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Ice Cold IMP (Helluva Boss X Male Reader) by Black_ShyGuy
Ice Cold IMP (Helluva Boss X Braylen Mitchell
Y/N was your average 24 year old. Taller than normal, likes videogames, had a stable job. He was walking around his city one day when he decided to visit the local arcad...
Our little eggs by Samuelowllover
Our little eggsby Sammy
Stolas and blitz gonna have a kid cause why not? 🥚🦉😈 (Credits to @ScaryOwlDemon)
Helluva Boss (The IMP Life) by IsabellaAnne1803112
Helluva Boss (The IMP Life)by IsabellaAnne1803112
I do not own Helluva Boss. I only own my OC.
Hazbin Hotel Oneshots  by blacksmith42gmailcom
Hazbin Hotel Oneshots by fishnchips
one shot of all your favorite characters of hazbin hotel Edit: this one-shot book is going to be slow updates, sorry
Hell kitten [On Hold] by kinda2cute4me
Hell kitten [On Hold]by Maki Leevz
One day Blitzø was walking, and found a a stray kitte. So he "adopted" him (More like he just took him and started calling him his son). I hope you injoy this
Stolitz - You & I by SapphireStories12
Stolitz - You & Iby Sapphire
Stolas and Blitz romance fantiction!! (photos are not my work)
|Princess of The Sloth Ring| by BitterSweetColour
|Princess of The Sloth Ring|by BitterSweetColour
Just a casual princess working for a Assassination business. As she try to keep her identity a Secret from her coworkers and boss, but it becomes difficult when demons f...
Helluva boss What if:Stolas  by BobbySerrano4
Helluva boss What if:Stolas by Bobby Serrano
In this Au Stolas is straight, He and Blitzo hate each other, He married someone else instead of Stella where they have a better relationship than in the offial canon.
New Found Love (Blitz x Reader) by Lunastarr666
New Found Love (Blitz x Reader)by Luna
(Y/N) was an assassin who loved her job, and made a lot of money doing it. She had been in this line of work for years and at this point it was a piece of cake. But unf...
Silver bullet by RaineCreations
Silver bulletby Iris Raine
Stolas and Blitzo are meeting up at the Ars Goetica Mansion to talk about what happened at Ozzies, Blitzo arrives first but finds Stolas isn't home, however a certain so...
Hazbin Hotel x Reader Preferences/Scenarios by Diamondstripe1
Hazbin Hotel x Reader Krista :D
For that faze of thirsting for a HH character- (this has no exact order, just having fun. you can put requests if you want)
Helluva boss x Reader Scenarios by Axoldrew
Helluva boss x Reader Scenariosby Axoldrew
I read the title it says it all I don't own any of these character watch helluva boss if you haven't already but you're probably watched it if you're reading this fanfic...
The human from another Universe (Helluva Boss X Male Human Reader) by TheHawkzenman77
The human from another Universe ( Hawk The Hellhound
(Y/N) was a normal human that was living his life normally within the living world since he is just living life the way he wants but unfortunately due to a accident he d...
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Parent Preferences/Scenarios by Diamondstripe1
Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss Parent Krista :D
Basically, you get raised by Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss characters. Yey :D
Hellish Rage(Male Reader x Hellva Boss/Hazbin Hotel) by Baryan_KuramaSeal
Hellish Rage(Male Reader x Shinobi Of Wattpad
During a battle between the Green Lantern's Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner, Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lantern's, introduces them to his new apprentice, Y/n L/n. Maki...
It's a kind of magic. (Loona x Male Reader) by ExoDus291
It's a kind of magic. (Loona x Exo
[+18] [Harsh Language, Use of Drugs, Violence, Death, Life, Sex, Old people, Young people, Stupid people, Demons, Angels, GAY people, Straight people] (Oh, I'm not suppo...
Blitzø X Oc by Eminems_hoe
Blitzø X Ocby Blitzø😘❤️
In this story lexi is Moxxie's famous sister and she is are dating blitz let's see what journeys come her way. (ALL THE CHARACTERS BUT MINE BELONG TO VIZIEPOP!!) (No smu...
Chainsaw and An Owl by BloodFlame224359
Chainsaw and An Owlby TheFlashWriter
Denji was a boy born with nothing, his father had ended his own life and left Denji with an impossibly large debt to pay off. But after losing his first friend, Denji fi...
Merc From Hell: Vol 1 (Helluva Boss x Male Reader) 18+ by LegendaryMegaNerd
Merc From Hell: Vol 1 (Helluva Legendary Mega Nerd
You are F/N L/N, a mercenary who got sent to Hell after getting the electric chair in the year 1943. After 73 years of being in Hell killing and fucking other demons, yo...
Light, Darkness, Balance by Soulwanderer58
Light, Darkness, Balanceby Soul Wanderer58
Adam, an orphan boy who now lives with a foster family is traumatized for years after managing to get out of the orphanage from the demon attack. That was 7 years ago. E...