Text - Felix Lee by jamlesssweggenius
Text - Felix Leeby Syl
《FELIXDAB》 - Hey hyunggg - This is your new phone right? ~Sent 5:37pm [started: 12.03.2018] [ended: ----------]
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time | lee felix by -felixachu
time | lee felixby H I A T U S
❝ all he needed was a little bit more time. ❞
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your eyes. ;; changlix by vvipnyi
your eyes. ;; changlixby 💍💍💍
- in which all changbin wants is to protect the shine in felix' eyes. warning: extremely fluffy and cute
  • sweet
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A Stray's Heart 1✔️& 2 -  ғᴇʟɪx ʟᴇᴇ ғᴀɴғɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴ (Editing) by loading_not_today
A Stray's Heart 1✔️& 2 - ғᴇʟɪx ʟᴇ...by ·Pika∞Chue·
A gang of nine boys, who roams the night together, Strays are what they're called. Kids are what they are. Not a single souls have seen any of their faces. They were kno...
  • minho
  • chan
  • hanjisung
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Stray Kids ↠ Texts by Clyree
Stray Kids ↠ Textsby i am: cee
Oh dear... Stray Kids have your number? ⌈ Requests: OPEN! ⌋ started: 03.09.18 ended: - NOTE: UNEDITED! Highest rank: #1 in #StrayKids
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STRAY KIDS -Reactions/Imagines/ Scenarios by its-hyunjins-hoe
STRAY KIDS -Reactions/Imagines/ Sc...by its-hyunjins-hoe
Stray kids....stuff because why not 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ -mature scenes = • - soft scenes = ° - angst scenes = ' - any scene really
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Stray Kids Imagines by C0METZ
Stray Kids Imaginesby W A Y V
OPEN [ ] CLOSED [ ✔️ ] HIATUS [ ]
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  • changbin
  • woojin
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MAMPUS! 00L (nct,skz,tbz,bjy) by formeyou78
MAMPUS! 00L (nct,skz,tbz,bjy)by @nananana13
00L gak mau kalah sama 97L yang ada groubchat, anak millenium 2000L juga bisa dong's THEBOYZ STRAYKIDS NCT BAE JIN YOUNG (kasian dia sendirian, grubnya udah bubar)
  • theboyz
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When You Love Someone | Stray Kids | Jisung ✔️ by loading_not_today
When You Love Someone | Stray Kids...by ·Pika∞Chue·
When you love someone, what do you do? How do you feel? What do you want? A girl who is bullied by the schools heartthrob. She hated him ever since he decided to target...
  • drama
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Ladylike || Hyunjin X reader by andie_army
Ladylike || Hyunjin X readerby ~Ggoing Ggoing~
"Y-you've changed..."
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Stray Kids  Imagines by lovely4480
Stray Kids Imaginesby stay
Stray Kids making you cry, smile, have your first (I meant 845297452897592873) kiss, make your heart flutter and break, enter fantasy and all the other things you can im...
  • fluff
  • depression
  • cute
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|| FANBOY ||by Get 꿀
"What would really happen if you'll get noticed by your favorite idol? Wanna know what happened to Felix? then go and check this out." ΦChangLixΦ #5 in FanBo...
  • fanboy
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Rare addition [slow updates] by addygirlfab
Rare addition [slow updates]by addygirlfab
In an world where humans and hybrids exist and live in harmony(hybrids are rare though).One day at an all boys school free for humans and hybrids there are gang fights...
  • straykids
  • drama
  • wattpadprize14
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Stray Kids ↠ Get Lost by Clyree
Stray Kids ↠ Get Lostby i am: cee
❝ It takes sacrifice to survive. ❞ -Zombie Apocalypse AU, formerly titled "No Escape" [ Stray Kids x Reader ] started: 05.19.18 ended: 12.03.18 NOTE: UNEDITED
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Say, I Love You ; Stray Kids Jisung Fanfic ✔️ by loading_not_today
Say, I Love You ; Stray Kids Jisun...by ·Pika∞Chue·
He came into her life without her asking and he wants to stay with her even when she's pushing him away from her miseries. She wish for someone to hear her cries and so...
  • music
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Colors: Minsung by bigkpopstan
Colors: Minsungby leila 💫
In a world where your hair color changes based on your emotions and moods, every time Minho sees this one boy, his hair is always black, no emotion shown on his face. Mi...
  • minho
  • hyunjin
  • jypnation
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Jersey - Minsung by PreciadoA
Jersey - Minsungby PreciadoA
Minho is a hockey player who falls for a pretty boy at the ice rink. Cover creds go to @minhoneys
  • hyunjin
  • woojin
  • minho
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Secrets (Stray Kids Felix FF) by 1arsoul7
Secrets (Stray Kids Felix FF)by Black7B
When people starts to fall in love that also means starting to do stupid things and descicions in their life. This is exactly what happened to Kim Jiyeon. She fell helpl...
  • fanfiction
  • félix
  • straykids
"Happy" by Jxsungie
"Happy"by Kay_bb
Changbin always wondered why Felix was always smiling "Why are you always so happy its so annoying?" "Some of the happiest people can also be the ones hur...
  • straykids
  • changlix
  • félix
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¿Quién es Chat Noir? [#2] by GennyOCollado
¿Quién es Chat Noir? [#2]by G E N N Y B U G
«-Pero, ¿entonces quién es Chat Noir? -le preguntó Marinette, exasperada. -Sea quien sea, sabe que tú eres Ladybug -dijo Tikki.»
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