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I Always have AnD I AlwayS Will.... COMPLETED  by Paint-me-Black
I Always have AnD I AlwayS Isa
Lan Zhan and Wei Ying living apart for last three years, but are they apart at heart ? what happens when Lan Zhan finds Wei Ying befriend someone with the same name as...
Love & Ink Pages by kiaescribe7
Love & Ink Pagesby Just another Human ~
Taehyung One-shots This book is compilation of various short stories in form of Diary Snippets. You will read Diary entries of Taehyung & Y/n, all around from different...
Letters to My Lovers by Joxker
Letters to My Loversby s.l. santiago
A collection of short stories of some relationships that worked out and others that never did, followed by a letter to each one of them. --- [ insert a snippet of story...
Aftermath  by MoonTree667
Aftermath by MoonTree
Not related to my other book. The stress of a high school big sis after a terrible accident. Mini story
a fluffy friend (8th grade project)  by Sam_Does_Stuff
a fluffy friend (8th grade Sam_Does_Stuff
This book is in the perspective of a stuffed dragon gifted to a girl experiencing a loss by her older sister. It is sort of like a diary in the way it's written, but it'...
Halflings: The Offspring by tyger227
Halflings: The Offspringby Tyger Petty
When God created the first angel he seen perfection, but when Lucifer betrayed him he had to cast him out because he created the first sin. God then created Angels of pu...
Whispers In The Warehouse by hello_hell2000
Whispers In The Warehouseby swayam
A seemingly ordinary warehouse becomes a backdrop for extraordinary exploration of human connection. Disparate characters from different walks of life seek shelter with...
642 Things to Write About Me by amazingmakaille
642 Things to Write About Meby amazingmakaille
So, I have this writing book I bought back when I was in high school. I've written in it here and there but most of the prompts don't have enough space to actually write...
The forgotten key by Mazasray
The forgotten keyby Mariam arkiza
Merydel, an enigmatic city, sees countless tourists come and go, yet remains uninhabited. Among these tourists is Helen, interested more in the search of her father's bo...
An Impossible Choice by Seth_Writes
An Impossible Choiceby
What would you do if you were forced to choose between your duty to your people, or the love of your life? If sacrificing someone you loved, would spare your nation from...
Angela's dream by Brownsugxrlatte
Angela's dreamby something something
Angela heart lives a rather event less life, that is until she has one peculiar dream..
A Witch's Place by Seth_Writes
A Witch's Placeby
My people have long been persecuted. Humanity sought to eradicate us from this earth, but they failed. Now we have fire in our hearts and one word rises above all others...
Things I write for my Creative Writing club  by Honey_bee221
Things I write for my Creative Honey_bee221
Just some stuff I write/wrote for a creative writing club I'm in.
The Second Lead Syndrome  by AyoDucky
The Second Lead Syndrome by Kēdô
Ever felt like you were in the options but never in the priority list, then this story is for you :)
élan by moonchildstyless
élanby moonchildstyless
harry is a bodyguard by trade and y/n would do anything just to be alone _________________
Transmigrated [JJK] ✔ by yourcookietea
Transmigrated [JJK] ✔by yourcookietea
I failed in conquering him because he didn't love me. I will be erased from this world and cease to exist because I failed my mission. But why did he go crazy when he kn...
Haikyuu One shots by Anime_fanfics3006
Haikyuu One shotsby Tokyo-RevengersFan12
One shots of haikyuu characters (Taking requests) (Book contains smutt) Character credits: Author of Haikyuu: Haruichi Furudate
Kaisoo Imagine by kaisooficology
Kaisoo Imagineby kaisooficology
داستان های ناناص و کیوت و خواستنی🌻🐻🐧 با ⭐و 🗣 از نویسنده حمایت کنید.