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Hold Me Together // Rick x Reader by b4rbeque
Hold Me Together // Rick x Readerby b4rbeque
You're just an ordinary girl who gets sucked into Rick's crazy and unpredictable world. Yes, there will be sex scenes ya nasties haha Rick develops deeper feelings for y...
Evil Rick/ C-137 Rick Sanchez x Reader by loki1216
Evil Rick/ C-137 Rick Sanchez x Re...by loki1216
You're just going through your normal every day routines, then you meet someone you were not expecting to meet. You become friends and maybe even more in the future. (I...
As Real as it Gets by FlowerFreya
As Real as it Getsby Freya
[Rick Sanchez x reader] Love at first sight is something that only happens in movies and fairytales. It's not real, we all know that. Now imagine if you did fall in love...
Something New (Rick Sanchez X Reader) by HopefulKilljoy
Something New (Rick Sanchez X Read...by HopefulKilljoy
I created a Rick and Morty fanfiction....sue me. Anyway, yes this story does follow the plot and I do plan on adding my own spin to it as well. Hope you'll give it a sho...
just morty's friend (rick sanchez x reader) by spide-r
just morty's friend (rick sanchez...by some kid
you've been Morty's friend your whole life, but when Rick comes back, you start to develop a crush on him.
Beg For Daddy by SanchezBabe
Beg For Daddyby SanchezBabe
A Rick Sanchez x Reader short story. Recommend for 18+. NSFW. Cover Art not mine.
The Sanchez Chemical Reaction by tha_t_1_girl
The Sanchez Chemical Reactionby tha_t_1_girl
Rick couldn't help but be intrigued. There was something about you that caught his eye - your intelligence, your curiosity, your unwavering persistence, and your simila...
Shattered (Rick X Reader) *2018* by milkteabunzz
Shattered (Rick X Reader) *2018*by Axel !
You are incredibly smart, you graduated early, now it's the time to start what you always wanted to do with your life, find a house, be independent, and last but not lea...
What people do for love. (Rick x reader) by HishaChu
What people do for love. (Rick x r...by teddies and loves
You were a normal girl before you ever met him. He brought out the worse in you. Yet, he even brought out the best. But because of that, know you now; What people do for...
The Nowhere Hotel (young rick sanchez X reader) by TheFruityFelon
The Nowhere Hotel (young rick sanc...by TheFruityFelon
"Dead wife, dead daughter, feelin' good." He threw his head back, shot glass in tow and coughed, the liquid burning his throat. "Oh yes and I'm sure getti...
Rick X reader (rick and morty) by getoutmeswampho
Rick X reader (rick and morty)by getoutmeswampho
Rick x reader fanfic Possibly some trigger moments //will mention b4 chapter Harsh rick Lemon(there r dirty parts for u uneducated swine) Reader will be known as she, if...
The Scientist's Mad Scientist [Rick x Male!Reader] by rickitikitaviboo
The Scientist's Mad Scientist [Ric...by rickitikitaviboo
[Disclaimer: I do not own the TV show Rick and Morty! All original characters go to the creators of Rick and Morty.] You were a bit... okay, you were really girly. Not i...
Rick & Morty One Shots by plantmom109
Rick & Morty One Shotsby Plant Mom
This is a book of one shots, short stories and stuff like that. I only do Character x reader because all of the main characters in the show are ... related so I don't do...
Life Sucks, Then you Die. (Rick and Morty x reader [platonic]) by GalacticMitten
Life Sucks, Then you Die. (Rick an...by GalacticMitten
Hey guys, author Liam here. Just letting anyone reading this know it's abandoned and unless I get back into RnM it will never be finished. Thanks for all the good times...
She's Just Like Him (Rick Sanchez x reader) by Emily_Michaelis_432
She's Just Like Him (Rick Sanchez...by TheWildKeeper_16
They say she's just like him, well of course she would be, she's the one who said yes after all. But she was forced to leave him and forced to remarry another man and ha...
Rick Sanchez x Reader oneshots  by EraceDUniverce
Rick Sanchez x Reader oneshots by EraceDUniverce
Rick Sanchez x Reader oneshots. Disclaimer: I don't own Rick and Morty or Y/N 😂 Disclaimer|2|: Some may be long, some short, some may be in parts, some desiving and s...
rick and morty ⇸ one shots  by whaliennx
rick and morty ⇸ one shots by steph
- rick and morty one shots ☆♪ • there's male x readers here yay • seriously slow asf updates but ily all ➛ lower case intended (cuz aesthetics) ➛ © whaliennx 2017
Rick Sanchez X Reader by Taliyah_Offical
Rick Sanchez X Readerby TaliiMark
In this story you are beth's mom and you've been 'dead' all this time until when rick is drunk and remembers something isnt right with the way you died so he investigate...