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Love or Foe [COMPLETED]  by laydeeshannon
Love or Foe [COMPLETED] by laydeeshannon
A short story on a favorite pair of mine. So many ghostships I have penned and yet only 1 story so far on them?! No, can do! So, back with 1 on them :)
The Second Chance [Kongpob/Arthit] by spectral416
The Second Chance [Kongpob/Arthit]by spectral416
Arthit missed his chance to confess to Kongpob on the Rama Bridge, five years ago. Opportunity doesn't come knocking twice, except it does, sometimes, if you're lucky. ...
Fateful Encounter (Completed) by anjuleeboralessa
Fateful Encounter (Completed)by Anjulee Boralessa
Arthit missed growing up like any other boy since he was scouted by the top entertainment agency of the country when he was 12 years old. But now after six years of buil...
Forever with You by EtherealMistress
Forever with Youby Cara
Beam wanted to take up Medicine but was forced by his parents to enroll in the Faculty of Engineering. He couldn't do anything but obey his parents. He might be a spoile...
My Best Lover, is he? [Completed] by laydeeshannon
My Best Lover, is he? [Completed]by laydeeshannon
Another fan fiction on ParkxForth! I felt they have such sizzling chemistry, I had to see them again in another fan fiction. I'm so torn between him and Lam being a part...
The Price For A Kiss by kittyseia
The Price For A Kissby kittyseia
This is my new little play thing, okay? A little (fan)ficlet series with entertainment industry!AU of KongArthit. Summary : Arthit was drunk out of his mind and usually...
Be The One by Blue_Oon
Be The Oneby Blue💙
Arthit always finds himself in the most unexpected situations. Arthit is waiting to join University after a few months so he started working part time meanwhile but ther...
A Second Chance by anonymouslylazy
A Second Chanceby Moochi
Kongpob had broken up with Arthit first, before Arthit could tell him the big news. Now, 6 years had passed but the loneliness, guilt and pain were still there. During p...
My family💞💕 by Kitsing0062x0206
My family💞💕by Jaan
Kongpob has been living with his mother who does nothing but abuse him along with her new lover. He has shut himself from the whole world and rarely interacts with anyon...
Hate to Love by Kitsing0062x0206
Hate to Loveby Jaan
Kongpob is the Head Hazer of the faculty along with his friends Em, Tew, Oak and Wad. Maprang and Prae are in the medical team. Arthit, Knot, Prem, Bright and Tutha ar...
THE NERDY BOY[completed] by kongart62
THE NERDY BOY[completed]by kongart62
THE NERDY BOY - English version "You are not a nerd.... What are you really" ........ " guess someone found my secret " "Why do you have a gun...
His Precious Oon by Fujofiji
His Precious Oonby Fujofiji
ForthXArthit i don't own the characters and the media i use. it's the plot that's mine. Just few extracts.
Chasing Pavements by Melody179
Chasing Pavementsby Melody179
A love story about a junior that's in an one sided love with a senior that's a player. He continues to chase after the senior, knowing that there's little chance for him...
My Perfect Nightmare 》 by imaginationxfantasy
My Perfect Nightmare 》by fantasy
"I love you" "don't" This is just a fan fiction and the characters belong to bittersweet Story cover credit to @m00nxsvn Thank you so much 💖
Only the Ring Finger Knows by BL_Sins
Only the Ring Finger Knowsby BL_Sins
In Bangkok High, couple rings are the newest craze. Every couple in the school exchanges and wears matching rings. Matching rings were supposed to signify eternal love...
Let's Make Everything Right by anonymouslylazy
Let's Make Everything Rightby Moochi
[Completed] Arthit and Kongpob broke up. Kongpob left the country to start a new life while Arthit started a new journey of his life. The two were in separate ways, liv...
My Man by hansyra24
My Manby hansyra24
Arthit and Kongpob had been the perfect couple in the eyes of everyone around them including friends and family. People admired them. People were jealous of them. People...
SOTUS: Make The Best Of It (The Graduation Series) by innerempireeee
SOTUS: Make The Best Of It (The innerempire
Kongpob and his friends have gone from freshmen to third year seniors. Meanwhile, it's the last year in university for Arthit and his friends and they're determined to m...
Forbidden love (Completed) by lustful_writer
Forbidden love (Completed)by lustful_writer
Arthit work in the college where kongpob studying but no one knows that arthit is kongpob stepbrother. p.s. the character belongs to bittersweet
The Whole Nine Yards by mmmmjay
The Whole Nine Yardsby mmmmjay
A Sotus Fanfiction happening after the relationship of Kongpob and Arthit was revealed in EP14 of Sotus the Series. Will they be stopped by hurdles or will they be able...