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Got Pregnant By Kwon (Completed DARAGON FanFic) by Michin_Cleo
Got Pregnant By Kwon (Completed Michin_Cleo
Sandara Park and Kwon Ji Yong became parents, BY ACCIDENT... Most Impressive Ranking: #1 in Daragon Stories
MY GANGSTER PROTECTOR ✔ by huntress2021
Dara's school, Bridge Rose University, was recently closed due to some stupid reason and the students had no choice but to transfer to the nearest university in the area...
We Got Married - Daragon by sohyunieLover
We Got Married - Daragonby sohyunieLover
We Got Married is a South Korean reality variety show that pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. Each week, couples have assi...
KNOT THIS GUY  (Romance/Fantasy) ✔ by huntress2021
KNOT THIS GUY (Romance/Fantasy) ✔by huntress
When the red string of fate malfunctioned, Dara ended up being physically tied to the most stoic person in the planet. The string does not stretch and it is only visible...
𝗞𝗜𝗟𝗟_𝗘𝗥 • 𝙺𝙹𝚂 by chaejinnliii
𝗞𝗜𝗟𝗟_𝗘𝗥 • 𝙺𝙹𝚂by jinli's mochacups
"Fuck yourself, and let me watch" Jisoo, a ruthless assassin has kidnapped Rosé, a sassy bartender. But she isn't killing her yet. Why? Make sure to watch the...
The One Who Got Away by imagined_reality
The One Who Got Awayby imagined_reality
(Also posted on AFF.) They met when he was the newest singing sensation to rock the kpop music scene. He had the perfect blend of looks, wit, charisma with the added b...
The woman who was not chosen by lyxfan4
The woman who was not chosenby lyxxxx
This is the story of the fiancee who was supposed to marry prince charming. But he met the love of his life. She, who is a very beautiful, gentle, and innocent princess...
Pink Venom: YG's ACE  by Maelody98
Pink Venom: YG's ACE by JungMae
When you will get to know the member who captures the heart of many netizen and the second eldest member of the group Boombayah: The Blackpink's 5th Member ( Former Titl...
Still You, Just You by ladykika09
Still You, Just Youby ladykika09
Description: Dara is a damsel who when falls in love give her all. Donghae is a hero who is kind hearted and is always ready to help. He has watched over Dara from afar...
You Are Living In MY World ♱ Gangs ♱  by LsAppSiv
You Are Living In MY World ♱ L's Apprentice Siv
She's an aspiring theater actress, he's the gangster. She's ambitious, he's chill. She ignores him, he chases her. She's vile, he's the headsman. But is he truly just he...
We Got Married - Daragon : Epilogue by sohyunieLover
We Got Married - Daragon : Epilogueby sohyunieLover
This story is the continuation of Kwon Jiyong and Sandara Park's love story who are known for their fandom name DARAGON. We will have a glimpse of the couple's lives aft...
Flower Despair by francinee04
Flower Despairby JAI
What does Flower Despair means to you? Dahil para sakin isa itong new beginnings at iba pa, tulad ng nangyari sa pamilya ko pagpatak ng bagong taon. Not until My Mom s...
Finding Mr. Not So Right by nyce_gurl
Finding Mr. Not So Rightby Nyce_gurl03
Dara is a simple, smart and hardworking girl who only wish to live a normal life and find her Mr. Right with the help of her best friend. Jiyong is a wealthy, cold and f...
At Odds (All Bets Are Off Sequel) by GirlLuvsHae
At Odds (All Bets Are Off Sequel)by GirlLuvsHae
Living her life as a girlfriend has been a shock for Dara. It is something which she had never even imagined to be. Something which she had never even thought of. Yet, h...
MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE (Romantic Comedy) by huntress2021
MY CELEBRITY ROOMMATE (Romantic huntress
Name: Sandara Park Status: No boyfriend since birth Weapons: Gigantic blouse and an ultra-long skirt that falls on her ankles, thick-rimmed glasses, messy hair that expl...
YG BABY ♡ ྀ 2NE1 by -xxibgdrgn
YG BABY ♡ ྀ 2NE1by 🐉
In which the youngest member of girl group 2NE1, Bella Kwon, is the first to come out as a bisexual Korean woman. [Highest Rankings] #1 in 2NE1 - 02.01.23 #4 in 2NE1- 10...
Memories I've dreamed by archelle10
Memories I've dreamedby archelle jena
Kwon Jiyong was.a young prodigy. He both has fame, money and talent. Everybody is praising him for like an idol. Every kid wishes to be in his place. Everyone thought th...
Business Rival (Completed) by blissful13
Business Rival (Completed)by blissful13
Jiyong Kwon and Dara Park are childhood sweethearts turn out business rival due to unfortunate events. What will happen if they meet again after 8 years? -- This is a st...
c l i m a x by sneakhars
c l i m a xby hyong
Sometimes it takes a painful situation for us to realize our mistakes and change our ways.
Invisible Man II by gelai8134
Invisible Man IIby Ge_Lic / gelai8134
A Sequel or should I say, Part II of my One-Shot entitled Invisible Man. So, here you go... Sandara Park, called as Dara by some of her close friends, who happens t...