supernova: gravity (11th doctor) by astra0
supernova: gravity (11th doctor)by astra0
book 2 in the supernova series. (book 1 titled: supernova (11th doctor) ) -- I am queen of all my sins forgotten.
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A Captain And A Madman by RazielZonoran
A Captain And A Madmanby Joel O'Connor
En route to an urgent humanitarian mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise D stumbles upon a strange sight; a blue, wooden box stranded in the middle of Federation territory, mot...
  • eleven
  • star-trek
  • doctorwho
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The Last Royal by psychobaby1199
The Last Royalby psychobaby1199
Elizabeth Mae Tyler: Rose's adoptive sister... what happens when they meet a 900 year old alien and he takes them into time and space?
  • eleventh
  • themaster
  • rorywilliams
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Trust Me - Eleventh Doctor {1} by katherinep97
Trust Me - Eleventh Doctor {1}by katherinep97
The Girl That Waited - First Book: Leila Pond is Amy's little sister. When Leila was 7 she meet The Doctor when he crashed in her back yard. He promised to come back in...
  • love
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The Chosen One (Book One) ~Doctor who Fanfiction ~ by mosleygirl97
The Chosen One (Book One) ~Doctor...by jasmine
Isabella​ isn't​ your average thirteen year old,she can do things that other human can't do. She is not from this world.' I don't own any of doctor who character,only I...
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Clara/ The Doctor (11) by TimeLordObsessed
Clara/ The Doctor (11)by Naomi
Clara and the eleventh doctor smut book
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Eleventh Hour (iKON Fan Fiction) by cheekykjh
Eleventh Hour (iKON Fan Fiction)by yukino
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Apocalypse Rising (Book Six) by WritersBlock039
Apocalypse Rising (Book Six)by Miss Moffat
With the end of time and the loss of the Master and the Doctor, the Apocalypse has regenerated once again, and this one seems crazier than ever. At least, that's the opi...
  • jenny
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The Girl Who Writes. (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by icysocialitelodge
The Girl Who Writes. (Doctor Who F...by christine
Name: Catherine Williams | Age: 24 | Location: New York, sometimes everywhere | Work: Journalist and Doctor's Companion
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The Finishing Touch (Book Five of The Creators Saga) by WritersBlock039
The Finishing Touch (Book Five of...by Miss Moffat
After almost a year of the Alchemist suffering at the hands of the Vortex, the last of the Creators has regenerated into a form able to handle her gifts, leaving her to...
  • kastera
  • marthajones
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Doctor Who Twitter by thewholocklover
Doctor Who Twitterby thewholocklover
Have you ever wondered how the twitter of the Doctor and his companions looks like? This will probably come close!
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The Admin's Sketchbook by -Eleventh_Doctor-
The Admin's Sketchbookby The Eleventh Doctor
Welcome to the Admin's Sketchbook, for those who dare, prepare for a trip all alone in the admin's brain, once you find in what's in store, you'll be slamming the doors...
  • roleplay
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The Lucky Life Of None (11th DoctorxReader) by The_Mousy_Writer
The Lucky Life Of None (11th Docto...by Karanachic05
The Doctor had saved you from a tremendously bleak existence the first day you'd met. He was exciting, caring, heroic, mysterious, and most exotic of all, he was the las...
  • eleventh
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Fictional Ppl x reader by pinchofpuns4flavor
Fictional Ppl x readerby I'm back!
Multifandom Imagines requests open Will try to write smut/lemon lol hundreds of fandoms
  • rogers
  • steve
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Take Me Home by AnythingElseToAdd
Take Me Homeby c
•*•* A Doctor Who fanfiction*•*• Everything Cassie believes to be true is a lie. Her life - the foster parents, the nights of crying, never fitting in - it's all a cover...
  • amy
  • tenth
  • rose
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Escaping the ordinary (a Doctor Who daughter-story) by ToughCookie15
Escaping the ordinary (a Doctor Wh...by Though Cookie
Friendships are stronger than blood, at least that's what I believe. My name is Wendy, just Wendy. I don't have a family and I don't have a surename. I'm just simply We...
  • david
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Whoufflé by Jessica_holmes221B
Whouffléby Jessica Cumberbatch
A Whoufflé love short story. All rights go to BBC and Doctor Who.
  • romance
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The Last Of Her Kind (11th Doctor)  by Maliawho
The Last Of Her Kind (11th Doctor) by Malia
"Malia Nova I remember you. You've been alone long enough." The Doctor lost a lot on the final night of the time war. He lost a friend that night, Luna Nova...
  • thriller
  • doctorwho
  • eleventhdoctor
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Doctor Who Chatroom (Classic and new) by AllonsyRapunzel
Doctor Who Chatroom (Classic and n...by Rosie Lovegood
Chatroom with all the companions and Doctors! Not all at the same time though. Hope it's not too terrible! They do get better towards the end so please don't judge a boo...
  • classicwho
  • doctor
  • tenth
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The Fool On Mott Hill (Doctor Who) by LadyG1980
The Fool On Mott Hill (Doctor Who)by LadyG
Wilfred Mott's dead. Donna's devastated & the 11th Doctor shows up to give them comfort in a wibbly-wobbly way. But he may have other reasons for his return. Three rege...
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