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Gorgeous Nightmare [Max Green Love Story] by Glittergirl154
Gorgeous Nightmare [Max Green Taylor☮
What happens when people find out that Snow is Craig Mabbitt's little sister? And who will Snow fall in love with? Read and find out!
  • craig
  • gorgeous
  • mabbitt
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P H A S E S by ShortPoetry
🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 Poetry♡ A Reverse chronology Strictly no copying of my work in any manner All poetries in this book is an original work of mine ©️ ShortPoetry / Diya
  • poem
  • reverse
  • reversechronology
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Reversed Love /|\ A WillDip and Mabgideleon story /|\ Reverse Falls by Crazy_Lilac_Flower
Reversed Love /|\ A WillDip and Psycho Redfox
A Mason 'Dipper' X 'human' Will & a Mabel X Gideon story. It's NOT going to be like the WIKI stuff you can find. It's my own perception of them. If you see something tha...
  • gayshipsareyayships
  • reversefalls
  • gay
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Ask and dares for the Reverse AU by azIcarus
Ask and dares for the Reverse AUby azKidanime
hello got bored and why not spend the free time making a ask or dares book with the Reverse AU
  • crossover
  • ask
  • random
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That Poem I Made That One Time by that_hyper_kid
That Poem I Made That One Timeby white trash
Just another poem in this world of poetry Something made out of bordem
  • reverse
  • notapoem
  • backwards
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My Death is My Freedom by that_trash_writer712
My Death is My Freedomby that_trash_writer712
Bill Cipher, a rather powerful demon, is tired of hearing of his brother being hurt and abused by the twins in reverse falls. He chose to get revenge. Now he can never...
  • falls
  • fanfiction
  • willcipher
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Wonderland  by JustALonesomeReader
Wonderland by Eggs Benedict
The world is a difficult place, but often times I find myself making do with what I have. In three years..I will be happy. At least that's what she told me before she di...
  • reverse
  • boyxgirl
  • harem
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DEMONIC ∆{Joint MB/S}∆ by GreenCiphers-
DEMONIC ∆{Joint MB/S}∆by Bill And Will
Will and Bill's MB/S.
  • gravityfalls
  • billcipher
  • willcipher
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Reverse Falls by youcantkeepmehere
Reverse Fallsby Nikki
The story of two kids named Gideon and Paz and their visit to a place called Reverse Falls. Strange and dangerous things happen in this town. Things they shouldn't get m...
  • cipher
  • southeast
  • mabel
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Some Things Can't Be Repaired by cypherpttaetae
Some Things Can't Be Repairedby cypherpttaetae
Reverse!Batfamily: Dick Grayson, the baby of the Batfamily. His brothers have always been overprotective of him. So when they hear their little bird has been in contact...
  • birdflash
  • robin
  • batman
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Speak by jazzisthebestever
Speakby jazzisthebestever
Isabella (Bella) is a girl who recently went through a tough time with almost getting raped , she is having trouble with sleeping and has vivid imaginations of the guy a...
  • james
  • stephen
  • harem
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Princes & I by AriettieSilver
Princes & Iby Ariettie Silver
"The closest thing I've had to family is the postman, cause I sure saw a lot more of him than I did my own father." Family love had always been a mystery to L...
  • family
  • bishounen
  • couple
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Controlled memories by FallingGraysonn
Controlled memoriesby FallingGraysonn
Most people have valuable memories that link back to their adventures. Others have them erased and replaced with fake ones. The choice isn't theirs. *Pictures aren't min...
  • assassin
  • redhood
  • renegade
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Snake Queen by Kinleygifty
Snake Queenby Kinley Yoebum Wangchuk
Mary Midoriya was one of the 0.9% of those who were born with quirk that had no connection to their family or ancestors. Her powers, yes, powers, were very dangerous. If...
  • bnhafanfic
  • harem
  • midoriya
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For The Wicked ( Black Butler) by VilliansHusband5
For The Wicked ( Black Butler)by VilliansHusband5
After taking a swan dive straight off a five story building, Keya finds herself stuck in another dimension where nothing is as it seems. With more than a few missing mar...
  • harem
  • demons
  • originalcharacter
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The Immortals Academy {A Reverse Harem Romance} by renaewrightwrites
The Immortals Academy {A Reverse Renae Wright
Five immortal males. One heir to the Glass Throne. One huge secret. It should have been as simple as Kira laying low and not drawing attention to herself at the Academy...
  • love
  • siren
  • fantasy
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Life Begins In 81 by jjooeeyyy
Life Begins In 81by Joey
An old woman is sitting in her old shuttered house. She knows that she's alone in the world. Every other things is gone. The lonely old woman was sitting on an old rocki...
  • life
  • oldies
  • reverse
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Sztuka życia według Connora |HANCON| by ZuzannaSemenov
Sztuka życia według Connora | Dinozarek
Bo Connor kocha niszczyć sobie życie. ___ Uniwersum, w którym to Connor jest uzależnionym od tytoniu dupkiem, a Hank pilnuje, by nie zrobił sobie krzywdy.
  • connor
  • hank
  • detroit
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Hooded Girl - Reverse Harem by GirlWithoutWords
Hooded Girl - Reverse Haremby Melpomene
Once upon a time... There was a girl, this very gifted girl, blinks out in everything except being a normal functioning teenage girl. Always hidden under a hood, her bea...
  • hooded-girl
  • high-school
  • chicklit
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Billy The Kid (A Gravity Falls Fan Fic) (Book 3) by TheGirlWhoWrites1997
Billy The Kid (A Gravity Falls Danielle Cipher
There's a Scientist out to get Bill, if he wasn't already dealing with high school, bullies and making friends, this new threat would be so much easier to handle, plus t...
  • mabel
  • dipperpines
  • reverse
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