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Theirs | Catradora x Reader by someonehelpowo
Theirs | Catradora x Readerby yuh✨
You, Adora, and Catra hadn't had a perfect childhood, but your perfect friendship makes up for it. Adora leaves and your perfect balance is destroyed. You and Catra just...
Catra x Reader Oneshots by BardDoesThings
Catra x Reader Oneshotsby The Bored Bard
If you want to request something, go for it, I'll write anything to cure my boredom Originally planned on just putting down some Catra x Reader oneshots. But I'm open to...
de- aged She-ra by magicICER26
de- aged She-raby flyingfree
adora and the best friends squad come across sone first ones tech. how do they and catra deal with it because you can bet catra is there.
Beyond the Stars by Dragondeleon1
Beyond the Starsby Dragondeleon1
A golem is made to fight the encroaching Horde onto the Princess's Kingdoms. Sacrifices are made to bring Eternia to the battlefield.
its not like i like you  by d0ntr3ad
its not like i like you by d0ntr3ad
an adora and catra college AU. adora is a popular athletic jock whose future is planned out whereas catra is a troublesome delinquent always up to something mysterious...
Catradora "White Out" Scenario 2 by chxrry33
Catradora "White Out" Scenario 2by chxrry
This is my first book so sorry if it's a little rough lol. I actually made it a long time ago and decided to edit it and publish it. Please give constructive criticism i...
she ra X Reader Oneshots by Usernameunknown54
she ra X Reader Oneshotsby asparagussauce
Oneshots of she Ra and the princesses of power. What? You read the title. What did you think it was going to be about? The Irish potato famine?
You're not leaving me. Yandere Catra x reader by Hoodie420
You're not leaving me. Yandere I hate horny people
Catra x Fem reader (Y/n) is a old childhood friend of Catra and Adora and is forced back to the fright zone after running away years ago and Catra is forced to make sur...
She ra imagines & oneshots  by simpismads
She ra imagines & oneshots by Maddie😼
Requests are always open & I don't do lemons/smut!!! So don't ask. This isnt the best but I'm trying believe me.
The Iron Sentinel (Male reader x She-ra and the princess of power) by FinnNalleh
The Iron Sentinel (Male reader x DrUnK pEnGuIn
You get a letter descripting your grandmother's final will. You find out you are a Stark. Before you could inherit your family fortune, you find two bangles and get tele...
Come back to me... -Catradora [COMPLETED] by GoldenAla22
Come back to me... -Catradora [ just vibing
Show: She-Ra Princess of Power Description: A new twist to the famous Season 1 episode 11. A new chance for the ship to be reborn... "I just want Adora back. му Ado...
Can't stay away from you(A Catradora fanfic) by Catradoraistan
Can't stay away from you(A mushmushmushmushroom
This story is ✨finished✨ Catra just can not stay away. Sure she's second in command, she's like totally beating the rebellions ass, but god damn. She really misses Ador...
✨She-ra memes and Incorrect quotes✨ by Hey_Adora22
✨She-ra memes and Incorrect quotes✨by KitKat
Just a bunch of memes and stuff. (Swear warning) (No art belongs to me) #5 on Quotes - 11/9/21 #12 on Glimmer - 11/13/21 #12 on Bow - 12/16/21
Cat's fate (Catra x Fem!reader) [She-ra and princesses of power] by devxlswxngs
Cat's fate (Catra x Fem!reader) [ Devils
A blind Panther-hybrid in war. When people see her, all they think is "Some blind,weak,useless cat ? What will she do ?" Let me tell you. A lot of things. And...
Random x Reader One-Shots (Requests Temporarily Closed) by Xrossbow
Random x Reader One-Shots ( Xrossbow
G'day Wattpad, Xrossbow here I'm always getting random ideas that I think could make cool stories but don't have the ability to make full on books so I thought that mak...
Frenemies~Catradora by Im_shook_
Frenemies~Catradoraby Catradora vibes
Catra and Adora used to be the best of friends, but when they got to Highschool, things were rocky once Adora started receiving all the praise, they had a falling out an...
It's Raining Dogs (Catradora) by heyilovedu
It's Raining Dogs (Catradora)by heyilovedu
AU based off of Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda. Adora meets someone online at her school who bears the same secret. They're both gay but no one knows. Slowly, she fal...
Serve and Protect by star-powered
Serve and Protectby Maggie Derrick
**AUTHOR'S NOTE: THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE SUBJECT MATTER THAT SOME READERS MAY FIND DISTURBING. Please read the content warnings for each chapter before reading. Reade...
"Study Sessions" - Catradora College AU by uhdora
"Study Sessions" - Catradora ☻
Cover by @/theartofnina on Tumblr! Catra's got a problem against her Calculus Professor, Shadow Weaver. With the help of her new tutor, Adora, the two of them devise a...
spark → spop, reader insert by spiritbend
spark → spop, reader insertby ❝ jayden ❞
SPARK | ❝ How are you going to be strong for others when you can't even be strong for yourself? ❞ It's hard to save the world when you're meant to destroy it. [ reader i...