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this is america, my love || shrek x obama by shrekening
this is america, my love || elonchan u///u
what happens when shrek he finds out something from fiona and obama is not president anymore? - distracted, obama walked into someone and fell on their plump chest. &qu...
Shrek x Obama alternet universe of Obama x y/n  by Your-local-idoit334
Shrek x Obama alternet universe Beet
This is what would've happened if Obama fell in love with shrek during Obama and y/ns moms wedding
Shrek x Obama 🥵🥵 by uragaylololol
Shrek x Obama 🥵🥵by uragaylololol
Just a little story about shrek and Obama 🥺 Also there is some smut in here so if u don't like smut thennn don't read
ObamaxShrek by misskanroji_
ObamaxShrekby eddie munsons wife
Join Obama-Chan with his adventures dating Shrek-Senpai!
shrekxobama (a story of forbidden love) by ireadgayfurryporn
shrekxobama (a story of ireadgayfurryporn
(im bored lol) obama and a orgre!?!!? read this book filled with betrayal,love triangles and plot twists about an orgre and the President
Shrek x obama💞😍 by elTheFrog
Shrek x obama💞😍by elTheMonster
Its so beuatiful shveky x obsma story💞🤪
Shrekxobama by shroomling5128
Shrekxobamaby shroomling5128
Shrek is in theater class and he was in the verge of tears and asks the teacher to go to the bathroom but the teachers asks if he's ok he says yeah and goes to cry but t...
Cash // Obama x Shrek 🥵 // by ursexyuncle
Cash // Obama x Shrek 🥵 //by peanut
Obama went for a walk with his big case of cash, in hopes of getting it over to Donkey but he finds himself in Shrek's swamp, while Shrek is drunk!! Find out in the book...
Shrek x obama by doobycooby
Shrek x obamaby doobycooby
Obama is poor and has to work multiple jobs one of them includes being a stripper, and Shrek just so happens to buy that strip club on the way to work obama bumps into a...
soy sauce x reader by jesusxfluttershy
soy sauce x readerby jesusxfluttershy
What if you go to the store, hoping to find your condiment for food? What if its more than just a sauce? What if you come home to something you never wanted to see? That...
Shrek X Obama by PieckSupermacy
Shrek X Obamaby notsmart
Shrek x Obama by t0nystarksw1fe
Shrek x Obamaby
This is going to be the best thing I have ever created.
~you make me feel again~ shrek x obama by nadya3790
~you make me feel again~ shrek x belieber2772
Shrek walks these same halls everyday and longs for change after a heartbreak but what will happen when he catches himself starting to have feelings for his worst enemy...
Shrek And Obama Love Story by avimightbegay
Shrek And Obama Love Storyby avianna
A very cute one, trust me.
♡︎♥︎Forbidden Love♥︎♡︎ shrek x obama  by its_1__54AM
♡︎♥︎Forbidden Love♥︎♡︎ shrek x yeah
two men meet at lord farquads castle they wish to be lovers. but can they?
shrek X obama 😎🥶🤙🏻🤠✋🏻😏 by typcal
shrek X obama 😎🥶🤙🏻🤠✋🏻😏by Hallooooo
On one long day shrek is takings a shit and hears a scream, what will happen then shrek finds the 44th U.S. President president obama, read on to find out! 🥶😏😎 This i...