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Siren by houseofmirrors
Sirenby Briana Mae
Mute since the tragic accident, Ashlyn Holland has lived a quiet life in her childhood home, haunted daily by the shadow of her Father's memory, but too afraid to let hi...
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Murder on Mayhappin Street by a6arose
Murder on Mayhappin Streetby Ada Rose
Top # 2 in woman-sleuth. |Now Featured on the official Wattpad @mystery account under Curiouser & Curiouser| |No part of this book maybe used or reproduced in any manner...
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Boys Love Too by TimesNewRiordan
Boys Love Tooby TimesNewRiordan
Who says boys don't love? This is my story of first crushes and loves, break-ups and kisses. As a teen, I was addicted to television, movies and the pursuit of love...
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Rami by CerylH
Ramiby CerylH
Rami is a child of the lightning gatherers. On a stormy night when she was six years old, she was gifted uncanny powers by her older brother. After that he vanished wi...
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Skylark in the Fog by HelynaL
Skylark in the Fogby Helyna
So when the Universe falls to pieces, it doesn't mean your life has to, right? That comes later. Jeane Blake, captain of the spaceship Skylark, is a hunter. She makes he...
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Challenge for the Throne by SarcasmOIsOKey
Challenge for the Throneby SarcasmOisOKey
Here you are trying to get through college with insanely good grades and at the top of the class. This doesn't really sit well with a few of the people, particularly a m...
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The Gifted Ones - SkyMedia / Harmony Hollow Fanfic  by theaire
The Gifted Ones - SkyMedia / aire.
There are gifted ones in our world we call: EARTH. These children get these powers from various things and are born with a smart brain unless there is malfunctions in th...
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Cliché by luvthatcrown
Clichéby luvthatcrown
she's a main character dragged away from her story against her will. fortunately, the story was a bit too cliché for her anyways. b o o k I o f the main character boo...
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1960 London Love by MAzhaan3005
1960 London Loveby M. Azhaan
"True Love is a myth, but True Friendship isn't." Meera Bhandarkar, a town legend is as...
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When The Limits Talk by sorenavit
When The Limits Talkby SOFIA VITORATOS
WRITTEN BY SOFIA VITORATOS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Book Cover by @DeviantWriter19 🏆 #3rd Place Winner Romance in TheAuroraAwards 2019 @AjhiB12 🏆 #3rd Place Winner Romance...
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REVOLUTION: A Rebel Among Monsters ✔ {EDITING} by StephRose1201
REVOLUTION: A Rebel Among ♡Stephanie Rose♡
**FEATURED on the official Wattpad NA page, in Sci-Fi/Fantasy** Welcome to planet Cerule, a peaceful place lodged in the Andromeda galaxy, full of lively, happy humans...
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To Catch a Glimpse by JessicaGoyette
To Catch a Glimpseby Jessica Goyette: She Gives Li...
The final seven year countdown to the end of the age. The New World Order is set up and ready to go. The populace is sufficiently desensitized and ready. Two worlds col...
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Mis-taken Identity by mskeiya
Mis-taken Identityby mskeiya
*Sunrise Awards Summer 2019 1st place winner in Horror/Paranormal/Thriller 8/8/19* *Summer Awards 2nd place winner in Mystery/Thriller 7/14/19* *Aesthete Awards winner i...
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The Mad House by DrJohnHolmes
The Mad Houseby DrJohnHolmes
The house sat alone, and yet it was never empty. Memories were stored inside of it like ghosts, and its floors were walked by the same pairs of feet for hundreds of year...
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Distance by BeZorro
Distanceby Zorro
"Don't look back- you're not going that way." When a young cat seeks freedom and life beyond the fenced boundaries of the farm grounds, she turns to the advice...
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Reasons (Editing) by Word_Sailor
Reasons (Editing)by Sania
Reasons! We all have a purpose. Planned actions. But what if someone's purpose itself is to dictate your life. And that too with the intentions of revenge. You think yo...
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WE ARE OMENS by veturiuss
WE ARE OMENSby ☾mary ☀
'WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO SURVIVE?' A thief searching for riches. A murderer fighting for power. In exchange for their freedom, they must do one last simple thing: kill the...
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One Night by kamille-rosee
One Nightby Kam 🎈
Trying to make it through senior year with the least amount of distractions, Sienna Martinez has a plan for everything. And if her overbearing mother can help it, she'll...
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My Mina: Devotional by JessicaGoyette
My Mina: Devotionalby Jessica Goyette: She Gives Li...
I was thumbing through old entries of revelation the Lord had opened my eyes to as I read His word. Eagerly, I had been jotting down on looseleaf since January of this y...
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