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Under the Mask : A Miraculous Fanfiction by Cantrella
Under the Mask : A Miraculous Cantrella
Ladybug turned slightly and the arms around her tightened possessively. A flutter of pleasure rippled through her body for a second before she squashed it. She had woken...
Hisoka x reader by kai6ck
Hisoka x readerby kai6ck
just a 18+ story written by someone who hadn't did it but knows a lot of not cristian things~ ⭐💧
Caring my Bengali friend's hot mom  by NavelTinyTales
Caring my Bengali friend's hot mom by Navel Tiny Tales
This is an erotic story which happens between a youngster and a milf Bengali matured woman.
Irresistible Desire by thecreativetwist
Irresistible Desireby thecreativetwist
Grace Anne, once was Jacob Wolfe's Secretary. But later after 1 year she quit the job due to her irresistible desire for him. She wants him but can't meddle with his bus...
Irresistible by ellerites
Irresistibleby L.E.S.Y.E.L.
Eliss believed that virginity is a lifetime gift and should only be given to your future husband but one night, she falls under Vlad's trap and loses it because he is ju...
My BoyBestfriend || Dirty Fanfic || Jacob Sartorius by miasartorius23
My BoyBestfriend || Dirty Fanfic | miasartorius23
Im just 14 with a big dream.My big dream is to be in Jacob's heart so yeah.We ment in the car and he touch my thighs just go support me and i will make this story the di...
The blueflames that ignite my insides~~ 18+ by Dabiblueflame16
The blueflames that ignite my
This story is about super loving intamite sex with dabi this is a dabixreader and is definitely 18+
BEN x Reader *LEMON* (Story No.3) by SpectralSnake
BEN x Reader *LEMON* (Story No.3)by Jasey Mae
You've met with a wonderful fate, haven't you?
Sexy Summer Party by RebeccaReveals
Sexy Summer Partyby Rebecca Reveals
The first in a series of journal entries of a beautiful young woman's sensual journey in the heady Eighties. Rebecca finds herself seduced by a delightfully attractive c...
First Movie by Kahaniwaala
First Movieby Arish Akhtar
The story of the first movie which ends with passion.
My Best friend  by lesficxxx
My Best friend by Kylie L...
Kiley is a lesbian who has secretly been crushing on her (supposedly straight) best-friend, Casey. While hanging out one day after school, the two girls have a sexu...
Lesbian Fantasy  by Lesboxfantasy
Lesbian Fantasy by Alisha Roy
Lesbian story or actress
Daddy Master~ by dreamyfaerie
Daddy Master~by dreamy faerie
read to find out what lies beyond ;)
Backstage with Harry🔞 by heartsforharry_tpwk
Backstage with Harry🔞by <3
What happens on the TMH tour backstage with you and Harry Contains sexual scenes‼️ Short story🧸
mgk smutshots by pyrothebeast42
mgk smutshotsby pyrothebeast42
mgk smutshots but this is my first time writing smut so it might suck
Movie Night 🍿💕 by 1benjeylover
Movie Night 🍿💕by Breanna :)
SMUT WARNING ⚠️ A longish smut with Benji and Jeyjey. The night starts off with them watching a movie but it ends with something better. Days go on and they can't help...