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Good people world by LenaSonne_Writes
Good people worldby Lena Sonne
The year 2265. Global warming no longer threatens the Earth, people have switched to renewable energy sources, live in harmony with nature and are surrounded by technolo...
Belly Button by LoveShoelace
Belly Buttonby LoveShoelace
In an Utopian world in the far 4200 years, Nath and Olrita, a Systematic Male and Female are getting married out of love. Due to years of genetic engineering, humans are...
The Unlikely Druid by ModernDruidWrites
The Unlikely Druidby Modern Druid
Riley has been unsuccessfully working as a customer success associate for a big-name tech company for several years. One day while on his lunch break, a mysterious tome...
The Thief of Mulberry Creek by DanielJohnson216
The Thief of Mulberry Creekby ChocMintMonk
in a solarpunk town inhabited entirely by anthrofelines in outback Australia, supplies are going missing from a farm. the question on everyone's lips? Who is THE THIEF O...
Tales from the Tunnel: The Grand Adventure of Grandpa Daniel by bboymsely
Tales from the Tunnel: The Grand bboymsely
This is a flash fiction that is about an old person being forced to try a new transportation system called the internet of transportation by their grandson.
TAGADA JON by louisemalbec
TAGADA JONby Louise Malbec
« Mesdemoiselles et messieurs, installez-vous à bord avec le sourire s'il vous plait, vous êtes l'avenir de la colonie Corot, la vitrine du système Meräk ! Participer à...
The Heart Thief by EmilyAthena
The Heart Thiefby Emily Athena
She is the hunter. She is the hunted. She is X17. After years of torture, she has escaped her captors and fled to New York City. Will she be safe in the vast underg...
The 6th Mother by nightlight6
The 6th Motherby Liz
In a not too distant future where living for centuries is becoming the norm, one woman on the verge of adulthood goes to visit her 6th Mother. The world is a strange, st...
Strange Tides (unfinished) by basicity
Strange Tides (unfinished)by basicity
Thank you to everyone who loved and read this story, but I'm leaving Wattpad as a writer for good. This story won't continue to be written, but feel free to enjoy what I...
Writing Ideas and Story Concepts by SarahWonder_og
Writing Ideas and Story Conceptsby Sarah Wonder
The following is some of the endless story ideas that pop into my head. I include a brief summary of the idea and a list of potential points of inspiration. This is most...
The Above by Between3Worlds
The Aboveby Isaac Alaafin
When Aganju travels through a dusty village, she meets an orphaned teenage boy, Ibeyi, and this meeting changes both of their lives. Aganju is Orisha, practitioner of an...
The Ashes We Were Made Of. by GhostNuggies
The Ashes We Were Made GhostNuggies
The Senses. Hot and humid, its basically an overcomplicated, radiation proof greenhouse...with a population of 10,000. There is the Brain, politics central, The Taste...
____ in the Bones by Chickren22
____ in the Bonesby Chickren22
Lain's been in the labs his entire life. He allows the experiments and the morally confusing missions. He treats it all with mild understanding, kindness, and curiosity...
The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide Book 3 by JimInfantino
The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide Book 3by Jim Infantino
I'm back to writing in public! I value your comments. The title is still not set, nor is the cover. I hope you enjoy this. - Jim
Suborn by writingoncats
Subornby Computer
I'm not a big fan of knowing about a story before hand so read it to find out what it's about or don't it's cool. I am honestly unsure about this entire story. I didn't...
And We Are Heroes by ddacat
And We Are Heroesby delin
When a corporation threatens to demolish the entire United States without regard for lives, property, or rights, only a chosen few can save their country from mass destr...
Forward Allegro by TumsFestival
Forward Allegroby Tums Festival
Terry Barclay is a directionless young man. While a talented musician, he has no prospects for a career in his isolated, country town. Fortunately, an organization calle...
Twilight Bastion by Awagnerbooks
Twilight Bastionby Adam Wagner
After a catastrophic societal collapse plunges the world into chaos, Alton Werner, a resourceful man with a deep love for his family, makes a daring decision to retreat...
Tevun-Krus #84 - Best of 2020 by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #84 - Best of 2020by Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
What a year it's been, 'troopers. And what a collection of short stories we've got for you this time 'round! Nine brand-new stories from the nine sub-genres we did in 20...