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Secrets (Never to be Told) by multimilkshake
Secrets (Never to be Told)by ❥𝐣𝐚𝐳𝐳𝐢𝐞
Lucy and Tim met each other at a bar ten years ago. They were drunk and he was desperate, leading to her coming home with him and having a one-night stand. Shortly after...
A secret comes out by therookie888
A secret comes outby therookie_scenarios
This is a fake scenario about 'The Rookie', Lucy is still a rookie, she has a husband and a two year old daughter. The station is unaware of this, what will happen when...
Always You || A Chenford AU by staretothesea
Always You || A Chenford AUby ~ Freya ~
What if Tim and Lucy met before they worked together?? Would their relationship/partnership/TO and boot-ship change a lot?
Protective ? by user2948381930
Protective ?by user2948381930
Lopez senses a change in Lucy's demeanour and attempts to assist her friend through her struggles - Tim and Lucy aren't together - Angela and Wesley have Jack and thei...
Undercover feelings  by Chen_ford
Undercover feelings by Chenford.<3
What if dim and juicy actually had a quickie in 5x01
Engaged by nottakenusersvd
Engagedby :)
What if chenford was engaged when Lucy was a rookie. I do not own any of these characters! (THIS IS A FANFICTION)(also if you came up with this idea first, please let m...
Officer Chen, do you copy? by TheRookieFanFicts
Officer Chen, do you copy?by the rookie x
Tim and Lucy have obvious tension and when Lucy decides to push her luck what will happen? x
Lucy goes into a coma by therookiestories272
Lucy goes into a comaby therookiestories272
Lucy is severely injured whilst out on patrol with Tim. Despite Tim's efforts to help her, she ends up going into a coma and when she wakes up, everything is very differ...
The return of the ex by Chenfordedits
The return of the exby Chenfordedits
Isabel returns and tries to break Tim and Lucy up. But will there be more ex's along the way???
The Rookie Co-Parents by savannah349955
The Rookie Co-Parentsby therookieatories
Detective Chen and Sergeant Bradford have a 14 year old son. Once Bradford starts dating after their divorce his son doesn't take it well.
the past by BentevandenHeuvel
the pastby bente
it reveals lucy's past as she ran away from home and continues to strugle in life. (i do not own any of these caracters)
Too deep this time? The Rookie fanfic by Hillaana
Too deep this time? The Rookie Hillaana
First of all I do NOT own any of these characters and big credit to @rookielover05 Love you and your stories Lucy Chen just graduated from the police academy, and is sta...
The Philocalist 〰 ♡ 〰 Volume One by ScarlettSinger
The Philocalist 〰 ♡ 〰 Volume Oneby ScarlettSinger
Philocalist Noun. lover of beauty; someone who finds beauty in all things. "Officer Lopez, you get our legacy and our study abroad rook" "then who did?&q...
Our Little Secret by mcdreamyishot101
Our Little Secretby arinn
A "The Rookie" AU set before the events of 2x11. Tim and Lucy have a big secret. They have been married for 6 years. They also have a 4 year old daughter, Gian...
Friendships Transferes and other Complications by therookieisthebest
Friendships Transferes and other Lisa Sieveritt
Lucy and Tim are best friends. Lucy is a TO, too, and had transferred to the station in Mid Wildsher five years ago. They both know well that their friendship may go a l...
enemies to lovers (Chenford AU)   by Th3babyflash
enemies to lovers (Chenford AU) by Rookiezz
Tim and Lucy have a strong hatred for each other. But, when Lucy has no place to live, Nyla recommends she go with Tim. Will she take the chance or will she find somewhe...
Snappin' One, Two, Three by ScarlettSinger
Snappin' One, Two, Threeby ScarlettSinger
"You could've gotten someone killed!" "But not you" "What?!" "You wouldn't have been killed." Sadie Brooke is loyal. Once you ent...
What if Lucy had a daughter? by Chenfordstorys
What if Lucy had a daughter?by The Rookie
Lucy had a daughter but no one knows. How will everyone react? And what will happen with Tim and Lucy's relationship?
" Blank " by SpenceReidBAU
" Blank "by SpenceReidBAU
Lucy Chen has been presumed dead for almost two years. Until something happened that makes everyone question if the last two years. ( I dont own any of the rights to the...