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The Search ➳ Merthur by merlinflowers
The Search ➳ Merthurby hi :)
"why did you never tell me?" "you'd have chopped my head off." ~•~ The Search for the great sorcerer Emrys has begun, and Arthur will stop at nothing...
Wash This Over Me by TheShy_One
Wash This Over Meby Crossover Queen
Lance gets captured by an unknown Galra during one of the paladin's mission.
Ready as I'll ever be by skittle724
Ready as I'll ever beby Skittle724<3
It was like it was the end... Maybe cause it was, almost the end... Or did they come back to repeat the end. The leader and his paladin are taken from their team and ri...
Star in the Universe  by skittle724
Star in the Universe by Skittle724<3
Everyone had been hearing rumors but no one believed that an alien species was gonna come and take over until the day it happened. It was chaos. Families fending for the...
What Is Love? [Lancelot Fanfic] by AuthorchanA
What Is Love? [Lancelot Fanfic]by Ale
Lance has always thought of himself as the seventh wheel and with the team constantly bringing him down lance start to lose his emotions and he asks himself 'what love...
Constellations  by skittle724
Constellations by Skittle724<3
It was only a mission to do their jobs... no one wanted this to happen. Because there are some things worst than death, at least death would've granted him peace. But i...
Forgotten Blue by Catbry89
Forgotten Blueby Catbry89
When the paladins are threatened by Lotor, they have to make a choice; death or loss. What they choose won't surprise you but it's the unsurprising choice that broke ou...
I'm not his servant, I'm his lover by Not_your_nuggie
I'm not his servant, I'm his loverby Chikin nuggie
◇2 in Längst◇ ◇2 in lotor◇ ◇2 in Kieth◇ (many plot-holes and grammatical mistakes) After a fight with Keith, Lance goes back to a presumably sleepless night in bed, but...
Enchantments ~ A Lancelot Story by RunawayTidepod
Enchantments ~ A Lancelot Storyby RTx ♡
The team show their true colours but, so does Lotor.
Silent Lover by Potato__Boi
Silent Loverby And they were ROOMATES
Lance has finally been kicked off the team. Once he gets captured, how will he react to Lotor's pursuit of his affection? I kinda suck at descriptions, so just read i...
I Don't Understand... by orangefox_515
I Don't bury a friend
"Why am I always ignored... thrown aside.....forgotten..... unwanted.... why did you guys leave me there to die? Why?" Lance is fatally injured on the battlefi...
Merlin's sister the seamstress - lancelot love story by Almandra95Swe
Merlin's sister the seamstress - cookies4ever
Book 1 Season 1-3 A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the raven haired boy in the stocks. "Really Merlin? The stocks? Let me guess... not your fault?" ...
baby lance by love-smart-hinata
baby lanceby Plum
Lance gets hit by a new weapon the Glara made and is now a five-year-old. Palatines of Voltron will now be able to know how lance act like as a child.
Elemental (Voltron Fanfiction) by Thorn_of_life
Elemental (Voltron Fanfiction)by Thorn_of_life
Lance has been chosen to wield the tear of the goddess, a gem that gives him the ability to wield water and ice. Will he and the other Paladins gain the other four gems...
Apologies - Klance/Lancelot Voltron by SamIsOk
Apologies - Klance/Lancelot Voltronby Sam the man
TW: Abusive relationship "We're coming back for you" As Lance sacrifices himself for the good of the team, a promise of rescue is the only thing that keeps him...
 Back to the Past by baeareavibez
Back to the Pastby Maya’s Forge
A retelling of Chris's journey into the past to save Wyatt but with the addition of Eliana Blackwell. She is not only the girl Wyatt loves but his personal assassin. Wha...
Secrets by Lance2249
Secretsby Lance2249
We all have secrets but some are greater than others. What if Lance lied? What if he was still lying? When Lance was 5 he found out an old family secret. His family was...
Wait...What? Omega!? by ShadowStepArt
Wait...What? Omega!?by ShadowStepArt
This is just a story that I had been thinking of for a while. It's based in the Omegaverse. Lance McClain has a fear of people knowing that he is an omega, but what hap...
Leverage [Lotor X Lance] by iamhellakinky
Leverage [Lotor X Lance]by Kinky As Quiznak
((omegaverse)) Lance is a male omega, him belonging to the most desirable mate in the hierarchy. Of course, nobody knows this valuable secret except for his family, and...
There For Me | Merthur by MisRisumo
There For Me | Merthurby Risumo
Merlin has always been there for Arthur. And the prince starts to realize just how comforting that is. Author note: The chapters are quite short on purpose, since I want...