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Daredevil and The Avengers by StarkStevePeter
Daredevil and The Avengersby StarkStevePeter
Matt is hurt(as Daredevil) and The Avengers help him but they don't know he's blind.....yet.
The Lilith to my Lucifer by worldsbestfangirl
The Lilith to my Luciferby wIbBlY wObBlY
Forgive me father, for I have sinned Maya Roxanne Hemingway has had a bad past, first she lost her hearing along with her parents in a break in, then with street fightin...
RED | Edward Cullen by IoveIykid
RED | Edward Cullenby IoveIykid
"You got a big ass forehead." ~ Matilda "Mattie" Murdock has been blind since she was eight years old. An accident involving chemicals that got in he...
Deal With the Devil by ScaryScarecrows
Deal With the Devilby ScaryScarecrows
"Sweetheart, if I wanted you dead, you would be." Ice cubes clink together. "So. I tell you what I know, you find the person responsible and...do what you...
↠ FALLEN ANGEL [Matt Murdock] by freefromreality_
↠ FALLEN ANGEL [Matt Murdock]by Harley Black
She is pretty broken, With a smile upon her face. No one knows the difference, Between what is real and what is fake. He is pretty broken, With that gleam inside his eye...
Missing Spider (Spideypool)✔ by jakarapledger97
Missing Spider (Spideypool)✔by takara1997
Peter Parker and Spider-Man are missing! For almost over a year, the NYPD has searched for the young college student while the Avengers search for their favorite Web-Sli...
Spider-Man: Wrongfully Accused (An MCU Fanfic) by TonyGarcia348
Spider-Man: Wrongfully Accused (An...by Billy the Blue Beaver
(WARNING!!!! THIS NOVEL CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM AVENGERS ENDGAME AND SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME!!!!) When Peter Parker stopped Quentin Beck, AKA Mysterio, from attacking L...
A Bat in Hell's Kitchen by OvercaffinatedMoose
A Bat in Hell's Kitchenby Cassandra Cain
Batman, Bruce Wayne, and his protégé, Dick Grayson, travel to New York City's Hell's Kitchen to investigate Deadshot's apparent new target in New York City. Their paths...
Senses []Daredevil/Matt Murdock X Reader[] by Lady_Ghost_Rider
Senses []Daredevil/Matt Murdock X...by Lana Sparks Blaze
Angels and Demons aren't supposed to fall in love, or in least in this universe they aren't. So what happens when an Angel and Demon have a child? The result is you. ...
Various X Reader by Doctor_Who_is_awsome
Various X Readerby Kaylee Mae
Read the title.
Daredevil Season 1: Cassandra Fisk by MichelleDonato4
Daredevil Season 1: Cassandra Fiskby Michelle Donato
Here is the story of Wilson Fisk's sister and how she survives in Hells Kitchen. I do not own daredevil or forever dreaming only my own story and characters
Troublemaker by DivinityPositivity
Troublemakerby DivinityPositivity
Ziana Wilde is your average flower shop owner. But at night she's Hell's Kitchen Vixen stealing jewelry and giving to the needy. But when she meets Matt Murdock lawyer a...
Matt Murdock Shorts by sentimental_boy
Matt Murdock Shortsby Marie
Just what it says on the tin, Matt Murdock/reader shorts. I do take requests if you have an idea.
SUNSHINE [Frank Castle] by west_of_westeros
SUNSHINE [Frank Castle]by Khaleesi 👑
[ In which a broken assassin falls for a homicidal war vet. ] BOOK ONE IN THE / AN ODE TO UNAPOLOGETICALLY STRONG WOMEN/SERIES
Marvel Avengers Imagines by theworldfellapart
Marvel Avengers Imaginesby clint barton
marvel imagines and oneshots x reader. open to scenario and character requests, but all chapters will be x reader (usually female sorry) featuring: steve rogers - c...
Crawl Home to Her *Matt Murdock* by Anika_Ann_M
Crawl Home to Her *Matt Murdock*by Anika_Ann_M
He knows he should have been faster. Try harder. He knows it's his fault. But she will do anything to convince him otherwise, he knows that too. She won't blame him. And...
Love and Vengence by ahmadnazem
Love and Vengenceby ahmadnazem
peter parker depressed and feeling betrayed by his friends walks to a bar were he meets two unlikely women.
"Guardian Devil of Vale" Blind Male Reader X Blake Belladonna Part II by Jack-DD
"Guardian Devil of Vale" Blind Mal...by Jack-DD
To be strong you don't just fly through the clouds and have a carefree life. To be strong you need to drug through the mud and still get up just knowing it gets better...
Wrong Number\\Spiderman!📲 by BlindBirdy
Wrong Number\\Spiderman!📲by Blind Bird
I've heard a lot of wrong number book's and I thought why not make my own one! The classic wrong message from a wrong number pulls out a lot of event's! Peter is 15-16 a...
Two Mobsters and a Vigilante Walk into a Convenience Store... by CrazyCranberry
Two Mobsters and a Vigilante Walk...by Elissa
(Daredevil TV, AU.) Vladimir was fortunate enough to save Anatoly from getting his head smashed in with a car door– the details aren't important. After cutting all ties...