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Blaze in the Darkness | ✔ by FireAlwaysReturns
Blaze in the Darkness | ✔by Jane Barnaby
The death of the Beast Collector was the beginning of a new life for firefox kit Zanixa. Sold to werewolves as an illusion in a bottle, the pack is reluctant to take res...
Spacey Fun Time Magic Hour by JWCMaher
Spacey Fun Time Magic Hourby jimivere
Val and Expo are best friends on the Zeus, a spaceship full of people looking for a new place to live. Something strange takes out the ship, and all the kids on board fa...
Short Story Contests by WattpadContests
Short Story Contestsby Wattpad Contests | Ambassadors
Where you can find information about all the Short Story contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
Eddie on the Edge of Everything by Jules_Haigler
Eddie on the Edge of Everythingby Jules_Haigler
Orphaned Eddie is gifted a wish from the oldest star in the galaxy. Chased across space by wish-hunters and an evil djinn, Eddie must make her wish or risk everything he...
Willow and the Warlock by SarahBeth9009
Willow and the Warlockby Sarah Beth
***NaNoWriMo 2018 Project*** PRACTICAL MAGIC x PERCY JACKSON Willow thought her biggest concern was keeping her nightly chats with the selkies and nereids a secret from...
Dragonfly Web: Whitestuff by WezleyBrookz
Dragonfly Web: Whitestuffby Wezley Brookz
One day on the farm, Ciara climbs her favourite tree, only to find a magical creature lives there. A white dragonfly transforms to a baby dragon when she reaches to touc...
Mouse Stew and Other Tales by Bhashini
Mouse Stew and Other Talesby Bhashini
Wattys 2016 Winner Visual Storytelling Category. A Wattpad Featured Story. Mouse Stew and Other Tales is a collection of rhyming stories for children about the adventure...
In the Lamplight - Reviews & Interviews by childrensfiction
In the Lamplight - Reviews & Children’s fiction
Reviews of a choice of the best children's stories and interviews with their authors.
Madness Diaries by leopardwrites
Madness Diariesby Just me!
It's summer! The best time to be alive! And all Sumi's looking forward to is some rest and relaxation! But that is an impossible fate for someone who's got Sumi's life. ...
The Lost Sweet Tooth by sandydragon1
The Lost Sweet Toothby sandydragon1
Casey's Candy Land is the sweetest place in the world to everyone except Jacob. Thanks to an incident involving the amusement park's mascot, Jacob struggles to have fun...
Boo! There Goes Fear by CrownedMadness
Boo! There Goes Fearby ⭒ M A D S ⭒
[ Now Featured on Wattpad's Official Children's Fiction Account ] This is the tale of Princess Astrid, a brave Viking princess who isn't afraid of anything. Well... exc...
Bedtime - A Short Story Anthology by childrensfiction
Bedtime - A Short Story Anthologyby Children’s fiction
Short children's stories written by the winners of our writing contests.
Marigold and the Diamond Thieves by paulmyatt
Marigold and the Diamond Thievesby Paul Myatt
When the sun sets more than once a day and the world's diamonds are stolen, a small brave girl, struggling to belong, has secrets to discover. Marigold leaves her lonely...
Lyrical Joy by cleomez
Lyrical Joyby cleomez
Read some silly word play and brighten up your day. A gift from me to you to chase away the blues. Come make a little joy for little girl or boy. Just add a little tune...
Short Man On The Tall Mountain by AEPennymaker
Short Man On The Tall Mountainby Anna
Short Man has a problem. He can't make things the way his brothers can, no matter how hard he works, or how much he studies. Even worse, what he can make doesn't seem ve...
I am the eldest of seven siblings. Billy and Barney came about way back in 1991 when the three youngest of my siblings being eight, seven and four were acting up, I dive...
Potluck by cleomez
Potluckby cleomez
Contest fun, Pen word stew, Potluck work, Entries chew, Poetry, Stories too, Come in browse, Read a few
The stolen trophy by DoYourHomework
The stolen trophyby Chaos.
using the adventure time characters princess bubble gum wins a trophy for being the best scientist in town but who can the culprit be???
The Magician's Will - '21 Watty's Shortlist by Jamesefryar
The Magician's Will - '21 Watty' Jamesefryar
|| 2021 Watty's Shortlist || When the world's most famous magician - Max Marvel - dies, he has no heir. Instead, the magician's will stipulates his entire estate will pa...
Contests & Challenges by childrensfiction
Contests & Challengesby Children’s fiction
What is a Wattpad profile without a good contest or challenge? ¿Qué es un perfil de Wattpad sin un buen desafío? Qu'est-ce qu'un profil Wattpad sans un bon concours ou u...