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The Color Of Your Soul (Collection of short stories) by NawsheenSadia
The Color Of Your Soul ( Nawsheen Sadia
Hello there, you bonkers little human. I see that you have reached the end of your voyage. Please confirm the pass code before continuing to the land of magic and myster...
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[Oneshoot] Truth Or Dare by yenykristina
[Oneshoot] Truth Or Dareby ⚜ yenykristina ⚜
Huang Renjun, ketua kelas titisan setan yang hampir membuatku mati serangan jantung di hari terakhir perkemahan musim panas.
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30 Day Writing challenge by A  by That_ShinoB
30 Day Writing challenge by A by A
Hello, read at your own risk 😈 jk it'll probably be fun.
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Ephemeral by kimkimmkaishin
Ephemeralby kimkimmkaishin
In which Damon Agnor, the younger brother of Axel Agnor, writes letters to his big brother before he disappears.
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Loved & Lost by Vaerdilos
Loved & Lostby Sibyl DL
Do you believe in Angels?
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Our Four Year Nescience (ON-GOING) by aspenaria
Our Four Year Nescience (ON-GOING)by Aspenaria
One Year. Two Years. Three Years. Four Years, have passed and yet? Why are we still acting like strangers? - - - - - - - - - - Warning: Filipino-English Language is us...
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SoonHoon Oneshots ●○ (on-hold)  by -namii
SoonHoon Oneshots ●○ (on-hold) by ちゃん☁
mostly cracks || Filo au || minsan may ka jejehan(?) || CRINGEY BANATS! || CHAT FORMAT || kasama din naman yung iba HAHAHAH pag sinipag ako sige sama naten HHAHAHAH
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Huling Sandali by criszhen11
Huling Sandaliby Criszhen Ann
Time, everything can slow down. But it needs to be reiterated, because the past will never be repeated again. Right, the past can be traced back. But the person you w...
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2 brothers  by Adam7475
2 brothers by Adam7475
This story revolves around two brothers, named Aaron and Edward. Edward is the older brother and Aaron is the little brother . which had special brothers relationships...
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Those Days [K.NJ x K.SJ] by Song_Eunhye
Those Days [K.NJ x K.SJ]by ᴇᴜɴʜʏᴇ
I still remember the day we met. Do you? I'll never forget a single moment of the time we spent together. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Seokjin reads Namjoon's written memories of...
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Messenger by MapleApplePickle
Messengerby MapleApplePickle
Once in a life time you meet someone new, who comes into your life out of the blue. And then, you begin to believe life is a fairytale, beautiful, wonderfull, worth livi...
Rose: The girl who loves to paint by alieastrogirl
Rose: The girl who loves to paintby Allie
this is a short story about a young painter girl named Rose who creates a painting to cheer up her grandma, but soon understands that she has uncovered a great memorable...
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Her Chosen Suitor! by catprincess99
Her Chosen Suitor!by catprincessa
When the princess must choose her lover, who will it be? Glen, her childhood friend, hasn't seen her in a long time and when news travels that she is accepting suitors...
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The World Inside The Daffodil by miss_madamee
The World Inside The Daffodilby miss_madamee
The simple phrase. Never listen to strangers. Not that hard to remember right? That's what I thought until I broke it. Now who am I, you may ask. Dexter Rolentrac, pleas...
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MINAMAHAL by xxiv__jenn
MINAMAHALby xxiv__jenn
Love is too beautiful to be hidden and to not write about it. Iba't ibang storya, pangalan at pangyayari ngunit iisa lamang ang pinahihiwatig at ito ay PAGMAMAHAL. [A C...
Alien Awards 2020 by PenelopeFox
Alien Awards 2020by Greenie
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The Purple Orchids by 1WiltedRoze9
The Purple Orchidsby 1WiltedRoze9
This is a story of 725, a Grim Reaper who turned his back on his emotions because he sees it as a hindrance in his work but fate brought him to Clare. Clare is an averag...
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THE MOONLIGHT  by toyourthoughts
THE MOONLIGHT by toyourthoughts
A story about dreams, love, friendship and life all under that very moonlight 🌙
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short stories (mostly gxg) by lightnight72
short stories (mostly gxg)by lightnight72
Just a bunch of short stories, each chapter is a new story. 💖✨✨ contains: fluff angst etc. (mostly gxg) -enjooooy
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