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Walking the Ruins by RainerSalt
Walking the Ruinsby RainerSalt
[Featured Wattpad Story] A girl cast into the future, navigating a dystopian wilderness with her friends. Leona and some friends are hiking in the rain, on a school excu...
Claimed by the Desert by Katrina_Crane
Claimed by the Desertby Katrina
Vera is a young archaeologist with a determination to prove herself in the field. While on a dig with her father, they happen to stumble across an ancient ruin that rele...
Information by Littletrouble2k
Informationby Littletrouble2k
Ataru Zhi has no memory of his life before the Liyue Qixing where he works hand in hand with ninguang and Keqing to help organize information and recognize patterns othe...
A Curse of Competence by Wordsmith-Rain
A Curse of Competenceby Wordsmith Rain
Most people would leap at the opportunity to be competent, to be useful, to be powerful or smart. Most people are idiots with no concept of the pressures and pitfalls of...
My Little Secret  •L.T.• by delicx
My Little Secret •L.T.•by oh dear
It was 3AM & I heard a knock at the door. The knocking got stronger. It was raining outside. When I opened the door, there he was, in a black hoodie, drenched, his ha...
Aspiration to the Heavens: Becoming the Supreme Mage Vol 3 Blade of Ruin by ImperialSun
Aspiration to the Heavens: Gustavo J. Jr.
Seeking to uncover the secrets of the map he found in the ruins of Rios, Iah invites Lei, Nyima, and co. to spend the last days of winter vacation in Mina with him. Howe...
Rangers Apprentice: Forgotten Ruins by Avisknight
Rangers Apprentice: Forgotten Ruinsby Avis
The grassy slopes rose high above the ruins of the ancient castle. The legends were fascinating stories of hero's and underdogs, rising above to take on the challenges t...
Somanca ( The Healer) by MarthaStreams
Somanca ( The Healer)by Martha Streams
Somanca is the gifted village healer, birthed by Sacrantha ( the first healer) and raised by Elder Fera who was the late healer's maiden. Everyone adores her and speak...
Shadows of the Past by TheOnlyPterydactyl
Shadows of the Pastby ᚴᛖᚾᚾᚨ
The world is in ruins. New York, the once lively city is now just a pile of rubble. The only thing that stands is Lady Liberty, who inspires the living people of America...
Away from seas (CamiguinSeries#1) by glaxMarilla
Away from seas (CamiguinSeries#1)by glaxMarilla
Apphia Eunice's home is away from chaos in a magnific green desert of Camiguin. Not until she pulls a string from an ill-fated expedition where her heart finds love, bet...
Untouch Me by ablush
Untouch Meby Madison
In this house, we believe in touch.
Our Broken World by kaya_01604
Our Broken Worldby Kaya
Cover art by: @DjMidget In the distant future, our world has been decimated by wars and nuclear attacks. Scared, broken people are scattered across the country, wanderin...
Fallen >> An Undertale FanFiction (Sans X Reader) (Discontinued) by Melody4164
Fallen >> An Undertale Press F to pay respects to th...
(Y/N) fell down into the Underground when she was a child. After a near death experience and being saved by a goat-like woman, named Toriel, (Y/N) decides to stay with h...
If Asriel Never Died by scarleteyes_
If Asriel Never Diedby simp
This is the story of Undertale. Everything goes along perfectly normal like it does in the game, with Asriel and Chara meeting, they make the pie for their dad, he recov...
Tomorrow by uschibear
Tomorrowby Karin Venables
Alanna Quade had her life planned. She's on the fast track into med school and her talents as an empath and healer will give her an edge. But the dreams she's having a...
Land of the Dead by divulgence
Land of the Deadby divulgence
[ CURRENTLY GOING UNDER MAJOR EDITING ] Remnants of a once great land lay scattered everywhere, replaced by tangled bushes and reanimated corpses. A brother and sister f...
|Our Ruins| Prose Poetry  by Used-User
|Our Ruins| Prose Poetry by تارا
➳The clasped hopes, unsaid dread, supressed wails, ignored mourns, stealthy elements pounced into the universe. Enough being hidden, enough being wandered, we're here...
Not so bonely anymore by SweaterMaster
Not so bonely anymoreby SweaterMaster
Because I'm weak and I need soriel fluff
Sonic Forces: The Phantom Ruby Strikes Back (SLOW UPDATES) by PhantomJoker1
Sonic Forces: The Phantom Ruby DarkLight
With the world finally won again by the resistance, it was finally time for our heroes to finally rebuild their world. Or was it? After the power was restored to the eme...
Behind Locked Doors (Soriel Fanfic) by SincerelySpace
Behind Locked Doors (Soriel Fanfic)by Space Out ( •⌄• ू )✧
The two had known eachother for a for awhile - yet they did not know eachother. The two were the perfect pair - yet they're was an obstacle between them, and a pretty bi...