Hopelessly Rome-antic [Re-writing]

Hopelessly Rome-antic [Re-writing]

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" There must be an easy way out?" I screamed 

" There is never an easy way out. You either survive your way through, or die" he replied

 Being the daughter of a famous journalist and the step daughter of an historian can have its advantages : famous family friends or even contacts, a very well working brain and a perfect report in school, a whole set of informations at home.
But it also means no family time and business trip for her parents as well as a lot of expectations from her teachers and parents. Andromeda Johnson has gone through this her entire life and is pretty much used to it all. 

But what if her life was to change completely due to a simple history project? What is she could reveal and solve one of the oldest mystery ever ? What if she could travel back in time and change it all?

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