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The Whole Nine Yards by mmmmjay
The Whole Nine Yardsby mmmmjay
A Sotus Fanfiction happening after the relationship of Kongpob and Arthit was revealed in EP14 of Sotus the Series. Will they be stopped by hurdles or will they be able...
Kiss the Boy by soosuxx
Kiss the Boyby soosuxx
Kongpob has been told that mermaids are graceful, beautiful creatures with flowing hair and voices like angels singing from heaven above. But if that's true, then what t...
My Consort  by Fujofiji
My Consort by Fujofiji
Phana is an Alpha who is waiting for his mate since he shifted. What happens when he finds out his mate is a little innocent human who has no clue of the outside world a...
Mushed Love by choco_butter_chip
Mushed Loveby Butter
When college nerd Arthit Rojnapat meets the famous, handsome and rich Kongpop Suthiluck will he be able to resist him. Arthit has promised himself to never fall for some...
The Ghost Of You by crimsonfool
The Ghost Of Youby crimsonfool
When Kongpob finds a gear buried in the sand he keeps it. Ft. Ghost!Arthit *happy ending Credits to Bittersweet for creating SOTUS the series. None of the characters are...
Men Can't Get Pregnant  by AlysiaOlivas
Men Can't Get Pregnant by Alysia Olivas
Six stories with six couples. None of the stories are connect to the others so you can pick a single couple to read about or read them all. You'll get it if you read it...
The Second Chance [Kongpob/Arthit] by spectral416
The Second Chance [Kongpob/Arthit]by spectral416
Arthit missed his chance to confess to Kongpob on the Rama Bridge, five years ago. Opportunity doesn't come knocking twice, except it does, sometimes, if you're lucky. ...
fanboy | by musicbeatloves
fanboy |by musicbeatloves
Arthit would never admit in public that he's a fanboy for the model turned actor, Kongpob. He did not expect that there would come a day that their paths would cross...
I Heard That You Like Pink Milk Too by Jocelyn0122
I Heard That You Like Pink Milk Tooby Jo
A Chinese AU FanFic that I stumbled upon. WARNING: Contains MPREG Author: 苏别绪 Su Bie Xu ------------------------- The best feeling in the world is probably to be reunit...
SOTUS: First Weeks and Friends by soosuxx
SOTUS: First Weeks and Friendsby soosuxx
Kongpob and Arthit have just started dating, and they are not good at hiding their relationship. Or, nosy people find out that their friends are gay. (This story is curr...
Short stories(kongarthit) by ramyapa
Short stories(kongarthit)by RP
Short stories :: sotus AU Main characters are belongs to bitter sweet author.. plot is mine and other characters are fictional. Story 1:: completed Story 2::: completed ...
Just Curious | SK Oneshots by _____jaemint
Just Curious | SK Oneshotsby 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚝.
Oneshots revolving around Singto and Krist's moments (based loosely on their real life events) which is driven by their curiosity. Nothing too serious.
Vengeful Love by AuthornimJRose
Vengeful Loveby JRose
When Kongpob's older sister Ema gets her heart broken by "Arthit Rojnapat" Kongpob plans an act of revenge against him. "I will make him fall in love with...
SOTUS One Shots by rikta0601
SOTUS One Shotsby Rikta Mehta
Just some random Arthit Kongpob One Shots. These characters are not mine. They belong to Bittersweet. Images also don't belong to me. The stories are purely the works of...
Drunk In Love by OtterPrincess11
Drunk In Loveby Eve
This is mostly a bunch of moments involving our lovely SOTUS characters. Mostly of Kongpob and Arthit.
Sotus - Contract Lovers by seniora9
Sotus - Contract Loversby seniora9
What happens when you are betrothed to the person you hate? With no way of escaping it, when both families want it to happen. Is it love at first site or hate at first s...
Becoming Daddy To Baby Oon by tshreyu
Becoming Daddy To Baby Oonby Tshreyu
AN: This is going to be a short story, mainly being written to get me out of stalemate that I have fallen into. Please do not expect too much and I will try my best to...
Serenity & Beyond by tshreyu
Serenity & Beyondby Tshreyu
This story is third in my KongArt Omega verse. Sequel to Reaching Serenity and Seducing Alpha, this follows the life of Alpha Kongpob and his mated Omega Arthit. Lately...
OMG!!! He Is A Prince?! by pink_ks12
OMG!!! He Is A Prince?!by pink!
"Really?!, Seriously?! Oh My God!!!! He Is A Prince?! Are you kidding me?!" What will happen to Arthit if someone suddenly claim him to be his boyfriend?
My LOVE. My CONTENDER.   (COMPLETED) by cypher04
Krist hated Singto because of the misunderstanding they had before. Little did he know that Singto likes him since the day they met. Would Singto find a way for Krist t...