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Shinpi by MCOury1998
Shinpiby Mason Oury
While training for the upcoming Chūnin Selection Exam, something very strange happens to young Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki and Hiashi Hyūga. They become enveloped i...
Naruto X Yasaka (Naruto x Highschool Dxd) by Cerberus9900
Naruto X Yasaka (Naruto x Highscho...by Cerberus Daley
Slow updates and no description hope you in joy
Kiss of the Sharingan by XxOtaku-himexX
Kiss of the Sharinganby XxOtaku-himexX
Madara attacks Konoha, and Kakashi uses Mangekyo Sharingan to protect the village, Naruto uses it too... wait... WHAT? Naruto has secrets? The story is dedicated to Ita...
Paranoia of the Starved |Kankuro| by Sleepyie
Paranoia of the Starved |Kankuro|by Sleepy
Alone. I am alone in my last life, I shall be in this life, I don't expect anything to change. Although once I realized, one simple factor, I realized that I no longer...
The Head of the Uzumaki Clan by Cryonites12
The Head of the Uzumaki Clanby Cryonites12
In this fanfic, our young Naruto is not only the jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox, but he's also the Uzumaki Clan head. I don't own Naruto, nor the cover picture (mad...
Second Chances by Jess0718
Second Chancesby Jess0718
After saving his little sister from a couple of thieves and dying in the process he is given a choice. He decides to be reborn into his favorite anime Naruto.
The Will of the Kitsune (Naruto x Fem Kurama) by GoodStoryBoy
The Will of the Kitsune (Naruto x...by GoodStoryBoy
After Naruto had the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed within him he was transformed into a fox because the Kyuubi feared what the villagers would do if they found out that she w...
will the sun rise? (A Naruto fanfiction) by skylight264
will the sun rise? (A Naruto fanfi...by skylight264
When the almighty Kyuubi plays with your mind, its hard to keep your thoughts on track. From experience, Minato and Kushina knew this, which is why the seal is designed...
Dance of Crimson (Harry Potter x Naruto) by AngelVow
Dance of Crimson (Harry Potter x N...by AngelVow
They say that Uzushio is gone. Destroyed. It's inhabitants scattered. A shadow of its past. But as legends fade, new ones rise. They call her the Crimson Angel, compara...
unidos hasta el final. by ZeroUzumaki1426
unidos hasta el final.by ZeroUzumaki1426
aclaraciones. -minato y kushina muertos. -naruto tiene un hermano : menma. -el menma de este fic es bueno,cariñoso y ama mucho a naruto queriendolo ayudar y proteger. -n...
An OC in Naruto by EmeraldSkittles
An OC in Narutoby EmeraldSkittles
Reborn as the nine tails Jinchuriki in the place of naruto. Born a Uzumaki he is put into the custody of Orochimaru before he turned missing nin and had experiments perf...
the Last Uzumaki of uzushiro by Jaden5454
the Last Uzumaki of uzushiroby Reelo Battles
well this like a scenario if naruto was more uzumaki than namikaze and yea. i do not own anything or anyone in the naruto franchise. i am making no money or profit in th...
Illusion's healer. by KarlUngi
Illusion's healer.by KarlUngi
Jasmine Johnson normal 12 year old girl that is a massive otaku for any anime. Brought up alone she never found out what having loving parents were like, so she would sp...
Plastered Love  by caeridus
Plastered Love by crowley
This one-shot was inspired by a comment chain on WattPad. AU which shows another way the Fourth Shinobi War ended. Life of an Uzumaki Plaster in the Elemental Nation...
Tale of a caged bird||Naruto fan fiction by lilmissmi
Tale of a caged bird||Naruto fan f...by ~Miss Narutard~
"What?!" I yelled in disbelief. Old man Hokage couln't be that cruel now, could he? "You heared me and my decision is final." he looked at me, an apo...
アゴラフォビア by tokyoskylineee
アゴラフォビアby tokyoskylineee
corpses fall and all the birds sing- glory to the newborn king. /\ I don't own Naruto, Misashi Kishimoto does. I only own Anzu /\
Naruto:a sensei's redemption by AaronHansell
Naruto:a sensei's redemptionby professor fox
we find team 7's kakashi hatake and his students Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura visiting their friends Rock Lee and Hinata Hyuga in the hospital when Naruto suddenly starts d...
Two Faces by Theonlyaran
Two Facesby Theonlyaran
The smallest of thoughts, a single sneeze, one misstep can change the future in ways one can only imagine. Think of it as The Butterfly Effect. . Naruto has a thought, o...