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The rightful Luna by TURTUREL
The rightful Lunaby FABER
* 'I-I am sorry your highness I touched ...!' She was trying to apologize, but she fell silent as she could not utter with her mouth that she accidentally touched his li...
From An Omega To A Hunter  by QueenNika14
From An Omega To A Hunter by Jenika
"Look your too weak I can't accept you as a mate you'll only shame yourself and this pack " my own mate said to me . . . . My mate rejected me on my eighteen...
One Alpha's Trash is the Alpha King's Treasure by ShaSha53
One Alpha's Trash is the Alpha ShaSha53
Prologue Baila is a 17 year old werewolf and hides in the shadows of her sister, Bella who treats her like she's a nobody. Baila wears thick glasses and oversized clothe...
My rejected Assassin by Littlest_Mikealson15
My rejected Assassinby Little wolf
Hayley BloodFallen is a shy and awkward girl. Or so people thought. She goes to an all werewolf school, everyone mistreats her when her pack isn't looking. She is from...
I'm Back and Different Than Ever by TheSecretiveAngel
I'm Back and Different Than Everby ♛ l e a n n e ♛
***WARNING: This book was written forever ago when I was very young. IT'S VERY BADLY WRITTEN! I didn't give much thought into this, I only wrote it to test how writing i...
Alpha Kyan by CookieDoughIsBae06
Alpha Kyanby crystalqueen999
Kassandra Williams has a few more days left until she turns 18, the age where you can find your mate. When her dad announces she and her twin brother, Ethan, has a Ball...
Better Than Ever by ohheckles
Better Than Everby ohheckles
When Mari Johnson gets rejected by her so called mate, Benny Jacobson. She decides she cannot stay and watch her mate and bff be together. So she does the one thing she...
A New Dawn by AndiRich
A New Dawnby AndiRich
Aiden Lockhart had a perfect life, he was about to graduate college with honors and take his place as Alpha of the New Dawn Pack. However, dreams are shattered quickly w...
Rejected With The Alpha's Babies by indiaJ06
Rejected With The Alpha's Babiesby indiasanders
Lol sorry guys I forgot to change my description from when I revamped this story. My name is Nevaeh. I have never wronged anyone. So what the hell did I do to deserve a...
Fractured by JennieCamacho
Fracturedby Jennie
When death claims a mate, it can have a devastating impact. Logan knows, all too well, the pain of that loss. After losing the love of his life and several pack members...
Mommy's Little Princess by dela-is-stelliform
Mommy's Little Princessby Delancey Ross
With her single mother being the Beta's slut after her father dies in battle, Rhiannon Botello is left on her own to raise her younger sister, Vienne. And with her mothe...
His Gifted Luna by NVMelissa13
His Gifted Lunaby N.V.Melissa
My name is Gemma and I'm the white wolf. My life has been really, really shitty. At 3, the pack I stayed at was attacked, I lost my mother, was kidnapped and abused by...
Chance in Love? by Lan_WangjiRosales
Chance in Love?by Caryl Rosales Lan
Aria is loved by her family and pack ever since she was a kid. But since her brother died, they all blamed it on her. Making her the servant and "punching bag"...
The Alpha's Rejected Mate  by InfamousSixEyes
The Alpha's Rejected Mate by Satōru Gojo
I stood there frozen in shock as my own mate glares at me. I can see the way his jaw clenched and how those irises of his, swirls to different color. And for once in my...
The unwanted she-wolf [BOOK ONE OF THE BADASS LUNA SERIES] by LillianCresent21
The unwanted she-wolf [BOOK ONE Lilly Cress_x
UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION!!! In a world where power determined who and where you are in the food chain. Lisa Vanderpump was an Alpha's daughter who hadn't shifted yet...
Colder Than Ice (COMPLETED) by Alegna2017
Colder Than Ice (COMPLETED)by Alegna2017
Highest Ranking : #1 in understanding/death/war/change/family/ second chance mates/loyalty / warewolf, #2 in royalty,#11 in rejection, #19 in werewolf, #59 in teen fic...
The Alpha Female And Her Omega Mate  by Temmy123456
The Alpha Female And Her Omega temitayo shosanya
Zarina black was a 21 years old alpha she's a female alpha the first one which makes her pack the second strongest she has a best friend he is in love with her or he thi...
Avàni -The True ALPHA FEMALE~ by Adriana_alsvera
Avàni -The True ALPHA FEMALE~by Adriana_alsvera
She was once looked down and called the weak alpha's daughter.. Being rejected by everyone, even by her own mate who supposed to love her like no other.. Then, s...
My Savior  by Pineaplle_vs_Pizza
My Savior by xxPizza_Pineapplexx
From a young age Eliza Oakland has been tortured and neglected by her pack . When she turned seventeen she had the chance to find her mate, but fate had not been on her...
Rejected Lovers by WYLD_ROSE
Rejected Loversby R O S E ♡
Atticus and Olivia have a past...and share the same fate. But as they're trying to move on from the cruel cards they've been dealt with in life a presence with evil inte...