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Falling for Lalisa Manoban by theNobody05
Falling for Lalisa Manobanby theNobody05
Lisa Manoban is the most famous slash most successful bachelorette South Korea has come to know. Despite this, she remained as the loved daughter of the Manoban househol...
Nothing Like Us by denpaz
Nothing Like Usby ---
This is the story of five elite and powerful heiresses of Korea who had their lives connected since they were born without knowing it.
A Month Full Of Memories With You [SEULRENE] by eriseulrene23
A Month Full Of Memories With tif
Grab a tissue first, thank you😉 Seulgi and Joohyun already broke up a year ago and now Wendy who is Joohyun new girlfriend comes to visit Seulgi and ask Seulgi to stay...
I have a Baby with My Crush || SeulRene by slowkiiii
I have a Baby with My Crush || slowkiiii
A wonderful night with my ultimate crush. Seulgi g!p
"Psycho" - Red Velvet/Fem. Reader Ft. Kim Minju by ShuHyoShin
"Psycho" - Red Velvet/Fem. ShuHyoShin
What will happen when the famous Escort of Lesbian Red Club, Han Y/n was sleeping with the psycho woman and 'accidentally' make all of them fall in love with her? Are th...
She's A Monster » SEULRENE by yisunnn_
She's A Monster » SEULRENEby eura
❝she's a monster, my favorite monster.❞ _ x b.jh
Never Enough (COMPLETED) by ZiaSeulgs
Never Enough (COMPLETED)by Zia
COMPLETED "Jennie, I-I like you." "I definitely don't feel the same way four eyed monkey." "O-oh well it's ok. I can wait-" "Nu-uh I'...
Roommates (Two-shot Seulrene Story) by iseulx2
Roommates (Two-shot Seulrene Story)by iseulx2
After what they want to call a mistake, roommates, Seulgi and Irene, trouble and find themselves fighting their consciousness about whether they've caught feeling after...
Switched Lives {LisRene} by Tyler_ty21
Switched Lives {LisRene}by Tyler21
''I'm bored'' Seulgi said as she looked over at lisa ''Wanna switch lives?'' Lisa asked ____________ Highest rank Irenebae #1 Joohyun #1 Baechu #2 Kang #4 Irene #4 Manob...
RED VELVET [SEULRENE] - Short Stories by eriseulrene23
Just a short story collections of SeulRene yeeett❣️ exciting.....
Twelve Idols in One House | BTSVelvet by -sseoulgi
Twelve Idols in One House | ˗ˋˏ 花 ˎˊ-
What would happen if you put two famous groups together in one house? Started: October 26, 2016 Ended: July 14, 2017
Dirty Minds︱Completed by Whiitebunny
Dirty Minds︱Completedby Emma ♡
〝You're such a pervert, Jeon Jungkook.〞 〝You haven't seen half of it.〞 . . . She's too innocent for his tastes. But it's only a matter of time before he can turn that pu...
We Got Married || Seulrene ✔ by choujoohee
We Got Married || Seulrene ✔by 🐰
It's just a show, what's the worst thing that could happen?
[Seulrene] [Nắng Tháng Mười] by Moonhana0210
[Seulrene] [Nắng Tháng Mười]by disobedience
Tháng mười, có người vì nàng mà khóc ướt cả nắng.
The Rich Kids by chaesoo66
The Rich Kidsby chaesoo66
Jisoo and Lisa come from a rich/wealthy family, unlike other familes that do it for power- They're family just want them to be happy. So they have to go to a public sch...
Bully - SeulRene [ENGLISH] by YEHW0LF
Bully - SeulRene [ENGLISH]by Lex
This is pure gay. g!p Seulgi.
Behind the screen | bangtanvelvet by forevelarmy
Behind the screen | bangtanvelvetby ㅡjustjhee 🌸
The secrets hidden between Bangtan and RedVelvet, that fans wouldn't know of. A book of scenarios based on real events. Caution: This is still a fanfiction. Give it a ch...
Believe in Magic by ddeulgiconic
Believe in Magicby 슬린
Credits to @JINICO for the book cover💚
Marrying Ms. Popular✔️// seulrene ff  by _chelsseyy
Marrying Ms. Popular✔️// Æ ЩIПƬΣЯ
[ENGLISH] My life sucks! I'm marrying that little freakin' devil-I mean I'm marrying Ms. Popular. (Completed) a seulrene ff! If you're a reveluv read this! 💋
Marry The Devil Woman [18+] by HiL0329
Marry The Devil Woman [18+]by Young•L
I'm Kang Seulgi the CEO of KSG Group. I never think I will marry with that evil woman. She is the one that I hate the most. She is Bae Joohyun.