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Trolls Band Together: The Wedding Edition  by Lukas7675
Trolls Band Together: The Lukas7675
This is like the extended version of Trolls Band Together, Because there wasn't a wedding scene in the end of the movie. And so I am re changing the movie to make it hap...
Script Writing System In Modern Family by ScriptMaster101
Script Writing System In Modern Noah
An ordinary young man, Ryan was reborn in the modern family universe. His cheat allowed him access to ready-made scripts for movies and tv shows as long as he participa...
HIS SAVIOUR... or is she?  by ariasmxth
HIS SAVIOUR... or is she? by ariasmxth
Florence Rose has been stuck in Stormcage, her friend River telling her stories of The Doctor and his Blue Box. What happens when she becomes part of those stories?
The only normal person by Xiaoshuo_
The only normal personby 中国小说
A high fever caused Ren Zhaoruo to hear a voice that others could not hear. The voice claimed to be the system. It said that the world Ren Zhaoruo lived in was a virtual...
Stick to the Script by Marvel10s
Stick to the Scriptby marvel
As a fan of the Dream SMP, you suddenly find yourself stuck in their world. "Dream, until today, your life has been part of a roleplay in Minecraft that I've watche...
Hypnosis scripts by HypnoGirl
Hypnosis scriptsby HypnoGirl
This is NOT a story about hypnosis. This features true hypnotic scripts. Be sure to send me a private message asking for specific scripts you would like!
Torchwood Academy by MoonyXxPadfoot
Torchwood Academyby No<3
Where all The Doctor Who character's are children, and are attending Torchwood Academy! Which isn't your average boarding school
You thought you know what a plot twist was? Well, let's redefine that real quick. What if the famous screenwriter Jay Park met his arch-rival in the movie industry Yang...
The Crooked Oak - Undertale Script Book by Corpsetalia-fan
The Crooked Oak - Undertale iiDollieFluff
The Universe is vast. And if there is anything confusing that having two of yourself, it is having a vast plethora of others similar to yourself, that have the same name...
My MHA shifting script by Nutellagar
My MHA shifting scriptby Nutella Jar
This is just me scripting and shifting to MHA. btw the cover art is not mine it is edited off of canva.
Wof Spoofs by BricketFan
Wof Spoofsby Derpy
Are you ready for some Wings of Fire spoofs? Then let's get going! I'm going to make a new one every day, usually, so get ready for some serious spoofing! Also, the cove...
Shield and PCB || It's All About History by mochi729
Shield and PCB || It's All About Mochi
Highest Rankings #1 Paige -Saige -Amblynch -Charreigns -PCB -Fandango -Alexa Bliss -Brie Bella -Tyler Breeze #4 Becky Lynch #4 Script #5 Nia Jax -Aj Styles #15 Nikki Bel...
Don't Look Back by Cheerreader96
Don't Look Backby Cheerreader96
Alexa Mercer has the perfect life. She’s the head cheerleader, popular, has the perfect boyfriend and she gets everything she wants, but it wasn’t always that way. Four...
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My shifting script to the bnha/mha universe, feel free to use it as an example. However, do not copy my exact script since I don't know whether it will temper with my ow...
Hogwarts Shifting Script Template by CuteLxve_123
Hogwarts Shifting Script Templateby CuteLxve_123
Hey Guys! This is book for shifters. There is everything related to shifting in this book. Also yes shifting is real I shifted to hogwarts. This is script and ideas of s...
It Started with a Selfie [larry stylinson a.u.] by sebLarry
It Started with a Selfie [larry Sebastian
"Wait, pause. Louis Tomlinson just liked my selfie. What a creep."
Japanese Voice Acting Scripts by cottonberri
Japanese Voice Acting Scriptsby C#ndii cotton ball
Welcome, this is a series of Japanese voice acting scripts. For the new candies (CC) doesn't just mean cotton candii owns this (author) script but also that you are all...
Seventeen: A Demonic Prophecy by multifandomhardships
Seventeen: A Demonic Prophecyby Vision 17
you are the main character. welcome to a world of fantasy, where mortals and monsters live side by side. when two of the most powerful monsters, vampires and demons, bre...
Hogwarts DR Shifting Script by thebiggestsimpp
Hogwarts DR Shifting Scriptby your mom
hello! this is a templet i made based off of my script. if you have any suggestions, please comment them and i can add them! follow my tiktok @giginicole (;
Jensens Daughter (Jensen Ackles FF) by Fangirl_Master2001
Jensens Daughter (Jensen Ackles FF)by Bryanna
Sara is Jensen's daughter. She enjoys doing everything any normal teenagers would enjoy. Water parks, hanging out with friends, movies, Netflix, Youtube, video games, t...