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Depressing thoughts (A Jake book) by fangirl609
Depressing thoughts (A Jake book)by fangirl609
Jake is a high school kid who is feeling depressed.... He also has a dad who drinks and abuses Rude brothers And A bully Plus more idk yet Read to find out more Hahah...
  • suicdal
  • waitidkaboutjalbertprobabllytho
  • fanfiction
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The Michael Project by ForeverLonelyClub
The Michael Projectby (wheeze)
At least every 24 hours 1,429 teens will attempt suicide, and some will succeed. This book is to help you guys not commit suicide. We are here to help you in every way p...
  • depression
  • thesuicidepreventionproject
  • suicdal
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Tangled in the great escape by ptvgabbyy
Tangled in the great escapeby ptvgabbyy
"Leah sometimes you have to accept something's, you can't change the past. you can only drown them in alcohol, or fly higher than them with drugs." My brother...
  • kellinquinn
  • tonyperry
  • suicdal
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im fine by -yyugyeom
im fineby ✨
they asked how she was, her reply was the same every time 'im fine'. but she wasnt
  • real
  • socialmedia
  • suicdal
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Masked Feelings by LostBeyondReaIity
Masked Feelingsby LostBeyondReaIity
poetry trigger warning suicidal
  • suicidalgirl
  • suicdal
  • self-destructive
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The cuts  by wolfgirl73003
The cuts by Panda girl
Read the title
  • suicdal
  • sucked
  • bad
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My Life Story  by bhemmo
My Life Story by Connor
All of this is true so no hate if triggering then don't read
  • suicidalgirl
  • wrist-cutting
  • reallifeproblems
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The Climb by PoeticNeko
The Climbby Neko
The tree of life, is what I climb, depite the pain from its branches, and I hope I do not fall and leave it behind.
  • hurt
  • leaves
  • tree
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Depressing/ Self Harm/ Suicidal quoted by maelan_dziedzic
Depressing/ Self Harm/ Suicidal qu...by maelan_dziedzic
So, I know what it's like to be depressed, suicidal, etc. And some of these quotes have helped me and have helped me out. So I wanna share them with you, and to help you...
  • suicdal
  • imfine
  • selfharm
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You're gone now by its_brady
You're gone nowby Brady
Just read its before you do anything to yourself beacause of depression and having suicidal attacks. A girl commits suicide and she gets to know that she wouldn't have a...
  • sad
  • dyinginside
  • suicideattempt
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Insanity Doesn't Seem All That Bad by Crazy_Beach
Insanity Doesn't Seem All That Badby Crazy_Beach
"Give in" "Pathetic" "No one gives a fuck about you" "Go kill yourself" "No wonder why your like this" "You think...
  • suicdal
  • abuse
  • heartbreak
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I'm That one kid by EmmitTheSkeleton
I'm That one kidby EmmitTheSkeleton
  • lonely
  • stopbullying
  • suicdal
Please... Let Go Of My Heart... by RecoveringLittleOne
Please... Let Go Of My Heart...by Awkward Potato
  • brokenheart
  • broken
  • selfharm
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Talon x Suicidal! Obsidian/ Vulture by darkestofhearts
Talon x Suicidal! Obsidian/ Vultureby DarkestOfHearts
Obsidian has been physically and mentally abused by the people around he for year. Wanting to get away from it all she joins Overwatch never telling anyone about her sui...
  • reaper
  • talon
  • mcree
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Pernico One Shot by That_Fan_Girl_
Pernico One Shotby That_Fan_Girl_
I won't make it! It's too late! But- I have to save him! Hurry up and save me Percy... Hurry...
  • boyxboyscences
  • drowning
  • gay
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Lol nobody really reads this but I'm just band trash and I wanted to right this XD
  • suicdal
  • random
  • bandobsessed
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Hell Drop High by Ghost_Wolf_06
Hell Drop Highby Ghost_Wolf_06
This follows Jinx and Max
  • feels
  • suicdal
  • gene
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♏️Yuri X suicdal! Reader♏️ by Sayori_Chrr
♏️Yuri X suicdal! Reader♏️by ♏️Sayori♏️
♏️you been in a illiterate club for 2 years you had a huge crush on yuri monkia sayori and nutsuki knew about your crush on her but never said anything about it monkia k...
  • dokidoki
  • dokidokiilliterateclub
  • suicdal
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