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Freshman by jungjoonyoung5555
Freshmanby NotJJY
Beam runs for his life. Where the fuck is Phana Kongtanim when he needs him?! Owh, yeah... he is now has a boyfriend and no longer could be always available to save his...
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Time Can Mess Things Up by Tr_iShUyA
Time Can Mess Things Upby aYuShI_Sh
Kongpop, Rome, Tew and Wad who were annoyed with their husband/boyfriend ignorant behaviour find themselves 8 years back in the past after a dreadful car accident with n...
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a beautiful mistake by PayelKarmakar1
a beautiful mistakeby Payel Karmakar
singto prachaya rangroj the CEO of an esteemed company is dashing , polite and a coveted bachelor for both men and women..he is open about his sexuality and has a reput...
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Vengeful Love by AuthornimJRose
Vengeful Loveby JRose
When Kongpob's older sister Ema gets her heart broken by "Arthit Rojnapat" Kongpob plans an act of revenge against him. "I will make him fall in love with...
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SOTUS: Make The Best Of It (The Graduation Series) by innerempireeee
SOTUS: Make The Best Of It (The innerempire
Kongpob and his friends have gone from freshmen to third year seniors. Meanwhile, it's the last year in university for Arthit and his friends and they're determined to m...
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Leave Me Alone (COMPLETE) by redwin93
Leave Me Alone (COMPLETE)by redwin93
"I'm sorry P'arthit", kongpob was sitting on the chair, his eyes were looking at his lover and soon to be ex-boyfriend. "I'll try my best to protect our r...
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EMANCIPATION ( Arthit & Kongpop ) by AkaiiRyu
EMANCIPATION ( Arthit & Kongpop )by AR
I want to stick true to Arthit's character in Sotus. A shy, warm-hearted innocent guy who falls for a rebellious male junior Kongpop without realizing it himself. I want...
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Distant Signals: The Love Between Us by ajsocks
Distant Signals: The Love ajsocks
After being dismissed from the hazing team, Arthit indulges in a night of drinking and wakes up the next morning with a terrible hangover and a fuzzy memory. But he's pr...
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Sunflower blooms at the Camera's Lens. (Kong X Arthit) by Efilon777
Sunflower blooms at the Camera's Efilon
This is only a fanfic made to satisfy my imaginative mind. The original storyline is from Banwoo's Cherry Blossom After Winter. The characters that I used on this are be...
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ALPHA & OMEGA ( ENG ) by Lazy_writer18
ALPHA & OMEGA ( ENG )by Zyzy 😍😍🐄🐄
No Description . Just read 😁😁..
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Sotus Oneshots 😘 by Mypalesoul
Sotus Oneshots 😘by Mypalesoul
I am a fan of SOTUS who never gets tired of watching kongpob and arthit.I just tried to write scenes I always wanted them to play . I donot own the characters.Bitters...
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Kongpob Suthiluck's guide on being a Perfect Husband by _littlemisslawyer
Kongpob Suthiluck's guide on + N +
How Kongpob survives his married life with his Sun. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. BitterSweet is the master behind our Kong and A'Ioon; I'm just a minion ✌🏻
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Sotus - Contract Lovers by seniora9
Sotus - Contract Loversby seniora9
What happens when you are betrothed to the person you hate? With no way of escaping it, when both families want it to happen. Is it love at first site or hate at first s...
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Little Things | SOTUS au by hoseology_
Little Things | SOTUS auby 𝕃𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕪™
❝Sometimes you just gotta fall before you fly.❞ Kongpob, a student whose grades aren't promising, comes from a strict family. However, he has a hidden problem. Kongpob h...
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Let's spice it up! by Benasdasdorvien
Let's spice it up!by rulesofvienna
Our boys have discovered the world of bdsm and are more than ready to dive right into it. With some unexpected results! Series of short one shots! Very, very irregular u...
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More Than Words by rearthit
More Than Wordsby rearthit
There are not many things or, many people Arthit Rojnapat has run away from but, Kongphob and his broken heart are the only ones. This story will alternate between p...
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A peraya AU story. Kongpob, a young university student accompanies his niece to a concert of her favorite group ... making his life, from that same moment onwards, never...
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He Was Mine by AuthornimJRose
He Was Mineby JRose
This takes place in the werewolf universe. At the age of eight, Arthit was forcefully removed from his mate via ritual. "Two men cannot be together." Forced ap...
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you are mine by kattynirbola
you are mineby katty
Arthit i love you Kong you are such a poor filthy for me
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what i miss most ||kongart by forbabynation
what i miss most ||kongartby p'k
kongpob, unhappy in a relationship with his girlfriend of three years, heads to club for a heated one-night stand, but he never thought that meeting this boy crossdresse...
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