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stein x reader(LEMON)*Read Description Please by kikou2424
stein x reader(LEMON)*Read kikou2424
* WARNING THIS IS HELLA CRINGY IN MY OPINION. I MADE IT SEVERAL YEARS AGO AND I APOLOGIZE* It is Halloween and your walking to you school the DWMA but something unexpect...
Soul Eater One Shots! by DimesAndNickels
Soul Eater One Shots!by DimesAndNickels
Just a place for me to put any one-shots I come up with! Feel free to vote and comment if you want more! And if you have a suggestion for a story, feel free to comment t...
The Anime Worlds by Sakura_Thief
The Anime Worldsby Sakura
Sarah Phillips is an ordinary girl, who loves anime, and has always dreamed of being an anime character herself. After her parents were killed in a fire, Sarah never exp...
Fights by That_TacoBitch
Fightsby Kinnie trash
Death the kid and Lord Death get in a fight, About what though?
My Arch Enemies' Sister ( Soul Eater Fanfic ) [On hold for 3 more weeks then SUM by dungeonnoob
My Arch Enemies' Sister ( Soul Ice bear
[ EDITED PROLOGUE ] What happens when our favorite annoying, blonde, music loving, 18 year old Guillotine weapon meets someone worse than his Arch enemy, Giriko? Especia...
The Heart Thief ( Soul x Reader Fan Fiction) by SierraInTheWoods
The Heart Thief ( Soul x Reader SierraInTheWoods
Soul x Reader Fanfic don't worry no lemon Just an old English project I decided to post. Thanks for all your support. I didn't think this would do that well.
Anime Oneshots by WhispTheWolfGirl
Anime Oneshotsby *SleepyBitch*
I take requests for any character I'll tell you if I might have a hard time writing them and I'm not always online so it could be days or weeks until I see that request...
Everything at Once [ Various x reader ! ] by ruuuwu
Everything at Once [ Various x u w u
{ edited again } A book about " x readers " ! Sorry , but this book is nearing to its end. If you're interested, read my other books. Thank you
Thanks For The Memories by quietlyyours
Thanks For The Memoriesby Lynn
Maka and her friends suffer from retrograde amnesia.
Run Away, But I Won't Follow [Soma Fanfic Soul X Maka] by Touka_Kirishima_
Run Away, But I Won't Follow [ Vanessa
"I can't seem to take Maka off of my mind. It's like wherever I go, whatever I do, I see Maka." Soul likes Maka - and has been since the very first day they me...
One Shots [REQUESTS OPEN] by xXWynter_13Xx
One Shots [REQUESTS OPEN]by Wynter Rōzu
Art not mine This is just one shots you ask for topics and hopefully I deliver
Soul Eater + Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover by DaughteroftheRedKing
Soul Eater + Fullmetal Alchemist Caitlin
Maka, Soul, Hayley and Fier set out to Amestris to find out what's been going on over the last few moths, but find themselves getting involved with the Alchemists more t...
VANTARRY: The Huntress (SOON) by Jamisui_Nine
VANTARRY: The Huntress (SOON)by Jamjam Nine
Zeig Konigreich is an epitome of perfection. A 17-Year-Old boy with breathtaking looks and overflowing with talent and intelligence. Walang sinuman ang may lakas na loob...
Its in the title. If u still don't know go hug a tree. I DONT OWN SOUL EATER. BUT I WISH I DID!!!!!
A Fairy And Meister?? by dragon-slayers
A Fairy And Meister??by dragon-slayers
Soul eater and Fairy Tail cross over. 😊😊😊 No I do not own either of the animes.
The Book of Eibon: Continued by solarflaremlpgirl
The Book of Eibon: Continuedby Solar Flare
Will the Soul Eater Gang be able to switch back to their original genders? Look inside to see their adventures as their opposite gender selves. Write what you think shou...
TMNT Fan-Fic by winky90807
TMNT Fan-Ficby Bug
This book is a turtle Fan-Fic. I placed me and a friend lizzylovee0202 into the book. The turtles mutagen tracker has pin pointed one trace of mutagen out side of New Y...