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fifty shades of divorce ✅ by pixeefox
fifty shades of divorce ✅by pixeefox
Its been a few months since Ana and Christian have gotten married. when Ana finds out that Christian is cheating on her and returns to his old life style she is done an...
Phoebe by XxxHannah_MariexxX
Phoebeby Hannah Marie
Phoebe grey, Daughter of Christian grey finds herself introduced into a world/lifestyle that she never knew existed. One that her father was a part of long before she wa...
Fifty Shades: Submission and Strength by Capital-Perspective
Fifty Shades: Submission and Capital-Perspective
Anastasia, 21, is a closed-off, fully trained submissive with a bleak life and dark past. Billionaire Christian, 25, was initially looking for a robot, but quickly wants...
Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔ by cookiecream_x
Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔by Ava Meyers
Our faces are just inches away, his breath fanning my face. And after that, he says something, says a simple sentence that makes everything in my insides clench and yet...
The best lines from the Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy by Niki_3105
The best lines from the Fifty Niki_3105
The lines that made us squirm,yearn for more,lived the dream to meet our own tailor made Christian Grey.. At Random are some of the best lines from the trilogy..:)
Fifty Shades Of Grey Quotes by mahitahseen
Fifty Shades Of Grey Quotesby mahitahseen
this book consist of quotes from the popular best selling series 50 shades of grey
Fifty shades forever by Babe_hobbie
Fifty shades foreverby Babe_hobbie
Ana and Christian have a lot to learn about family life, see how their love grows and stumbles.
Holding On & Letting Go by irishfangirl94
Holding On & Letting Goby Lauren
When Ana found out she was pregnant Christian wanted nothing to do with her, not out of hatred but out of fear of becoming a father. As he walks away he doesn't expect A...
Another Steele (FSOG) by elaramora
Another Steele (FSOG)by Stella
Many people knew the polite,sweet,naive Anastasia Steele , but what they didn't know was there was another Steele Sister, Seraphine Steele. Another steele changes the pa...
METANOIA  by lewisaturservice
METANOIA by lewis
They are total opposites. He is gentle by nature, shy and reserved with impeccable academic grades. His daily life revolves around his future plans and his classes. The...
Tv Show Spanking One Shots by nazlarson
Tv Show Spanking One Shotsby nazlarson
Tv Show Spanking One Shots. Contains spanking discipline, if you don't like don't read.
One Way Ticket by DornanJohnsonJD
One Way Ticketby DornanJohnsonJD
Jamie and Dakota have always been close due to their roles in the fifty shades trilogy. Will Dakota finally tell Jamie how she really feels? Will Jamie have a guard up o...
Another day with fifty shades of grey.. by RachelDoyle0
Another day with fifty shades of Rachel Doyle
When the young couple Christian and ana learn they are expecting they think their whole world just fell apart little do they know it's only the start.. I added own few d...
T H E  M A I D<> J G by softl0ve
T H E M A I D<> J Gby luv more
she was a young girl all on her own, scrapping up all the money she could to make it day by day that was until she answered a request on a flyer. she thought her life...
Fifty Out Of Fifty by PoignantProse
Fifty Out Of Fiftyby PoignantProse
THE REST OF THE STORY...............................Prologue
Coincidence  by dessibabbe
Coincidence by dessibabbe
Ana and Christian will not meet at the interview. instead they will meet the night that Ana goes to the bar with kate and gets drunk, and Christian will be there to help...
Barefoot Cinderella ✔️ by JustMaddiexoxo
Barefoot Cinderella ✔️by Hunny B
London, the city with big opportunities, but in there you can find the love? One night when two people meet life for one of them will change, but the other one he give...
Blurred lines  #1 by TheScarletAngel_
Blurred lines #1by Ana
23 year old billionaire Christian Taylor was happy with his single status but his family believes otherwise. What with him being the only one in his family who has no da...
50 Shades of Pleasure | afi au  by lustingz
50 Shades of Pleasure | afi au by 🌟
(based off of 50 shades of grey) when eden is offered to interview the owner of Irwin Inc., she realizes that the owner isnt all that he seems to put up as a facade.