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Grey's Anatomy Imagines by TumblrGirl97
Grey's Anatomy Imaginesby Snowtiger
Grey's Anatomy imagines about the characters from the show. Hope you enjoy them. You can send requests. (CharacterXOC)
When Gibbs met Jane  by italexys
When Gibbs met Jane by Alexys
Jane is the daughter of former NCIS director Jenny Shepard. Hardly anyone knows that she exists or who her mother is. She lost her mother very young and when she was old...
Beauty Behind the Mask: Tali x Male Reader by Struggling2Write
Beauty Behind the Mask: Tali x Struggling2Write
The universe is a massive place with a countless number of enemies waiting around every corner. This is the story of you, the reader, and your journey through the Mass E...
Angel's Lament by Brother_Antros
Angel's Lamentby Brother_Antros
A Strike Force of Blood Angels and Lamenters are thrust into a completely new reality, along with a fleet of Imperial Refugees. But how? And Why? If fate is to be believ...
Mass Effect: The Undead Spectre [Mass Effect x Overlord] by GamingLichdom
Mass Effect: The Undead Spectre [ GamingLichdom
In 2148 CE, humanity discovered an ancient technology on the planet Mars known as a 'Mass Relay'. With it, they began exploring new reaches of the galaxy and expanding t...
Mass Effect: Male Quarian Oc  by gokugunslinger
Mass Effect: Male Quarian Oc by gokugunslinger
Lack of male Quarian stories. Oc will replace Tali, im sorry.
Treasure Hunt | Without a Paddle  by sunnyie_eve
Treasure Hunt | Without a Paddle by 💫Sunny✨
A lot of people found it weird that Parker was the only girl in her group, but to the four guys, she's always been one of the guys without a dick. "Let's... let's...
Honour In Sins | Garrus X Reader | by Fluffy_spacepanda
Honour In Sins | Garrus X Reader |by ❤️❤️🥰
You are my last hope, My last chance of sanity, Can you save me? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " Garrus, I'm a monster like no other. I have been consumed by darkness a...
Mass Effect Arks by Shadow_trooper
Mass Effect Arksby Shadow_trooper
Not an ark game cross over, an idea of sleeper ships that are found, they are from an alternate dimension, and they change the history of the Galaxy.
Mass Effect One Shots by TurtleForkLiam
Mass Effect One Shotsby Meg
A collection of Mass Effect one shots! Most are with Garrus Vakarian, but there are others mixed in there! I haven't updated in a while, but I will post more stories as...
What is Meant to be, Will Be by GodsPrincess29
What is Meant to be, Will Beby Cherie Lynn Morse
Meredith Grey just graduated Med school and is headed out to be a surgeon at Seattle Grace. Her mother is in the nursing home with Alzheimer's but when she meets a man e...
Destiny's Effect.  by gokugunslinger
Destiny's Effect. by gokugunslinger
Alright......let's do this. Asher Grayson is many things. smuggler, gunslinger, drifter, thief, pirate, and (sometime) a drunk. The young twenty-seven year old takes not...
The Hybrid |Garrus | Mass Effect  ✔ by AllMightSideKick
The Hybrid |Garrus | Mass Effect ✔by Captain Cannon
The universe is already in great peril. The threat of Reapers is a constant thought in Shepard's mind. Now, a new problem arises. After fulfilling a mission a year ago...
🄴🄽🄰 🄾🄽🄴🅂🄷🄾🅃🅂 by mrspicysauce
🄴🄽🄰 🄾🄽🄴🅂🄷🄾🅃🅂by mrspicysauce
🅶🆁🅴🆈'🆂 🅰🅽🅰🆃🅾🅼🆈 | RoslynMadyson
Cicatrize (v.) to find healing by the process of forming scars. Derek Shepherd's older twin brother Bellamy Shepherd comes to Seattle with a surprise for his younger br...
Greys Anatomy Women oneshots (sometimes mental health) by Tiredallthetime202
Greys Anatomy Women oneshots ( Brooklyn/Brooke
Mental health and other comfort Oneshots with greys anatomy women <3 Requests for topics open :)
Redefining The Future by MindlessCreations15
Redefining The Futureby Mindless Creations
When the Gibbs' family are forced to flee and go into hiding, past secrets are revealed making it necessary for them to confront old and new enemies. Gibbs will stop at...
Ask The Outsiders by LaurenBlurton
Ask The Outsidersby MarineCorps101
You ask questions, the greasers answer!! If you ask a rude question, I will not answer it and you will be reported! DIBS ON STEVE RANDLE!! HE'S MINE!! ALL RIGHTS GO TO S...
𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐯𝐞, mark sloan¹ ✓ (MOVED ACCOUNTS) by -eliteswp
𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐯𝐞, mark -eliteswp
MOVED ACCOUNTS!! to @hespercs this story will be rewritten on there thank you xox hy·per·ten·sioN /ˌhīpərˈtenSH(ə)n/ nounMEDICINE abnormally high blood pressure. ❝...