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STAR TREK IMAGINES  by GeorgiesJesusHair
just some random Star Trek imagines mostly original series and next generation. Characters I write are Spock Kirk Data Riker McCoy/bones Q Wesley Picard Chekov...
Taste of Sky by imkarylv
Taste of Skyby klv
Taste of Sky, the story of Behati Azalea Monzanto and Rylandrien Peter Armstrong. Both of them and the rest of their team were addressed as heroes. As Lieutenant Monzant...
Two Kirks And A Vulcan by DoctorGiles
Two Kirks And A Vulcanby DoctorGiles
On a routine mission to Earth to pick up new recruits, Bones and Spock, along with the rest of the Enterprise crew are stunned when one of the newest members is Kirk's y...
Star Trek Imagines || TOS and TNG by Bisexual_Baybie_
Star Trek Imagines || TOS and TNGby Someone Luvlie <3
Just Imagines of people from Star Trek TOS, and TNG and some from that movie with Chris Pine, I forgot if there was a specific name for it but yeah there'll be some from...
Taste Of Home (Taste of Sky Fanfiction) (✔️)  by JacklessRose
Taste Of Home (Taste of Sky 🦋
You're my home, and I will always find a way back to you. Cover not mine. Credits to the rightful owner.
my ridiculous af fanfics by Izzy246girl
my ridiculous af fanficsby Isabella
behold my nonsense i mostly write for nomta and tos, though this might change as time goes on, idk. for reference: nomta | No One Mourns The Aftermath by @Stellarlunatic...
LIGHT-YEARS AWAY (Data x Reader) // Star Trek by RoseLilyQuill
LIGHT-YEARS AWAY (Data x Reader) Rose Quill
Home to you was always on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) with your closest friend, Dr.Mccoy, and captain James T. Kirk. But due to a mishap, you have found yourself on th...
Spirk - Yours by uss-spirk
Spirk - Yoursby Oswin
Kirk and Spock both begin to have feelings for each other. They go to Bones for help, but realize that some things you can't learn from others; you have to experience th...
Spock and Alex  by DoctorGiles
Spock and Alex by DoctorGiles
This is a sequel to Two Kirks and a Vulcan. Spock and Alex are back from their honeymoon, and are faced with different challenges and adventures of their own on the Ente...
Star Trek Oneshots by Mythic_One
Star Trek Oneshotsby Cairo
Just some cute little One shots bout you and the crew. BTW some will be reader inserts some will have a name pre decided.
Star Trek Memes by Allamaraine
Star Trek Memesby 🕸️Bunny🕸️
I have so many x3 I didn't make any of these
Star Trek Imagines by antisocialreptile
Star Trek Imaginesby antisocialreptile
Just a bunch of random Star Trek imagines. I take requests, so if you want an imagine, just message me or comment on the story.
Ocean Eyes - A Leonard "Bones" McCoy x Reader Fic by stardusted_9
Ocean Eyes - A Leonard "Bones" stardust
*Completed* Y/N is confused about her feelings for Dr. McCoy. When Spock and Kirk come to know, they devise a fantabulous plan to bring both of them together. Series: S...
❀| Town of Salem by loonapidity
❀| Town of Salemby loonapidity
discontinued oneshot collection about town of salem. cover © zuureleena
Commander by food_fly_books
Commanderby food_fly_books
The story of Spock's sister, and her time aboard the Enterprise.
Murderous Passion {ToS Sk x Arsonist} by SkyWritesStuff
Murderous Passion {ToS Sk x SkyWritesStuff
So, I decided to do a fanfiction on the Serial Killer and the Arsonist from Town of Salem! Keep in mind, these are their avatars that you can buy ingame. The one I am us...
Town of Salem by harrnold
Town of Salemby H
"Welcome to the wonderful Town of Salem." //BASED ON THE GAME TOWN OF SALEM// -started July 26th, 2016- this is a major work in progress,,, and I also need a b...
Town of Salem - Arsonist by campfirey
Town of Salem - Arsonistby buggy
The arsonist is a humble man, and he never really needed any help with doing what he does. Never really understood the point of making friends if they were all going to...
Star Trek (Spirk) by RareTenaring16
Star Trek (Spirk)by Fan Boys Rock
AOS and TOS crossover fic It's Christmas time, Stardate 2264, and The Enterprise stumbles upon an anomaly and ended up in Spock Prime's reality in 2290. Now they must fi...