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Daemons ↯ ; jmb by germanbirlem
Daemons ↯ ; jmbby breathe
"Forehead kisses are promises Joey" I stare in his beautiful eyes as I felt myself falling even more. He hugs me tightly and kisses my forehead "I know b...
  • badboy
  • daemons
  • joeybirlem
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The Sole Star (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic) by May5696
The Sole Star (Final Fantasy XV Fa...by FFXVQueen
Lorelai seems like your typical friendly, adventurous girl on the outside. Being a hunter, she's traversed the wilderness of Lucis, culling pests and helping people, and...
  • noctis
  • daemons
  • ardyn
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Inner Daemons (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic) by May5696
Inner Daemons (Final Fantasy XV Fa...by FFXVQueen
The assassination of King Regis should've been a simple job, right? Angelica learned pretty early on that she was different. Her skills and heritage set her far apart fr...
  • noctis
  • prompto
  • prince
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Guardian (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic) by May5696
Guardian (Final Fantasy XV Fanfic)by FFXVQueen
Guardians---beings gifted by the gods with a unique magic to transform their physical appearance into that of a powerful, divine beast. They are tasked with safeguarding...
  • action
  • gladiolusamicitia
  • romance
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Lucifer's Daughter by darkreigndevil
Lucifer's Daughterby Justsomegirl
St. Mary, a town deemed safe and serene - that is, until the devil's child is sent to live there. In St. Mary's Catholic Orphanage, very unusual for a devil's daughter...
  • death
  • witches
  • demons
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Legends from the Warlock's Chair - Book Two - The Chained by DaveMorgan
Legends from the Warlock's Chair...by Gwyndrid David Morgan
The Warlock's Chair. A place of magic and adventure. Long ago when the world was young the Faerie races ruled far and wide across the lands...
  • demons
  • giants
  • gnomes
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The Lionfield Brothers ✔ by TheJadeWheel
The Lionfield Brothers ✔by J.
Keira van der Laine's parents died three years ago in a tragic accident and her only remaining relative; Uncle Edmund had refused to take her in for unknown reasons. ...
  • teenager
  • demons
  • succubus
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Mania by Jadewritesalot
Maniaby Jadewritesalot
David Surge is often labelled insane. So being admitted to an all boys delinquent boarding school called Rosemary institute doesn't surprise anyone. Surge is a misunders...
  • daemons
  • badboy
  • allboysschool
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The Daemon's Disguise (Sequel to He Was A Dog + previously Out There) by MillionLaughsAMinute
The Daemon's Disguise (Sequel to H...by MillionLaughsAMinute
Three years, two jobs and one child later, India "Blue" Hart is trying to move on with her life the best she can. Sure, it's hard when you've got a son the dou...
  • london
  • bruno
  • blue
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The Golden Compass ( Fan made story ) by Winged_Spirit
The Golden Compass ( Fan made stor...by .+*syndrigasti*+.
This will be based off the movie a TINY BIT . . . Maybe . . . IDK! Depends, because the full first chapter idea actually came from my dreams recently, then throughout sc...
  • peculiar
  • thegoldencompass
  • basedoffmovie
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NO FEAR OF DARKNESS (complete) by sly-ava
NO FEAR OF DARKNESS (complete)by sly-ava
Sky had never in her wildest dreams imagined that one day the man she had been told all her life was dead, would come for her. Uprooting her from her simple danger free...
  • daemons
  • alphamale
  • werewolves
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the undertaker's daughter (Cielxreader) (On Hentias[sp?]) by SavageCabbage88
the undertaker's daughter (Cielxre...by Josie Van Meurs
Hi my name is Sole my dad is the undertaker and I am working with him when one day a boy around my age and his daemon butler when everything changes There will be a lot...
  • reapers
  • story
  • blackbutler
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Nanodaemons (Chapters Uploaded Daily) by mythographystudios
Nanodaemons (Chapters Uploaded Dai...by mythographystudios
They're Just Trying To Steer You Right. And Play Your Favourite Mp3s When an ordinary guy's implanted devices are reset after a construction accident that costs him his...
  • sikh
  • construction
  • smartphones
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Son of Russ by DanielBrock2
Son of Russby Daniel Brock
Brother Sergeant Bjorn Ironwulf and his Teminators of squad Silvermane are preparing to teleport into a hostile battlefield to face the World Eaters. The reports had be...
  • spacewolves
  • berserkers
  • axes
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A Song of Ice and Fire by captain_en
A Song of Ice and Fireby Aidan.I. Zavier
In a realm where demons and mortals come together to survive, Alex summers uncovers a millennial long war which creases to be ignored. Will she survive her quest? cover...
  • heterochromia
  • fire
  • demon
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A Discovery of Witches Fanfic by 7Bookworm23246
A Discovery of Witches Fanficby 7Bookworm23246
In a world of prejudice and illegal interspeieces relationships please read more if you dare. Please join the cause to end this monstrosity of a community witches have t...
  • witches
  • humans
  • vampire
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A Golden Compass Fanfic:Truth or Lies? by anemotionalfangirl_
A Golden Compass Fanfic:Truth or L...by olιvιa
This takes place just after Lyra was going to have the intercision process. She wakes up in a strange place and wants some answers for what is going on at Bolvanger. Th...
  • daemons
  • lyrabalacqua
  • alethiometre
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Devil's Looking Glass by LittleCoffeePanda
Devil's Looking Glassby LittleCoffeePanda
Sebastian Rook just wanted to get through college. That was it. Finish college, get the degree, and go on to do something with his life. He was not expecting to find a c...
  • humor
  • othercreatures
  • daemons
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A Cultist's Life by armymutt22
A Cultist's Lifeby armymutt22
Phyrros has a hard life. He's a cultist. That pretty much sums it up. (This is a wh40k fan fiction BTW) Pretty much everything in this story belongs to Games Workshop. N...
  • daemon
  • tzeench
  • khorne
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[Re]Act [Ravus Nox Flueret] by Etanes
[Re]Act [Ravus Nox Flueret]by Etanes
"To bring joy, I return a soul meant to suffer. The one that will bring about a happy ending will carry the deepest sorrow." The daughter of Ardyn Lucius Caelu...
  • lunafreya
  • ignis
  • housekinokuni
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