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QB baby  by Mia_2022
QB baby by Mia
Dylan Mitchell ~ After her parents died she had to move in with her mother's best friend. She never expected that the move from Maine to Oklahoman she would find a sexy...
Teachers Pet || Joshler by x-PrettySleeper-x
Teachers Pet || Joshlerby Baby™
Tyler has never had it easy, he's always had to fight to get what he wants...and he's always been alone; especially after the only person he depended on walked out- leav...
Forever My Bambina  by xDani_Stefx
Forever My Bambina by xDani_Stefx
Carina has finally moved back in but Maya is still trying to heal . Diane suggests a coping mechanism that Carina is more than willing to help Maya with . WARNING: this...
The Little Flower Girl by sweeteddy_bear
The Little Flower Girlby teddy_bear
In a different world where when you turn 18 you get a classification on whether your a Caregiver or Little. When Delilah turns 18 she goes to get classified, read to fol...
Sweet Little Girl by zee_344
Sweet Little Girlby zee_344
Nollani is a 21 year old student, she has a big personality that only the closest know. She's very independent but very deep down wants a mommy to depend on. Let's see i...
Cobra's Baby by Princess_stuffiee
Cobra's Babyby Angel
Age Regression Story, Do not put in ddlg/variants, NSFW, or kink reading lists! - When a Hitman nicknamed The Cobra is given orders to place a hit on a wealthy man, what...
Daddy????????????? by danesh800
Daddy?????????????by @finding doreen
Theo was a little but he didn't know that he just knew that he likes childish things and the color green and pink typical. Zane is a billionaire who has no one to share...
Their Little Prince (Kuzaless & Cyan) by theonewithnovoice
Their Little Prince (Kuzaless & theonewithnovoice
Chris Cerulli is 31 and works at a music shopping in Scranton PA. He was engaged to Angelo for three months and dated six years. You see Chris is a little as in ddlb. Da...
💛𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕖/𝕡𝕖𝕥𝕣𝕖💛 by lilfroggyhelper
💛𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕖/𝕡𝕖𝕥𝕣𝕖💛by 𝖋𝖗𝖔𝖌𝖌𝖞 𝖇𝖔𝖞
this is a book for all agere/petre of all age types! it contains important information and other cute stuff :) enjoy!
Age Regression! by LittlespaceDreams
Age Regression!by Dreamer
This is a guide to agere stuff! This will include my own views but I'll also try and include others, because I know everyone is different 😊 I DO NOT tolerate bullying. ...
Multi-Fandom Age Regression One Shots by Little_Duckling_UuU
Multi-Fandom Age Regression One <3
Welcome!! I can't say how often I will update this but if you have any requests, they'd be more than appreciated!!
A Not So Fun Fair (L.S.) by damnmadam
A Not So Fun Fair (L.S.)by loving it.
For Edward's birthday, he planned to take his four best friends to the funfair. After a quick argument, his 3 year younger brother Harry tagged along, much to Edward's d...
Mha x flip reader {Little Bakugo and Todoroki} by Toxic_Aicd_Little
Mha x flip reader {Little Bakugo Toxic Acid Little
This has two descriptions but they are similar. You're a transfer student from (Where you live) to japan. The pros at UA have seen what you can do and would like you to...
Agere Memes by Sweatshirt_Thief
Agere Memesby ! [⋆·˚Rune ༘ *] !
I meannn pretty self explanatory hehe
Haley and Kelly and a baby makes 3 by bbengineergurl
Haley and Kelly and a baby makes 3by BBengineergurl
My first story! This is an age regression story about a couple, Haley and Kelly, who meet a homeless young woman named Eve. Eve has been living in the alley behind thei...
little haz  by wildflowersatnight
little haz by wildflowersatnight
the one where harry is a little and louis is his daddy. louis owns his own record label and spends most days playing with harry. and the one where niall is a little, a...
What Is CG/L? (a guide to ddlg, mdlg, mdlb, and ddlb) by Babybearissad
What Is CG/L? (a guide to ddlg, Luna🌙
In this book you will be learning all about CG/L. Each Chapter will teach you something! If you are interested, this is the book for you. also, an amazing book to show t...
"Nandos, daddy?" by theslickinlousass
"Nandos, daddy?"by Alexxxxeatsass
🛑on hold🛑 Harry is a little and he knows it, but what he never know is when he will be little. Because of this, his daddy always needs to be with him. But what happens...
Agere Journal  by Angsty_Cheez-it
Agere Journal by Angsty_Cheez-it
Just a journal for when I'm bored and little!