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The Mylar Cat:  Star Trek Voyager (Complete) by MaryLovelace1
The Mylar Cat: Star Trek Mary Lovelace
It was love at first sight: A cute little stray cat facing a grim future, and a starship captain in need of companionship. But, not everything was as it seemed...
A Kestrel for a Star (Star Trek fanfiction) by Tinytotsmc
A Kestrel for a Star (Star Trek Tinytot
Kestrel Stibbons is part of an extinct race and trying to keep her head down and work her way up through Starfleet . . . but being friends with Jim Kirk means life is ne...
Star Trek Imagines by Clo2603
Star Trek Imaginesby marvel_fan_forever
Imagines between the reader and various Star Trek characters. The characters I mainly write about are Chekov, Bones and Kirk but I can write about others if requested. ...
Destined | Christopher Pike by victoriat90
Destined | Christopher Pikeby victoriat90
"Do you believe that our future is set in stone?" Christopher asked. She tore her gaze away from the fire that was warming the room up and at him. "That'...
Something I wished for || Wattys 2019 ||Wattys 2020 by AnkSun344
Something I wished for || Wattys AnkSun344
I wish it would've happened like this like we were always meant to be together, nothing was there between us to pull us apart-but you had different plans, I was there lo...
Beyond the Frontier by FanFicWarrior
Beyond the Frontierby Mckayla
Isabella Williams wanted all her life to work for Starfleet in their Advanced Weaponary department. When she graduates top of her class she is assigned to the U.S.S. Ent...
Red Means Dead by 47cogs
Red Means Deadby 47cogs
Lieutenant Sadie Walker has been an engineer on Enterprise since its first fateful mission. When presented with her first away mission, to be accompanied by her best mat...
Emotionless (Spock Love Story) -COMPLETE by UnaNova
Emotionless (Spock Love Story) Em
What happens when Commander Spock begins to get closer to his star student? What happens when this mixed-breed meets his mother? What about what happens when Vulcan is d...
Space Isn't Just Darkness by JokeWasOnMe
Space Isn't Just Darknessby Jokester
" Did you know your eyes give you away?" " Would it be rude to suggest that yours do the same?" Ferris Kirk is none other than James Kirk's twin s...
Star Trek Imagines || TOS and TNG by Bisexual_Baybie_
Star Trek Imagines || TOS and TNGby Someone Luvlie <3
Just Imagines of people from Star Trek TOS, and TNG and some from that movie with Chris Pine, I forgot if there was a specific name for it but yeah there'll be some from...
Tumbling Walls (A Spock love story) by salvatore2015
Tumbling Walls (A Spock love story)by Kit_Kat
Spock oc story. Need I say more?! It's Katherina Whitlock's 1st year at Star Fleet Academy, the prestigious university for aspiring minds. Secrets will be revealed, fri...
Spirk Drabbles by thecreaturenewt
Spirk Drabblesby Space Prince
You guessed it! Just some Spirk Drabbles.
Tangled- FlutterCord by TheREALFoxGamer
Tangled- FlutterCordby eevee
FlutterCord Tangled is based off the movie Tangled from Disney. I don't own any My little pony characters in this. Any errors should be considered as another My little...
Among the Elite by ChloeReds
Among the Eliteby C. C. Red
Amaranta Spade is a half Human, half Vulcan and an acting Lieutenant Commander with Starfleet. The young Vulcan being the Department head for Xenolinguistics at the Acad...
Star Trek Imagines Book 2 by Clo2603
Star Trek Imagines Book 2by marvel_fan_forever
Imagines between the reader and various Star Trek characters. The characters I mainly write about are Chekov, Bones and Kirk but I can write about others if requested. ...
87 Facts of Star Trek by Helaman512
87 Facts of Star Trekby S'chn T'gai Spock
Facts you might not have known of the Star Trek series. This is a book compiled on a bunch of facts that can be found floating around. Thank you for Reading!!! Comment i...
Various X Reader by Doctor_Who_is_awsome
Various X Readerby Kaylee Mae
Read the title.
A little bit of everything Multi Fandom Imagines Book Three by Avengerssoulmate
A little bit of everything Multi Avengerssoulmate
My third book dedicated to the multi fandom universe. And again, I will be including the Marvel, the Expendables, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Gotham...
Star Trek: Uncharted by Eyladon
Star Trek: Unchartedby - ̗̀ ♡ ̖́-
The USS Enterprise is the first Starfleet vessel to successfully navigate the Necro Cloud Nebula and travel farther into uncharted space than any other Federation ship h...
Star Trek Voyager: Time On My Hands by joyful_voyager
Star Trek Voyager: Time On My Handsby joyful_voyager
The Voyager crew deal with the emotional fallout of their seven-year journey and their sudden return to life in the Alpha Quadrant. Most every character has his or her s...