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Catch Me by alxcia_xo
Catch Meby Alicia
We are all born with the date of our deaths imprinted on our arms. Its society's way of saying, "we own you", because they do. They watch and control us. They...
Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2) by MikaelaBender
Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)by Mikaela Bender
Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired...
Exposed [Book 4 in the Expiring Series] by MikaelaBender
Exposed [Book 4 in the Expiring Se...by Mikaela Bender
Book Four in the Expiring Series
Expiration Date Mothers Day by Kasity_Mihinnic
Expiration Date Mothers Dayby Kasity
This is a Mother's Day fan fiction, and all the credit goes to expired and expiration date.
Expiration Date by sugpug
Expiration Dateby sugpug
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a milk carton? Your breakfast? A bowl? Probably not... Don't worry, that's what this book is for! Prepare to hear the enlighte...
Expire by bridalgowns456
Expireby Alyson
Alexis lives in a world torn apart. The government is cruel and controlling. Every citizen born is given a number that is their expiration date, the day they die. Alexis...
Expired Food by nananamimimine
Expired Foodby mjca.☪
a playboy fall inlove? Is that true? then bakit yung pagmamahal nya ang sakit? Tanya Zen is a beautiful girl who hates relationship this days. Joshyl Bronco is a playbo...
Destiny by wolf_lover_7
Destinyby Elizabeth
A girl has a normal day till all takes a turn away for the worst.
New Year Guardian 2 by _Love_my_Penguin_
New Year Guardian 2by AJ
So Change Firework is back. She's going to go through her guardian life trying to fix her and her sister America's relationship. Change will have to concur her fear of c...
Nothing is for certain (Expired Father's Day Fanfiction) by Jordan_Sean
Nothing is for certain (Expired Fa...by Jordan
Jonas and Iris are living happily with one child and another on the way, the society is improving, and all-in-all, things are perfect for them. They are sure that nothin...
An Actual Piece Of Furry Garbage by ExpiredProject
An Actual Piece Of Furry Garbageby ExpiredProject
Dont read this its gross disgusting cringy furry trash. <3 A new VMMO has been released...Nia decides to log in to check it out, but to fear things go terribly wrong...
Maybe Happy Ending by kmhiimee
Maybe Happy Endingby Rasa dalam Fiksi
Are you Happy ? Maybe.
Three birds; One stone [Expiration Date Short Story] by jayanngee
Three birds; One stone [Expiration...by Angela
They stood apart from each other, each holding a gun in both hands pointed at the two people they trusted the least in the world. Is this the ultimate face off, with th...