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Bad Boy's Property by OurStory4Ever
Bad Boy's Propertyby Just_Two_Of_Us
WEREWOLVES STORIES: BOOK 01 Aden Walker moved to a new place with his adoptive father. First day of school, he was bumped into a bad boy. A possessive bad boy who would...
  • samesex
  • mated
  • mpreg
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Crossroads (Lesbian Stories)(gxg) by TheSelfProclaimed
Crossroads (Lesbian Stories)(gxg)by TheSelfProclaimed
Christy Johnson is the school's star basketball player. Kayla Owens is the school's soccer star. When these star athletes are paired together for a project, the feelings...
  • lesbiancouple
  • teen
  • lesbianlove
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Love of a BISEXUAL (A thread) by IanxNicole
Love of a BISEXUAL (A thread)by nicole
Nagkaroon ka na ba ng kakaibang pakiramdam sa parehong kasarian? Yung tipong ang nararamdaman mo sa isang lalaki ay hindi rin palang malabong maramdaman mo sa isang baba...
  • samesex
  • love
  • heartaches
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'The Teacher's Pet.' Camila/You. {GxG} by shipper040
'The Teacher's Pet.' Camila/You. { 🌸 ΔLΨSSΔ 🌸
One day , at Lakeview High in Copperfield, a new face shows up that might just change everything. #3 GirlxGirl #1 SameSex #1 TeacherxStudent #17 ForbiddenLove #2...
  • laurenjauregui
  • girlxgirl
  • highschool
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Half Sisters Lover by shannonle
Half Sisters Loverby shannonle
  • gxg
  • halfsister
  • celebrity
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I now pronounce you husband and.. wait what? by BlueStatic
I now pronounce you husband BlueStatic
Thoughts on the lgbtq movement. Understanding a Biblical perspective on sexual identity. Free to comment.
  • love
  • relationships
  • relationship
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Gloria's Revelation by SoundsGayToMe
Gloria's Revelationby SoundsGayToMe
Sometimes the love we need comes from the most surprising places. When Gloria's marriage is left in shambles she finds herself in the arms of a lover she'd never expect.
  • mother
  • lovers
  • bestfriends
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Stepsister by choiyoungseung
Stepsisterby Choi
We've been classmates for a few months now, we barely talk to each other. The first time we ever had a conversation was when we shared notes because I forgot mine. We sa...
  • family
  • taboo
  • samesex
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Maybe Theres A Chance (Hijack/Frostcup) by StoryOfATeen
Maybe Theres A Chance (Hijack/ StoryOfATeen
Epic love story between a bully and your average everyday nerd. They grew up together. Friends to enemies to lovers. Hiccup faces the great decision of picking who he l...
  • love
  • disney
  • romance
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Her [ Lesbian Story ] by Whitney99
Her [ Lesbian Story ]by Whitney
{COMPLETED} It was a sad love It never got us anywhere She wore flower crowns In her hair When she would look me In the eye Her beauty made me Want to cry I would st...
  • onenight
  • romance
  • girl×girl
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red velvet smuts by supremoanassi
red velvet smutsby supremoanassi
fiction. -the other sides of red velvet 💯 -purely written with d̶i̶r̶t̶y̶ creative imagination 💯 -!! smuts !! no age limit, i guess?
  • samesex
  • yeri
  • gxg
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The New Girl by LittleClash
The New Girlby LittleClash
Jay just moved from her home town ATL all the way to the big apple. It's a big change for her but she's mending with the new girls in front of her. Jay is a player who i...
  • butch
  • stud
  • lgbt
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BEAST[boyxboy] by emozombie040303
BEAST[boyxboy]by Xxxkat
In a time where homosexuality has spread across the world, a new president, a new dangerous president has forbidden same sex sexual desires, same sex dating, same sex in...
  • pervert
  • hot
  • psycho
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STAY (boyxboy)  by itsaboutmyself
STAY (boyxboy) by Robien Joshua Gualvez
Naniniwala ba kayo na ang tunay na pagmamahal ay mahahanap natin sa unang hindi maayos na pagkakaunawaan? Yung tipong una nyong pagkikita ay hindi kayo maayos pero sa hu...
  • lgbt
  • bromance
  • yaoi
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Starkers ; LiSoo by TH0TPINKS
Starkers ; LiSooby red
Starkers ; adj : completely naked chiefly british : completely unclothed : naked Examples 🔺 Jisoo was standing there starkers.
  • blackpink
  • parkchaeyoung
  • yuri
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blisters ; jayson by biopsyopsy
blisters ; jaysonby .
grayson dolan x jack dail. this is a gay fanfic so please leave if you don't like that
  • romance
  • jayson
  • samesex
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tragically yours | jeongcheol by XenonVenus13
tragically yours | jeongcheolby Yanyannieeee~
Yoon Jeonghan lives no more than a normal life of a florist. But once he meets Choi Seungcheol, his life changes forever. 정철 ㆍ 츼 승철 x 윤 정한 choi seungcheol x yoon jeongha...
  • svt
  • joshua
  • jihoon
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[Gacha Life: "My Ecstasy"][Discontinued] by MiniBeeKing
[Gacha Life: "My Ecstasy"][ King Bee
My Ecstasy is about a girl named Valentine who struggles to find her lover and with abusive parents. Thinking that her lover is either Gene Calse or Aria Locks, she trie...
  • gachalgbt
  • samesexlove
  • valentine
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After - The Chris and Tyga Trilogy by bxbfinest
After - The Chris and Tyga Trilogyby bxbfinest
The Chris and Tyga Trilogy
  • hurt
  • love
  • boyxboy
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