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Show Me How To Love You by IAmImmortality
Show Me How To Love Youby Ian
After a (very) drunken night of sex, an accidental bond is formed between Spock and Leonard. Jim becomes a confidant, but is sometimes too annoying to bear. How long wil...
Spones one-shots by lowkeyboke
Spones one-shotsby lowkey boke
A collection of Spones one-shots.
Trapped six feet under by TFALokiwriter
Trapped six feet underby Speedy
McCoy is trapped. And he's scared. Only memories are his companion.
Life without you wouldn't be life anymore by lowkeyboke
Life without you wouldn't be life...by lowkey boke
A Spones short story. Fear is the most powerful weapon. They beam down to a planet, where Bones is taken to the ultimate torture weapon. Their greatests fears come tr...
Clothed - Spones OneShot by MySuperWhoLock
Clothed - Spones OneShotby MySuperWhoLock
A bad day takes a confusing turn...
Within My Shoes by ViraPatira
Within My Shoesby Vin
After a bio-lab alchemy mishap, Spock and Leonard accidentally swap bodies. Such absurdity that it should be them; they weren't considered the demonic duo of the Enterpr...
Vaccine by ChildofMyth
Vaccineby ChildofMyth
Bones tries a new vaccine and suffers the consequences. Spock finds McCoy dying. He has to save him. Does he? And in the process of trying, he find something out about h...
Spirk oneshots (Star Trek) by Maluxian
Spirk oneshots (Star Trek)by Maluxian
It is a collection of my favourite spirk oneshots from ao3 . It might contain some mcspirk tho. Disclaimer: i don't own any of this work. They belong to their original a...
Spones by lowkeyboke
Sponesby lowkey boke
Some random drabbles about Spones.
Book of Spones by ViraPatira
Book of Sponesby Vin
Some Spones one shots based on random prompt/mood generators, and I'm totally up for taking prompt requests :D ♡
StarTrek -photos by lowkeyboke
StarTrek -photosby lowkey boke
I leave you here some of the most hot, cute and slashy, photos of star trek tos on and off screen I had found.
Using the ozh'esta to lure Jim out by TFALokiwriter
Using the ozh'esta to lure Jim outby Speedy
Four times Spock started the ozh'esta when he lost track of Jim and the one time McCoy called him out on it .
What Now - A McCoy/Spock Fanfiction by DeathLife97
What Now - A McCoy/Spock Fanfictionby Maddy
McCoy doesn't think that Spock could ever be interested in a mess like him. Boy, how wrong he is... Lyrics from the song "What Now" by Rihanna. For my friend J...
Readjusting - A Spones Oneshot by MySuperWhoLock
Readjusting - A Spones Oneshotby MySuperWhoLock
An injury causes Spock to momentarily lose control of his impulses...
Spones oneshots [Star Trek] by polskijednorozec
Spones oneshots [Star Trek]by polskijednorożec
Hello friends, polish unicorn here, I've got way too much spones feels and if anyone has the same problem and would like to share it with me them I'm all ears. Writing i...
All our yesterdays by lowkeyboke
All our yesterdaysby lowkey boke
A Spones story. This is an alternative history to the episode of "All our yesterdays" (TOS, T3E23). What if Zarabeth never existed.
McSpirk: The Trouble with Trios  by Averytheace
McSpirk: The Trouble with Trios by Averie
This is a bribe fic written for my companion, Bradley. It's a mashing of AoS and ToS and I've smudged some canon to make it work. (I know, ugh, but I wanted to make it t...
Mirar los alrededores by Bec-de-Lievre
Mirar los alrededoresby 𝔟𝔢𝔠-𝔡𝔢-𝔩𝔦𝔢𝔳𝔯𝔢
McCoy sabe lo que Spock y Kirk hacen cuando dicen ir a pasear.
El destino tiene un as bajo la manga by Bec-de-Lievre
El destino tiene un as bajo la man...by 𝔟𝔢𝔠-𝔡𝔢-𝔩𝔦𝔢𝔳𝔯𝔢
Si alguna vez McCoy tuvo dudas sobre sus recursos para llegar al corazón del Primer Oficial, la vida y Christine se van a encargar de demostrarle lo contrario. O, tambié...