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Enchanted Dominion by GavGav7
Enchanted Dominionby Gavin Hetherington
An LGBTQ+ Middle Grade adventure about young Prince Erakus who has extraordinary magical powers. In the Enchanted Dominions lies the Kingdom of Abytonia. Prince Erakus...
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Eddie on the Edge of Everything by Jules_Haigler
Eddie on the Edge of Everythingby Jules_Haigler
[EDITORS' CHOICE] Eddie Eversby is an orphan after her astronaut parents are killed during a failed launch to space. Now living with her cruel aunts who enjoy making her...
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Blaze in the Darkness | ✔ by FireAlwaysReturns
Blaze in the Darkness | ✔by Jane Barnaby
The death of the Beast Collector was the beginning of a new life for firefox kit Zanixa. Sold to werewolves as an illusion in a bottle, the pack is reluctant to take res...
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Full House - Activities for Children by childrensfiction
Full House - Activities for Children’s fiction
Don't know how to entertain the young ones at home? Perhaps one of our ideas fits for your situation! Welcome to our collection of activities, both educational and enter...
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Billy and the Book of Wonders by angerbda
Billy and the Book of Wondersby angerbda
Billy is spending his holiday in bed after an accident. Grandpa gave him a book to spend the time, but who wants to read a book when it is sunny outside and his friends...
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Damsels In Distress » ONC 2020 by thelastpagescribbler
Damsels In Distress » ONC 2020by Ritika Chhabra
Eleven year old Divya has been bed-ridden for a long time now. Three years ago, an unexpected tragedy left her that way and now, all she wants is to get out of this situ...
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The Prophecy of the Sorceress Three | ONC 2020 by diwatera
The Prophecy of the Sorceress deek
In a world where magic is kept secret, three sisters discover they have powers beyond their imagination. Fleeing from a witch hunt, the Laxamana siblings find refuge in...
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Dragonfly Web: Whitestuff by WezleyBrookz
Dragonfly Web: Whitestuffby Wezley Brookz
One day on the farm, Ciara climbs her favourite tree, only to find a magical creature lives there. A white dragonfly transforms to a baby dragon when she reaches to touc...
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A Mystical Holiday with Great Aunt Poppy | ONC 2020 by HallieChristensen
A Mystical Holiday with Great Hallie_Kat
This novella has been written for the Open Novella Contest 2020 *Prompt #1 from ONC for Children's Fiction- "Dropped off with their quirky aunt for the holidays, t...
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Short Story Contests by WattpadContests
Short Story Contestsby WattpadContests
Where you can find information about all the Short Story contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
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Will there be a Unicorn? and Other Tales by Bhashini
Will there be a Unicorn? and Bhashini
Will there be a Unicorn? and Other Tales is a collection of short rhyming stories for kids which I'm updating as they come to me. The title story - Will there be a Unico...
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Mouse Stew and Other Tales by Bhashini
Mouse Stew and Other Talesby Bhashini
Wattys 2016 Winner Visual Storytelling Category. A Wattpad Featured Story. Mouse Stew and Other Tales is a collection of rhyming stories for children about the adventure...
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The Map of Osiris by SarahBeth9009
The Map of Osirisby SarahBeth9009
KANE CHRONICLES x THE MUMMY Maggie, the daughter of a world-renowned archeologist, thought it was going to be another boring fall spent in Egypt on a dig. Boy, was she...
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The Lost Sweet Tooth by sandydragon1
The Lost Sweet Toothby sandydragon1
Casey's Candy Land is the sweetest place in the world to everyone except Jacob. Thanks to an incident involving the amusement park's mascot, Jacob struggles to have fun...
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The Treehouse by CrispinOTooleBateman
The Treehouseby Crispin O'Toole-Bateman
** An ONC 2020 Entry ** ** A Tales from Uun Story ** Moving into their new rundown cottage in the middle of the Welsh countryside was a delight, but it was finding the o...
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Fables for Grown-Up Children by RachelShubert
Fables for Grown-Up Childrenby RachelShubert
You could read this to a child, but it's meant for you. Will you see yourself in Rabbit? Or perhaps in Squirrel or Pigeon? Inspired by Aesop's Fables, Beatrix Potter, Ar...
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Contests & Challenges by childrensfiction
Contests & Challengesby Children’s fiction
What is a Wattpad profile without a good contest or challenge? ¿Qué es un perfil de Wattpad sin un buen desafío? Qu'est-ce qu'un profil Wattpad sans un bon concours ou u...
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Mary Cairins and The Reindeer Games by MichaelHoliday
Mary Cairins and The Reindeer Gamesby Michael Holiday
What if the next Santa Claus were a twelve-year-old girl? \_("?)_/ For Mary Cairins and her Uncle Dave, life has always been a financial struggle and they never se...
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||•Billy's Ride to The Other World•|| by Shivran86
||•Billy's Ride to The Other Srijita
"Bedridden, Billy finds the book his grandpa brought him more than a temporary escape to the world of stories" 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 Billy is a five yea...
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