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Miraculous Sin😜 by xGirl12cn
Miraculous Sin😜by xGirl12cn
⚠️WARNING⚠️ - Some sexueel content ♡Marichat ♡Ladrien ♡Adrienette ♡Ladynoir I'm open for requests, but I don't write Kagami x Adrien or Luka x Marinette.
Our Secret Affairs by miraculous3865
Our Secret Affairsby Miraculousloser
Marinette Dupain-Cheng, in love with Chat Noir, in love with Adrien Agreste. At a party at the bourgeois mansion, she has an affair with Adrien Agreste. A secret Affair...
Miraculous Sins/One-shots by Marinettelover9000
Miraculous Sins/One-shotsby Bakugou's TeddyBear🐻💍❤
As the title says, a bunch of Miraculous one shots that I randomly think if and write about! sin, sin, sin, and even more sin! holy water is hella needed, so I advise u...
Stuck by mgswilkins
Stuckby mgswilkins
During an akuma attack, ladybug's transformation runs out so she has to leave Chat noir to fight the akuma. But this is no ordinary akuma, this one destroys a whole buil...
Her Son (Completed) by LifeIsMiraculous5683
Her Son (Completed)by MiraculousIsLife
Her son was there to tease me. It was as if he was torturing me, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. *** "It doesn't matter... Tonight..." "...
Miraculous fluff/sin by Miraculousfanx
Miraculous fluff/sinby Miraculousfanx
One shots where our two idots are finally dating bcs they deserve happiness. Request are welcome! They're aged up in the smut shots Contains: Fluff & Smut / Sin Enjoy...
The Game That Started it All (Adrienette Sin) by lucy_heartfillia_7
The Game That Started it All ( Lucy Heartfilia
Adrien, Marinette, Alya, and Nino play a game of truth a dare but what's a game of truth or dare without a little sin? This will be a long story to buckle in for the rea...
Our Sweet Nights by AFanGirl33
Our Sweet Nightsby Marikookie
A thirsty cat and a teenage girl finding out the truth about love. As Marinette is getting more and more out of control, Paris is getting darker each day, just as her pe...
Adrienette Sleepover [COMPLETED] by laylaaabuggg
Adrienette Sleepover [COMPLETED]by Layla💁🏽‍♀️
The gang of 4 hangs out as usual but will Adrien Start to see Marinette differently afterwords? *I DO NOT OWN COVER* * THIS BOOK IS MINE AND ONLY MINE NO ONE ELSE HAS PE...
Marichat ~ your my fucking partner  by ladybugchat
Marichat ~ your my fucking partner by Taayyyy🌧
⚠️ very mature content ⚠️ This story is about marinette and chat noir having sex a lot of sex! Don't worry he will be wearing protection' also a little mix up happen...
You're Mine Now ( Michael Myers x Reader) by BeyondTheHorror
You're Mine Now ( Michael Myers BeyondTheHorror
After your parents are killed on Halloween night, you flee to a mysterious looking house only to find out that evil is lurking there, and that evil dousnt ever plan on l...
Into You - A Marichat Sin Fanfic  by BungeeGumeu
Into You - A Marichat Sin Fanfic by ObeyMammon
After a sudden reveal, Chat gets akumatized. Ladybug was there to save him from whatever took hold of him. He learned something about Marinette and they became good frie...
Marichat Oneshots (Miraculous ladybug fanfic) by CaseyHancock1
Marichat Oneshots (Miraculous 💜Casey💜
Just some oneshots that pop into my head. Marichat style boo-yaa! I don't know if I will put sin, but if I decide to, I will put a warning at the beginning of the chapte...
Miraculous Sin's by Alishkha45
Miraculous Sin'sby Alishkha
Hey guys, In this book there would be one-shots which with contain sins~ So if you have an innocent mind I will suggest that you don't read this book. Rated: 16+ ...
Under the Mask : A Miraculous Fanfiction by Cantrella
Under the Mask : A Miraculous Cantrella
Ladybug turned slightly and the arms around her tightened possessively. A flutter of pleasure rippled through her body for a second before she squashed it. She had woken...
A game of sin(short story) by adriensbaby
A game of sin(short story)by adriensbaby
~completed~ "Let's play a game princess" chat said. "What game?" Mari asked. "First one who moans, loose" A game which was full of sins... ...
Fear... ErrorMare by Kai_The_Pecadora
Fear... ErrorMareby Kill_Me_Please
nightmare continually tries to get error to join he finally finds a using fear eventually error tells them what happens when he crashes causing everyone to stop...
The Bad Boy Is Stalking Me by daviddobriksgurl
The Bad Boy Is Stalking Meby David Dobrik’s Gf
When Rory Vincent's protective older brother moves away to college her senior year, she decides that she is going to live life. She wants to date. She wants to party. S...
Bedroom Eyes : Marichat Sin by Lady-LB
Bedroom Eyes : Marichat Sinby Lyra
Chat Noir witnesses something he really shouldn't have, but when Mari catches him, she'll never let him go. But once something much darker turns up... will they make it...
Drakkon by CrestFallenStar
Drakkonby Maham
When Daiyu is summoned with dozens of other girls to be the Emperor's concubine, she doesn't think that she'll be chosen. Although beautiful and kind, she's hardly quali...
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