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The Chosen One (Book One) ~Doctor who Fanfiction ~ by mosleygirl97
The Chosen One (Book One) ~Doctor...by jasmine
Isabella​ isn't​ your average thirteen year old,she can do things that other human can't do. She is not from this world.' I don't own any of doctor who character,only I...
  • alien
  • tardis
  • wattys2018
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The Brave One (Doctor Who Fanfiction) by kearabee
The Brave One (Doctor Who Fanficti...by Keara
After The Doctor crash lands in her bedroom, Fallon Fitzgerald is thrust into time and space. But when The Doctor realizes Fallon knows things she couldn't possibly know...
  • cannibals
  • smith
  • televison
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Trust Me - Eleventh Doctor {1} by katherinep97
Trust Me - Eleventh Doctor {1}by katherinep97
The Girl That Waited - First Book: Leila Pond is Amy's little sister. When Leila was 7 she meet The Doctor when he crashed in her back yard. He promised to come back in...
  • fanfiction
  • pond
  • amy
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Doctor Who Twitter by thewholocklover
Doctor Who Twitterby thewholocklover
Have you ever wondered how the twitter of the Doctor and his companions looks like? This will probably come close!
  • sherlock
  • eleventh
  • pond
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Whoufflé by Jessica_holmes221B
Whouffléby Jessica Cumberbatch
A Whoufflé love short story. All rights go to BBC and Doctor Who.
  • fan
  • claraoswinoswald
  • doctor
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Time Jump // DW Love Story by ImSlytherin_SoWhat
Time Jump // DW Love Storyby Ella Cole
When Jamie Parker wakes in the Tardis and finds herself jumping through a specific person timeline what kind of adventure will she face and find herself in
  • tenth
  • ninth
  • twelvth
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A Captain And A Madman by RazielZonoran
A Captain And A Madmanby Joel O'Connor
En route to an urgent humanitarian mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise D stumbles upon a strange sight; a blue, wooden box stranded in the middle of Federation territory, mot...
  • enterprise
  • voyager
  • doctor-who
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Clara/ The Doctor (11) by TimeLordObsessed
Clara/ The Doctor (11)by Naomi
Clara and the eleventh doctor smut book
  • 10th01
  • doctor
  • eleventh
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The Clock strikes Twelve by ZalfieFeels01
The Clock strikes Twelveby Random stories
Part 3 of the Alice and Eleventh Doctor trilogy The clock strikes 12. Day one. Day two. Day three. Day four. Day five. Day six. Day seven. Day eight. Day nine...
  • doctor
  • rory
  • romance
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From One Doctor To Another(A Doctor Who Fan-fiction) = On Hiatus by Sherlockian1994
From One Doctor To Another(A Docto...by Sacha Thompson
It all started with a phone call. From an impossible place, Tranzalore. And when Clara answered her mobile she couldn't believe who was on the other end, she just couldn...
  • oswald
  • romance
  • twelfthdoctor
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The Doctor's Last Christmas by courtneycol
The Doctor's Last Christmasby Courtney Coleman
With the sad news that Matt Smith has filmed his final scenes as the Doctor, this is my take on his final episode this Christmas. It starts with the well publicised, but...
  • whouffle
  • doctorwho
  • christmas
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My Fathers A Timelord by follow_tylersfrenn
My Fathers A Timelordby follow @Tylersfrenn
Milla is 14 years old, she lives with her mother in Vancouver. Her mother had claimed that her father died before she was born. Milla over herd her mom talking about her...
  • wattpadgeeks
  • doctor
  • doctorwho
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All of Space and Time by annabethfan
All of Space and Timeby Annabethfan
Recueil d'OS centré sur Docteur/Rose
  • amy
  • tenth
  • doctor
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The Girl and The Time Lord by straightupfanfic
The Girl and The Time Lordby Marcy Kase
Annie Taylor can see things no one else can. And for a human, that's dangerous. So, she ignores the impossible creatures, the creatures that could only be from other wor...
  • fanfic
  • eleventh
  • doctorwho
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The Doctor Always Lies ( A Doctor Who Fanfic ) {on hold} by JoshDunsMai
The Doctor Always Lies ( A Doctor...by Jamie
When Victoria was little, she heard so many stories about a man in a bow tie. Now he has come back to make her a companion. But Victoria has a secret only her parents an...
  • doctorwho
  • torchwood
  • doctorwhofanfiction
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Gatsby's Doctor by maryjane7497
Gatsby's Doctorby The Time Lady
Fan fiction of The Great Gatsby and Doctor Who. This is a short story and it has one chapter. I am not going to give any spoilers.
  • doctor
  • gatsby
  • tardis
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Doctor Who: The Sunken Vessel by Aeolus21
Doctor Who: The Sunken Vesselby Oscar
River warned him but he didn't listen, and now Rory has done so too. When the TARDIS materialises underwater, not doing an environment check spells disaster for the Doct...
  • deep
  • doctorwho
  • rory
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A Doctor Who Fan Fiction: The Mouth Of Thruth by thecatwhogrins
A Doctor Who Fan Fiction: The Mout...by thecatwhogrins
The eleventh Doctor and the Ponds spend their holiday in Rome. What could go wrong?
  • tardis
  • ponds
  • doctorwho
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