Love is more than a number ❤️ Donghae (SuperJunior x reader) by beready95liner
Love is more than a number ❤️ G
23 year old, Kang y/n lives alone with her dad and little sister Eun Jae. Her mother died three years earlier and her dad is slowly starting to open up again after watc...
  • siwon
  • kpopfanfic
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EUNHAE Series: Fated To Love You (boyxboy) by Littleblueelf
EUNHAE Series: Fated To Love You ( littleblueelf
Donghae is a new member of Super Junior, the most popular and the hottest idols. Everything..everyone was fine, but not one person. Eunhyuk hated the fact that he has to...
  • bromance
  • donghae
  • lovestory
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Super Junior's Super Girl by danilovessuperjunior
Super Junior's Super Girlby Dani
One day, a young singer named Minae was discovered by none other than Jung Hoon, the manager of Super Junior. Jung Hoon thinks that she is talented, so he talks to the S...
  • kangin
  • donghae
  • kyuhyun
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MI PROPIEDAD (2da temporada) by Leader_td
MI PROPIEDAD (2da temporada)by Leader_td
Sinopsis MI PROPIEDAD (2da Temporada) Un extraño fenómeno estaba aconteciendo en el reino de los hombres lobos puros e impuros desde hace 2 años. Los reyes de ambos rei...
  • reyes
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After a Minute (A Super Junior Fanfiction) by Shel_Kim
After a Minute (A Super Junior Shel Kim
Leeteuk and Kangin are a couple who want to start a family. They adopt four teenage boys with troubled pasts; Donghae, Yesung, Heechul, and Sungmin. As the new brothers...
  • kpop
  • yaoi
  • hankyung
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From Enemies to Lovers (An Eunhae Fanfic) BoyXBoy COMPLETED by FantasyKpopper
From Enemies to Lovers (An FantasyKpopper
Donghae and Eunhyuk attend the SM University of Performing Arts. Read my prologue to know more about the story! Thank you and I hope you like the story!
  • superjunior
  • eunhae
  • eunhyuk
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"6 Solo un Poco Sinverguenza  EunHae by kazuDalmin
"6 Solo un Poco Sinverguenza Kazuko
Lee Donghae es un ladrón de dieciocho años sin hogar que está desesperado por una vida diferente. Cuando sus habilidades atraen la atención del Servicio de Inteligencia...
  • haehyuk
  • superjunior
  • donghae
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CJH Corporation di gemparkan dengan munculnya CEO Baru mereka, menggantikan CEO Lama mereka yang juga merupakan ayah dari CEO CJH Corporation baru itu yang bernama CHO K...
  • sungmin
  • donghae
  • leesungmin
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Straight MAN-EunHae by Adosh_haehyuk
Straight MAN-EunHaeby adosh
كُنت رجلاً مثالي مُحباً لفتاتي! رجلاً يعمل بأخلاص وفياً بِكل لحظة أقطنها في مكان عملي! لكن،أختلفت أيامي،وكثُرت أخطائي غرقت بذنوباً سأكون كاذباً أن قلت بأنها لم تكون مُت...
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.The Unknown | Eunhae by powerpuffyme
.The Unknown | Eunhaeby أنا
دونقهي صائد جوائز مُحترف، يحاول إصطياد الجائزة الكبرى، بلايند جاي.
  • bxb
  • hyukhae
  • superjunior
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Ever Lasting Friend (Super Junior Fanfic) by exocity
Ever Lasting Friend (Super exocity
Claire Johnson was Hollywood's famous American-Korean singer. Known as Claire Johnson in Hollywood and Park Eunjung in Korea. Despite all her years of hardwork, she was...
  • eunhae
  • donghae
  • kpop
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Pain Killer  [Completed] by EverLasting_EunHae
Pain Killer [Completed]by 은혁 & 동해
Donghae thought he was in love with Siwon. But once Siwon engaged himself into a drinking addiction, he comes home drunk every night and beats and rapes Donghae, and ref...
  • superjunior
  • sihae
  • fluff
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PRINCE  「p.js」 by 00_Baejin_05
"What's a Prince without a Princess?" ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔ When the a girl was teleported another world that she doesn't even know how it works..
  • nctdream
  • parkjisung
  • taeil
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ملاك الجليد  by Nadeen_Elf
ملاك الجليد by Ñáđøşh Hãé Ěłf
عندما يتخطى ما يسمى بالحب كل الحواجز ليقفز بنا في دوامة متضاربة من المشاعر.. ما بين الحب والحلم بالسعادة وبين الخوف من المستقبل.. وهناك.. يحلق بك ملاك من جليد ليضعك ف...
  • انهيوك
  • elf
  • الجليد
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Super Junior (Various x Reader) by ReinMatsuhashi
Super Junior (Various x Reader)by matsuhashi rei
Hello everyone! This is my first time doing a fan fiction and I got inspired by some of fan fiction writers especially AbbieVanityCakes! Since I'm not sure how to do thi...
  • kangin
  • donghae
  • kimheechul
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Turnaround... [PRIVATE] by babyleejunhee
Turnaround... [PRIVATE]by babyleejunhee
"Aku menyukai mu." Pria itu hanya menatap Junhee. "Lakukanlah apa yang ingin kau lakukan terhadap ku tapi aku tidak akan pernah menyukai mu. Kau bukan...
  • superjunior
  • donghae
  • chokyuhyun
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Lost & Found  [Completed] by EverLasting_EunHae
Lost & Found [Completed]by 은혁 & 동해
An HaeHyuk Fanfiction Donghae just gave up on whom he believed was the love of his life. They were made for each other, and he could feel it everytime they were together...
  • hangeng
  • heechul
  • marriage
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Elfo de Navidad - Adaptación EunHae by kazuDalmin
Elfo de Navidad - Adaptación EunHaeby Kazuko
bueno nenas una nueva adaptación
  • eunhyuk
  • adaptación
  • hyukjae
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TOO LATE {EUNHAE} by YaneliEunHae
  • superjunior
  • wattys2018
  • leehyukjae
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The Wild Couple by syafa_khairunnisa
The Wild Coupleby Syafalula
Lee Hyukjae, atau yang biasa disapa Eunhyuk, dan Cho Yeong Eun. Dua orang yang bergelut dalam profesi yang sama, yakni sebagai anggota dari badan intelijen di Korea Sela...
  • intelijen
  • laga
  • sujufanfic
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