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Harry Potter Next Generation Time Travel by BisexualSlytherin
Harry Potter Next Generation Tori, A Sad Bitch.
This is my first fan fiction and I am going to be writing a HP next gen time travel story as you can tell by the title, I feel its isn't too generic and I am including S...
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The Time Turner by Jens_World
The Time Turnerby Jen
James S. Potter is always getting in trouble. What happens when he gets into his father's study and gets sent to his father's fifth year?
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Luna ¬ James Potter II  by prongsletteee
Luna ¬ James Potter II by prongsletteee
'l just hope it's not too late to follow my heart.' {James Sirius Potter x OC} {Next Generation- Marauders Era} {Started 8/8/2018} I only own my OCs all rights go to JKR...
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Ghost Whisperer || T. Lupin ✔ by Aprilunicorn
Ghost Whisperer || T. Lupin ✔by Emily
"So, you can see ghosts that aren't really there?" "I can see their spirit." "Can you tell them I love them?" "They know, and they lov...
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First Love || James Sirius Potter by ameshrk5
First Love || James Sirius Potterby Amy🥀🖤
Maddie's a cute loyal Hufflepuff who loves to read and fangirl James is a confident Gryffindor who loves to pull pranks and play quidditch Maddie gets told to tutor Jam...
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A Twist in Time - The Marauders by AnonymousWriter1001
A Twist in Time - The Maraudersby AnonymousWriter123
Lily Evans has a time turner, that is until it falls into the wrong hands. The Marauders are the worst possible people to have a time turner. Lily discovers this and ch...
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Albus Not Again! by adalaide391
Albus Not Again!by adalaide391
A next generation time travel story. Warning this book takes place after the events in Cursed Child. Albus Potter is about to embark on his fifth year in Hogwarts with...
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Time Twisted: A Next Generation Time Travel [COMPLETED] by Jelly_Bean14
Time Twisted: A Next Generation Jelly_Bean14
When an incident occurs resulting in the breaking of a Time Turner, the Next Generation kids are sent back in time to 1995. Aka-The Golden Trio's fifth year... *Short Ne...
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clumsy trouble; teddy lupin ✓ by somniatis__
clumsy trouble; teddy lupin ✓by moved to stxrn-
❝You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage, or in our case, clumsiness, it is. ❞ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Actually, it all started when Arthur...
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Welcome To 1995 {Next Generation Time Travel} by Undursleyish_666
Welcome To 1995 {Next Generation A.M. Hudson
[COMPLETED] " Time Is Tricky Business..." The whole of the next generation travel back in time to 1995 when James Sirius Potter and Fred II Weasley break Harry...
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The time turner (hp next generation) by Hinny29
The time turner (hp next laugh when it's bad
James Sirius Potter sends the cousins and Scorpius back to 1995 during an order meeting. Everyone they've heard stories of are still alive, but how will they return to t...
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16 Years And 9 Months *ongoing* by ReservedAlstroemeria
16 Years And 9 Months *ongoing*by ❣ ʷᵉˡᶜᵒᵐᵉ ❣
About sixteen years ago, Bloom ran excitedly to go tell Sky some big news! Unfortunately for Bloom, she would hear something so daunting, she would decide to run away. S...
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Fairy Tail : Next Generation by youjustdidthat
Fairy Tail : Next Generationby Potato
This is the first fanfic I have ever written so I have no idea how well it is going to turn out. *shrugs* oh well. This story is about Fairy Tail in the future, Next Gen...
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Harry Potter, Next Generation; Time Travel (COMPLETED) by IPanicAtTheRomance
Harry Potter, Next Generation; antisocialalien
When James and Fred take the entire Weasly/Potter clan, along with Scorpius Malfoy and a Muggle back to the past, it's the adventure of a lifetime. CURRENTLY UNDER EDITI...
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Oblivious - James Sirius Potter by reveursourire
Oblivious - James Sirius Potterby Lestrange
"I know we're supposed to hate each other, but fuck i love you" James Sirius Potter doesn't have the adventurous life like his father. He have never fought on...
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Harry Potter x Reader Oneshots - All Generations by TsaileCreek
Harry Potter x Reader Oneshots - Tsaile Creek
Requests are open. A collection of original oneshots for Harry Potter, all generations. Fantastic Beasts is also included for anyone who wants it! Enjoy! :3 A...
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Why Are Kids Coming into the Guild? by ElizaScarlet105
Why Are Kids Coming into the Guild?by ♢ Liz ♢
While walking through a forest, Jellal and the rest of Crime Sorciere heard a scream coming from somewhere near by. They went to save the person, but instead they saw ki...
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Instagram; next generation [j.s.p] by acciopureblood-
Instagram; next generation [j.s.p]by ❝prongsy❞
;the next generation living their life on Instagram. [only ocs belong to me] [new generation era] [james sirius potterXoc] [completed]
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