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FRENCH by user05068310
This will help you start your journey to french, hope you enjoy. Being multilingual, french is one of my favourite language it is really easy to learn and to speak and t...
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lEARN ITALIAN by love_15hope
Italian pharses so you can learn Italian.
Beautiful quotes in different languages  by CasualRaichu
Beautiful quotes in different Raichu :D
I write some quotes in different languages. If you have an idea, write me :D (I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I try to speak Portuguese and I know something) For e...
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Keep it Classy by When_We_Was_Fab
Keep it Classyby When_We_Was_Fab
Paul McCartney was a god. Why? He's a Beatle. Paul was known to be with a new girl every week, especially after his recent breakup with the talented Jane Asher. When Pa...
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Memes about languages by CasualRaichu
Memes about languagesby Raichu :D
What's the funny about the languages? It's that are so many and so different, so, the diversity renders them funny, no? Welcome in this book, have fun! :D
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Blood of the Moon {Harry Potter FanFiction} by bananarama85
Blood of the Moon {Harry Potter Rebecca Robinson
Auriga Delphini Narcissa Malfoy. A high flyer on all accounts. Pureblood. Top of the graduating class of 1991. Betrothed to Augustus Carrow. Daughter of Lucius and Narci...
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The Ambassador: Book 1 by SofosSilvieSage
The Ambassador: Book 1by Sofos
My name is Sapphire Athena Ravenswood. I'm a United State ambassador and I want to be the first female president. My life was perfect until three years ago when my fia...
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Polyglot stuff by SaltyFears
Polyglot stuffby SaltyFears
This is a book where I talk about languages and stuff where I basically just word vomit stuff about it xD There'll be rants, stuff I find funny, and just random things...
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English Tagalog Phrases Part 1 by efcruzarts1
English Tagalog Phrases Part 1by efcruzarts1
Disclaimer: These are all compilations from many different Filipino films. Learn English Tagalog Phrases like a story.
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Lighten by Grandeontheside
Lightenby Franz
Vesiken has heard of other universes. But one small problem. The only way to access another universe is through the transportation of a black hole. Millions of years ago...
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Girl from Afar by XXXENAI
Girl from Afarby B L A I R E _ 03
"Te amo." "Ano sabi mo?" "Eich Liebe Dich." "I don't understand you." "I love you. Mahal kita. You understand it now?" ...
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-Easy German with Lia- (no experience needed) by _black_jack_lia_
-Easy German with Lia- (no lxa.lx.sxa
learn how to speak German easily, to get a connection to the language, and the history of some words. Every unit will take about 5 to 10 minutes to read and will be upd...
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AGENT NERD by meow_astia
AGENT NERDby meow_astia
Have you ever thought about living a double life? If yes, this story is so perfect for you. If not, why don't you just give it a thought? Basically it's a story about a...
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'I love you' in Every Language by platinumvic
'I love you' in Every Languageby victoria
Exactly what the title says. I got bored...
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Learn Korean || Vocab by krabbenstabe
Learn Korean || Vocabby robin
To help with your Korean (and also mine). If you read this and use it then you will be as cool as Junhyung. (If you notice a mistake in spelling or want more in a sectio...
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Embracing Rain by MuffinExtract
Embracing Rainby NotAnAilurophile
Chance Taylor really wishes his life would slow down. He's tired of moving. Noah Brennan really needs a change. He's been stuck in the same town his whole life, which he...
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Learn Swedish by MountainsOfArt
Learn Swedishby MountainsOfArt
Learn Swedish in a fun & easy way, while learning about the food, traditions, music, culture & more at the same time :)
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Hate Me Later (Lesbian Story) by HeatherDarte
Hate Me Later (Lesbian Story)by Heather Darte
"Who I was forced to become is not who I was born to be." One girl is selected from each country to attend a world famous boarding school known for it's extrem...
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Fighting Gifts | Supernatural | BTS AU | BTSxReader by Alpha_Bangtan
Fighting Gifts | Supernatural | Alpha_Bangtan
"I don't care if I die. I am fighting for you! I am fighting for everyone! I am fighting for the greater good! Innocents; slaughtered. People turned into merciless...
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•Ready as I'll Ever Be ~ different languages. by ingadia_sevn8ate
•Ready as I'll Ever Be ~ Olio_Van
I really don't know why I publish it Sorry, but the Hebrew and Arabic dubs are too hard to write :[[ V; Varian KF; King Frideric QA; Queen Ariana E; Eugene R; Rapunzel C...
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