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Their mate (seven deadly sins) by Magicgirl234
Their mate (seven deadly sins)by Magicgirl234
Rose is the sister of princess Elizabeth and she has 16 soul mates. What happens when Elizabeth and Rose go in search for the seven deadly sins? Will she find her soul m...
Always be with you - nanatsu no taizai Meliodas x reader x some characters by Hazukun
Always be with you - nanatsu no ta...by Sakira Akana
(Y/n) loves him and will always stay by his side. But when a war was declared 3000 years ago, Meliodas betray his own clan and follow Elizabeth to stop the war. Due to t...
Naruto the Commandment of pain by TOBIUCHIHA8889
Naruto the Commandment of painby Darkmenmawrld
Naruto is the eldest son of the demon king and mother of Chaos. has 3 siblings named Meliodas, Estarrossa and Zeldris. Naruto's power is unique compare to other demons b...
Yandere Seven Deadly Sins x Reader by UJustGotToasted
Yandere Seven Deadly Sins x Readerby UJustGotToasted
There will be a prologue, and I will not reveal who will be the yanderes, but you guys are welcome to guess~!
Ten Commandments X Child Reader (DISCONTINUED) by BirdieAne
Ten Commandments X Child Reader (D...by zombie
Exactly as the title suggests. Not to be mistaken for my other Ten Commandments x Reader book... I have no idea why I'm doing this but I am- Feel free to request anythin...
Beauty In The Sky • Ten Commandments  by FairyLucyNamiPiece
Beauty In The Sky • Ten Commandmen...by i simp for monster
"You're our mate, little one." "Little? Who are you calling little?! I'm taller than you!" ••••• She was the very definition of beauty. Innocence as...
Hidden Brothers ~ SDS Fanfic by ElzyArt
Hidden Brothers ~ SDS Fanficby Elizabeth Kaufman
Meliodas has many secrets. The Sins and Elizabeth expect this. But what they didn't expect is for him to suddenly have brothers!
Love and Death by BlueGalaxy1993
Love and Deathby Galaxy of Dreams
After losing himself to his darkness Meliodas reverts back to his former personality but he also gains memories of an unknown woman and she holds ties to not only Meliod...
Where are They? |Seven Deadly Sins| by RandomFan_Girl_
Where are They? |Seven Deadly Sins|by Chaos_Order
Published: October 24, 2018 The three brothers, the sons of the Demon King, all thought of the same girl. She brought smiles to their face. Happily sighing at her laugh...
The ten commandments daughter scenarios  Seven Deadly Sins by 567rain
The ten commandments daughter scen...by 567rain
Wasaaaa so maybe the commandments need some love you the reader yes you're re going to be they're "daughter" I will do only some of them and if you guys reque...
The Dragon Sin Hero(Mha x Sds) (Reader Insert) by ThatUsernameUsed
The Dragon Sin Hero(Mha x Sds) (Re...by ThatUsernameUsed
Y/N is a kid with a seemingly normal Quirk in a society where 80% of the population have them. The name of his quirk is The Ten Commandments, a very powerful Quirk that...
Demon (King x Ban) by DragonslayerBts
Demon (King x Ban)by Redeyeswatching
I got a wicked idea, what if King was also a demon? Ban grabbed King and laughed "I'm not afraid of you" "You would be.. If you saw what I've done. I'm ca...
Their Sister  by trash_writter
Their Sister by trash_writter
Meliodas betrayed the demon clan and took his sister with him. He did not want her to grow up with the ten commandments and become his enemy. Meliodas made sure not to l...
Worth my protection( zeldris x baby oc) by izu__Bunny
Worth my protection( zeldris x bab...by Dream’s mushroom
He didn't mean to get attached ... yeah yeah he did and his little one is all he needs no matter how many people must be sacrificed. for the sake of my sanity the time l...
The Endless Hourglass by RottenAvacado
The Endless Hourglassby Rotten Avacado
What is life like when you're the only one left standing? To watch everything good in your life come and go but you stay the same. Pandora is forced to live this life as...
Golden [𝙎𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝘿𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙡𝙮 𝙎𝙞𝙣𝙨 𝙭 𝙁𝙚𝙢! 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧] by GowtherSIMP
Golden [𝙎𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝘿𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙡𝙮 𝙎...by Goldentree
Letting out a sigh, the older male turns towards young male with a frown, "This might be a tough job for a young fella like yourself." The young male turn tow...
When the Past Meets the Present by Merlin_boar
When the Past Meets the Presentby Sam
THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR S3/4 OF SEVEN DEADLY SINS/NANATSU NO TAIZAI! What if Meliodas went home? What would happen to the Sins without their captain? How will this...
Broken hope ( Yandere seven deadly sins x male reader) by boss_annie22
Broken hope ( Yandere seven deadly...by boss_annie22
You know being a high-level demon is hard. Dealing with the demon king's orders then keeping control of the stupid lower rank demons is hard. Oh, don't get me started o...
The Baker Girl ~ Zeldris x OC by animetwentythree
The Baker Girl ~ Zeldris x OCby GJ
Gabriell Stutmer is just a normal, everyday human. Nothing more, nothing less. Doing her everyday job like everyone else; earning money to stay in her house and to have...