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The Only One Who Gets It [Momojirou] by itsmebeeches
The Only One Who Gets It [ Wingadinga
Jirou catches feelings for Momo after an incident involving her. Momo (being oblivious as hell) doesn't realise she's fallen head over heels for Jirou until a little nud...
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Our Song (Jirou Kyouka x Male Reader) by totallynotdeadlol
Our Song (Jirou Kyouka x Male Totally
In a world full of superpowered Quirks, one individual desire to become a hero. (y/n) always wanted to be a hero. He always wanted to help the less fortunate. With not...
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The Three Sided War by ninasweet998
The Three Sided Warby Nina
[Third Book] The Guild moves in on Yokohama, in search of Atsushi and Shiori. Having enemies on their territory, the Port Mafia gets involved too. Now there's a three si...
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A Pair of Knives by FreeFluff
A Pair of Knivesby FreeFluff
Midoriya Izuku was 5 years old when he met Toga Himiko for the first time. Toga was being attacked by two other children who kept on kicking her and calling her a villai...
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one shots . bsd by kensfineass
one shots . bsdby IM DROWNING IN HELL
"you made me fall in love." bsd + reader
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Fuck The Time Travellers by StormRebel_Love
Fuck The Time Travellersby StormRebel_Love
Algo que Deku nunca imagino que iba a pasar es ver como seis personas caen del techo y descubrir que son del futuro. No ayuda que esas personas tienen un aire de familia...
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The Moon Fang Hero by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Moon Fang Heroby 『₩₳Ɽ Ӿ ₲ØĐ』
A baby with no name lost his parents when he was born and raised by his parent's uncle and aunty. Eventually, he decided to took a name that his auntie heard from his mo...
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Kimi no Chikara 君の力 (Chuuya x Reader) by Zara_Minal
Kimi no Chikara 君の力 (Chuuya x Zara_Minal
You were only living your own life, great family, friends and just being an ordinary person, but one day, things started turning around and you ended up forced to join a...
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the bakusquad's ab-ventures <3 by _littleblackdress
the bakusquad's ab-ventures <3by ◟̽◞̽
i love the bakusquad more than jesus claims to love me so here we are the bakusquad doing a lot of uhm unexplainable things uwu they also text most of the time so: name...
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Lluvia de estrellas |KamiJirou Week 2019| by Sky_Black1999
Lluvia de estrellas |KamiJirou Eskai♥
Siete días de noches estrelladas y canciones de amor~ *** Créditos imagen de portada: Los personajes no me pertenecen, son creación de Kohei...
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hidden truth by sadcomradecat
hidden truthby sadcomradecat
izuku is into "emo" music and bakugo sees what he did to izuku jirouxizuku and i suck at intros and i realized i spelt jirou's name wrong till i started writin...
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Shrunk - KamiJirou by thepuddingcatswife
Shrunk - KamiJirouby zhuumie
Kaminari: There is no romance here. Jirou: Or else I'll call the police. Disclaimer: I do not own My Hero Academia and its characters
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saving you | kamijirou by al-taya
saving you | kamijirouby taya !
everyone's drowning in their own problems. for these two, it may seem as if they won't reach the surface. all they need is a bit of saving. denki kaminari just wants to...
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| Lyssophobia | BSD Oc Oneshots by Moonlight_Misfit
| Lyssophobia | BSD Oc Oneshotsby Beautiful Death
-Lyssophobia- the fear of going insane or mad. a book where you'll find One shots I've made for my Oc's based on my own story ideas and as well possibly ideas from rolep...
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(My hero academia ) FALL OUT BOY by RoudieShow
(My hero academia ) FALL OUT BOYby ROudie show
Midoriya Izuku was born in the world where most of the population have special powers called qurks ,without one .He was bullied by everyone sice his childhood ,and only...
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Again (Kamijirō) by Locatix2005
Again (Kamijirō)by Locαтιх2005
Guiados por la música, llegaron a ese concierto Guiados por el destino, volvieron a encontrarse "¿Sabes? Creo que me has enamorado de nuevo" ⚜️AU: Universo sin...
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The Beginning // Bungou Stray Dogs Roleplay by Moonlight_Misfit
The Beginning // Bungou Stray Beautiful Death
A Bungou Stray Dogs, Descriptive, Roleplay. "Just give me a reason to keep my heart beating..." - The beginning by One Ok Rock
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"Friends" - Kaminari x Jiro by kamijirou1otp
"Friends" - Kaminari x Jiroby 🎶Rocking girl🎶
Story about the wild adventures with Jiro, Denki, and the BAKUSQUAD. Jiro and Denki is OTP! Also, I apologize for the excessive puns in advance. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. An...
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Fuck you (Kiribaku) by Anime-fan-2004
Fuck you (Kiribaku)by Aaaaaadaaam
The photo isn't mine:Credit to artist. This is a story all about how the relationship between Bakugou and Kirishima was released over a week. I'm just bad at description...
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the doofus that changed it all || kamijiro by pizzainversion
the doofus that changed it all || pizzasus
in which helpless romantic jirou hers gets her heart broken, and its up to friendzoned kaminari to brighten her day. cover edit by cool pal kinktsuko
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