Bts X Chubby Oc by ceilandsebby4l
Bts X Chubby Ocby K-pop+anime=Life
A girl named Liyah Hicks finds out she has to go overseas.Another problem is, she is gonna be judged like crazy. Why, cuz she is fat, and she is also black in South Ko...
  • depression
  • fluff
  • got7
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Talon x Suicidal! Obsidian/ Vulture by darkestofhearts
Talon x Suicidal! Obsidian/ Vultureby DarkestOfHearts
Obsidian has been physically and mentally abused by the people around he for year. Wanting to get away from it all she joins Overwatch never telling anyone about her sui...
  • overwatch
  • soldier76
  • selfharm
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Just Friends by its_saylorathena
Just Friendsby im all alone
Maddilyn (Maddie) Mason is a 17 year old girl. She has a best friend named Tyler, and that's all they've been. They both have feelings for each other but neither of the...
  • pills
  • teenromace
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