The Reincarnation Of A Promise by Rossary-chan
The Reincarnation Of A Promiseby Nikki-chan
[Major Editing] Aimi Crystallia is the girl who got reincarnated in her LEAST favorite anime harem novel , that soon turned into a otome game . Called [Doki Doki Love Q...
  • otome
  • fighting
  • magic
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Tales of reincarnation: Second life in another world  by JohnPaul-sensei
Tales of reincarnation: Second lif...by JohnPaul-sensei
A Youth named Shin Hildemir was branded as a demon for having a black hair. He was imprisoned and was about to be executed in the day of his 14th birthday. On his last d...
  • romance
  • action
  • schoollife
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Level Up Just by Walking. In 10 Thousand Steps It Will Be Level 10000! by xxminamixx
Level Up Just by Walking. In 10 Th...by xxminamixx
In this world you would need to dedicate a lifetime to reach level 100. However, as for myself, I would level up once per step. I learned skills like crazy. I got invinc...
  • dreams
  • dragons
  • dragonslayers
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Coiling Dragon Book 9. - His Fame Shakes the World by Key000
Coiling Dragon Book 9. - His Fame...by Key000
Linleys group had finally reached the imperial capital, where Linleys little brother Wharton resides. IMPORTANT: This is a chinese webnovel written by the author Wo Chi...
  • fantasy
  • swordsmanship
  • martial-arts
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Dual Sword God by ShadowsFinger
Dual Sword Godby Shadows Finger
In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang clan. Upon his de...
  • wuxia
  • drama
  • martialarts
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Coiling Dragon - Book 11. Necropolis of the Gods by Key000
Coiling Dragon - Book 11. Necropol...by Key000
Linley and his allies went to the Anarchic Lands to etablish a base for themselves in order to finally begin their fight against the Radiant Church. IMPORTANT! This is a...
  • fantasy
  • swordsmanship
  • light-novel
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The Overlord by Nekoime8671
The Overlordby Nekoime
A 16 year old boy named Valin Rakt goes to magical school called Flaron High School. Everyone else in the school has magical abilities, but not Valin. When the teacher t...
  • armor
  • overlord
  • wattys2018
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Siva (Volume 5) The Eyes of Origins by JE_Reddcliffe
Siva (Volume 5) The Eyes of Originsby John Ethan Reddcliffe
[#1 in Virtual Reality] Fantasy and Magic meets Science and Technology. In this epic story of brotherly love, friendship, struggle, and conspiracy, come join in on an ad...
  • adultcontent
  • sci-fi
  • knights
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Coiling Dragon - Book 12. The Descent of the Gods by Key000
Coiling Dragon - Book 12. The Desc...by Key000
The time has finally come, where Linley will fight against his most hated enemy: The Radiant Church! And just when it seems like he can quietly focus on his training, a...
  • fantasy
  • swordsmanship
Heart & Soul (An Original Dragon Rider Story) by DragonSlayer0822
Heart & Soul (An Original Dragon R...by DragonRider0822
How do you make a bond with a creature so strong, so unbreakable, when your almost completely unalike? How do fight alongside a beast, that could rip you to shreds in se...
  • swordmanship
  • adventure
  • dragons
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Coiling Dragon - Book 10. Baruch by Key000
Coiling Dragon - Book 10. Baruchby Key000
IMPORTANT! This is a chinese webnovel written by the author Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi and translated by RWX from Wuxiaworld. I'm merely publishing it on Wattpad for you guys to...
  • martial-arts
  • fantasy
  • empires
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Chronojet Hunter (dxd x rwby) by KaiserGuardian
Chronojet Hunter (dxd x rwby)by Kite Branwen
highschool dxd x rwby Mars arche is a Demi god with a sacred gear chronology trigger or the chronojet dragon of time. his mother is Artemis the goddess of the hunt he go...
  • love
  • xenovia
  • chronojetdragon
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How trying to sell a legendary hero's sword led me to battle the Demon Lord by komio223
How trying to sell a legendary her...by komio223
The kingdom of Duskeverisle. It is situated in a world different from ours. There, there is magic, mythical beings and pretty much everything you'd expect from a fantasy...
  • merchant
  • demons
  • hero
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Once Upon A Time: The Legendary Swordswoman  by KatanaAnimeLovah
Once Upon A Time: The Legendary Sw...by AnimeOtakuLover💎🐚🕸
In her past life ten thousand years ago, her name was Princess Lunar, she was a war general in an early age, every war she went she would go home in victor. Her big sist...
  • kingdoms
  • evil
  • romance
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Sword Dancer [ Roronoa Zoro X Reader ] by eluthromaniac
Sword Dancer [ Roronoa Zoro X Read...by eluthro
The student of Dracule Mihawk had been playing Hide and Seek with her tutor when the monkeys of Kuriagana Island started acting up. Disappointed that her game, or 'trai...
  • zoro
  • adventure
  • onepiecewatty2018
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Xuelei, Tears of Blood by Ghost_Lord
Xuelei, Tears of Bloodby Ghost_Lord
Seven young boys, trained to be assassins, cold blooded contract killers. They owe their lives, their very existence to the Master and Mistress who had saved them from t...
  • action
  • adventure
  • swordsman
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The swordmaster hero. by Flotttoreus
The swordmaster hero.by Flotttoreus
I just had a great idea and decided to write it. Its a story about midorya(kyoushu) being a quirkless badass sword wielder. I'll try to make it as good as possible. I do...
  • izuku
  • bnha
  • midoryaizuku
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The World Changer by draphy
The World Changerby draphy
A butterfly's wings can bring thunderstorms. Tahro knew this. He knew it when he plunged into the world of his favourite manga. He knew it when he fought to save a main...
  • boy
  • fantasyadventure
  • yafantasy
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If I Fall || A Zorobin fanfic by rinkunai
If I Fall || A Zorobin fanficby 鬱病xRin
"Help me to fall in love with you." Zoro spat out his drink, looking at her incredulously. "Are you out of your mind, woman?! Are you being serious now...
  • zoroxrobin
  • onepiecefanfiction
  • zorobinfanfic
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The Reign of the Pirate Queen by McDazzle2000
The Reign of the Pirate Queenby Kayla Begin
** Currently being rewritten and undergoing major changes ** **Update: Chapter 1 rewrite is up!** The title Pirate Queen is one rarely uttered, and only with the utmost...
  • pirate
  • historybased
  • originalworld
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