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Fifty Shades of Sasuke [Sasuke Uchiha X Reader] by pumacchi
Fifty Shades of Sasuke [Sasuke j.
[Modern!Sasuke X Reader] He's the successful CEO of Uchiha Enterprises, while you are just a normal citizen of Japan, however, when you two meet on n interview you find...
Holding On & Letting Go by irishfangirl94
Holding On & Letting Goby Lauren
When Ana found out she was pregnant Christian wanted nothing to do with her, not out of hatred but out of fear of becoming a father. As he walks away he doesn't expect A...
Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔ by cookiecream_x
Fifty Shades Alternative | ✔by Ava Meyers
Our faces are just inches away, his breath fanning my face. And after that, he says something, says a simple sentence that makes everything in my insides clench and yet...
Fifty Shades: Submission and Strength by Capital-Perspective
Fifty Shades: Submission and Capital-Perspective
Anastasia, 21, is a closed-off, fully trained submissive with a bleak life and dark past. Billionaire Christian, 25, was initially looking for a robot, but quickly wants...
One Way Ticket by DornanJohnsonJD
One Way Ticketby DornanJohnsonJD
Jamie and Dakota have always been close due to their roles in the fifty shades trilogy. Will Dakota finally tell Jamie how she really feels? Will Jamie have a guard up o...
Another Steele (FSOG) by elaramora
Another Steele (FSOG)by Stella
Many people knew the polite,sweet,naive Anastasia Steele , but what they didn't know was there was another Steele Sister, Seraphine Steele. Another steele changes the pa...
RED Room: spideypool one shot (Book 1) by Ultra_voilet999
RED Room: spideypool one shot ( Voilet
Peter stark (Tom Holland )Is a 19 year old boy working in his dad's company Stark industries which he is the CEO of , one day a very wealthy man like his dad wanted him...
Fifty Shades of Secrets by LateNightsLongWords
Fifty Shades of Secretsby Mimsy
Three years ago, Anastasia Steele came to the painful realization that she could never be the sub Christian Grey wanted. At the tender age of twenty two, Ana ran away fr...
MY way of looking at Fifty Shades Of Grey! by Niki_3105
MY way of looking at Fifty Niki_3105
Well here's what I felt about the book "Fifty shades of Grey" Everyone has a different perspective for very story...I may think in a certain manner which might...
Fifty Shades of Klaus by stcmj15
Fifty Shades of Klausby stcmj15
It's basically the plot/vibe of Fifty Shades of Grey incorporated into the world of The Vampire Diaries, where in, Caroline Forbes takes the role of Anastasia Steele and...
fifty shades of sacrifice by pixeefox
fifty shades of sacrificeby pixeefox
Ana Steele has a secret. she has been getting abused by her stepdad, Bob for as long as she could remember. At High school her life isn't much better. No one likes to be...
Thantophobia || Jamie Dornan Book One by mialuvlyy
Thantophobia || Jamie Dornan MKA
With so much fears in her life, 29 year old Eleanor Carmen has one more to come her way. But will she admit it to anyone or keep it a secret for the rest of her life? **...
Coincidence  by dessibabbe
Coincidence by dessibabbe
Ana and Christian will not meet at the interview. instead they will meet the night that Ana goes to the bar with kate and gets drunk, and Christian will be there to help...
Unexpected Love|| B.I x Jinhwan by hanjinss_
Unexpected Love|| B.I x Jinhwanby hanjinss_
Jinhwan was just trying to find a new job, he didn't realize he signed up for his tall handsome new boss Hanbin who is seemingly interested in him. What could go wrong? ...
Love or Disgust? by BUGHEADAUSTORIES
Love or Disgust?by Lili Cole Jooper
This story is about a girl who gets cheated on multiple times and she has a bully that hates her disgustingly and turns out to love her
Fifty Shades of Shane // Shane Dawson fanfiction by panicatthemaze
Fifty Shades of Shane // Shane j🌴
Jenna meets a new and far older man that seems to have more interest in her and her life than her qualities of working at his office building. -=+=- Kinda based off of t...
Hashimada mpreg  by aretheloopsready
Hashimada mpreg by aretheloopsready
Hashimada mpreg xx ❤️ my first fanfigg im proud of this it kawaii uwu XD
Fifty Shades A Twist In The Tale by AkYaYulip
Fifty Shades A Twist In The Taleby AkYaYulip
Ana and Christian's love life bloomed and their children Theodore and Phoebe were the petals of the blooming flower. They lived their happily ever after. Or maybe not? M...
DOMINA by jaeruffin17
DOMINAby Jericka Ruffin
David Danuel Ray was a married man whose life fell apart before his eyes in a night of violence and adultery. Between therapy, alimony, lawyers and bills, money problems...
peanut butter sandwich x reader by kiiiaah
peanut butter sandwich x readerby kiiiaah
you fall in love with a peanut butter sandwich and have their babies