Icarus - A Mass Effect fanfic by Morbicity
Project Icarus - A Mass Effect fan...by Morbicity
Shepard survived the destruction of the Reapers, and has, for almost seven years, been kept and cared for on a secret Medical vessel, by the Council. Nobody knows she su...
My Sweet Pilot by BlackRoseEcho
My Sweet Pilotby Cassidy Blake
This is a JokerXFemshep fanfic. The characters belong to Biowear and EA. The cover art belongs to Lootra on DA. All scenes are my original ideas. Hope you enjoy. comment...
Parallel Lives by jamiepage19
Parallel Livesby Jamie Martell
John Shepard has just finished beating the Collectors on their homeworld and destroyed the first ever "human Reaper". Now down over half his crew, he's about t...
A few Titans solve many issues, including the Reapers. by Vinnymoneyho
A few Titans solve many issues, in...by Vinnymoneyho
There has always been a section of the galaxy closed off to all of the galactic Civilization. Known simply as the Montoken Region and encompassing 20% of the galaxy, no...
Unseen: Mass Effect FanFiction by RedzDragon
Unseen: Mass Effect FanFictionby RedzDragon
Unlike her famous Spectre brother, Captain Shepard has always preferred to work in the shadows and away from the spotlight. But when rumors about an illegal A.I is broug...
Mass Effect: Aria's Dog of War by HawkMistress
Mass Effect: Aria's Dog of Warby Hawk Mistress
Aria T'Loak, the pirate queen of Omega has a secret up her sleeve. A soldier that will do anything she asks without hesitation. Her Dog of War will never say no to her...
One Step At A Time by ArnorianRuby
One Step At A Timeby ArnorianRuby
Male reader x Female Shepard.
New Beginnings by victoriacousland
New Beginningsby victoriacousland
Post destroy, Shepard and Garrus have to begin a new life... From scratch. (Not related to mass effect relays, this is not a prequel) After destroying the reapers, Shepa...
Mass Effect One Shots - Kaidan Alenko by got-it-memorised
Mass Effect One Shots - Kaidan Ale...by Kim Gray
These will also be posted on tumblr and fanfiction.net! Just a place where my thoughts can get put down before I forget them. Please enjoy!
Happily Ever After And Then Some by Gamerwannabe96
Happily Ever After And Then Someby M. E. Neice
A few years after the Reaper war is over, Shelby Shepard and Garrus Vakarian finally are ready for their honeymoon. But what surprises will they find awaiting them overs...
A is for Apples by SignoraTed
A is for Applesby Grace
One shots for each letter of the alphabet. Ties in with 'Ashes to Ashes' but can be read stand alone! Lots of shenko goodness.
Garrus Valentine Special by C3_Productions
Garrus Valentine Specialby C3_Productions
It's valentines day and Garrus is planning something very special for his lovely commander.
Can't-lose You by zomburrito
Can't-lose Youby Brittany
Based off of the "Destroy" ending of Mass Effect three. This one is where Kaidan is the love interest. (I also have one for Garrus. There will be many similari...
Titan effect  by salamanded18
Titan effect by Kaldor Dragon
After centuries of service to the traveler, what happened when a titan is stuck in a new universe, well new threats emerge and new alliances forged.
Mass Effect: Wake Up, and Smell the Ashes... by ClecticCeltic
Mass Effect: Wake Up, and Smell th...by Wyrdweaver
Dr. Micheal Edward Lupin was at Ground Zero during The Black Mesa Incident. He had disappeared when he and Gordon Freeman went through a portal to stop The Nihilanth, on...
Galaxy Lovers (GxG)  by WomenAreEverything
Galaxy Lovers (GxG) by Captain Lesbian
(Femshep x Ashley Williams) (No Homophobic please) (Mass Effect 1)
The Song of the Shepard: Selected Poems by Charlotte-Ann
The Song of the Shepard: Selected...by Charlotte Ann Kent
A collection of short Mass Effect poems. Features Rosamund Shepard a paragade, spacer/war-hero. Spoilers for Mass Effect. {'These are all taken from epic verse "The...
English Bay Blues: A Mass Effect Prequel (Shenko) by Julianne_Winters
English Bay Blues: A Mass Effect P...by Julianne Winters
~~MASS EFFECT: BOOK 1 of 3~~ *Continues in Dragon's Teeth: Mass Effect 1 Ranked #8 in Mass Effect When 17 year-old Kaidan Alenko accidentally kills his turian instructor...
Mass Effect - Dragon Age Fanfics by MassEffect_DragonAge
Mass Effect - Dragon Age Fanficsby MassEffect_DragonAge
Fanfics of the Dragon Age and Mass Effect trilogies. As noted in the account description, this page is dedicated to the trilogies of both Mass Effect and Dragon Age. T...