Rant book 7: "Oh I'm not like the flash at all some would say im the reverse" by SharpHotdog15
Rant book 7: "Oh I'm not like SuperFlash kid
This house is bitchin'
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  • hotdog
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Ripple: BTS AU Story by TwilightSiren
Ripple: BTS AU Storyby Twilight Siren
BTS has taken the world by storm. Their music has made a difference in many peoples lives. But...what if they didn't exist? He needed a way to get revenge. He would get...
  • differentlife
  • reverse
  • jin
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Snowbarry: The Everlasting Question by supernatural_386
Snowbarry: The Everlasting Questionby supernatural_386
Caitlin Snow returned to Central City to help team flash get Barry out of the speed force, and she achieved that goal. But what happens when she doesn't act the same as...
  • snowbarry
  • dctv
  • thcw
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Perfect - Hetalia  by SadlyOptimistic
Perfect - Hetalia by Victoria Jones
Mia is perfect, she gets perfect grades, she has perfect behavior, she's the perfect cheerleader, she's the perfect daughter and friend, but she isn't happy. And if...
  • hetalia
  • love
  • perfect
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D.C./Arrowverse Imagines/Smut by Flashwells
D.C./Arrowverse Imagines/Smutby Multiversa
Shows & Characters •Arrow• >Oliver Queen >Malcolm Merlyn (before legion of doom) >Roy Harper >Tommy Merlyn >Ray Palmer (before legends) ...
  • legends
  • arrowverse
  • legions
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ask and dare:the reverse character[end] by SQRenQK
ask and dare:the reverse Call me ren
just ask and dare reverse character and me the author:3
  • dipper
  • gleeful
  • mabel
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Forgotten Fiancée  by ChroArrow
Forgotten Fiancée by Mayu_Kato
Their past may not perfect, they are four years engaged yet they argued every single time. Both of them was unhappy, they wished to revised all of it from the start, and...
  • reverse
  • hurt
  • sad
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Harrison Wells love story by Flashwells
Harrison Wells love storyby Multiversa
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from the flash or take credit for the dialogue/plot used in the Flash and Arrow. I only own my OC Emily Queen and her plot in the...
  • caitlin
  • flashfiction
  • betrayal
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Some Things Can't Be Repaired by connorisasmolbean
Some Things Can't Be Repairedby connorisasmolbean
Reverse!Batfamily: Dick Grayson, the baby of the Batfamily. His brothers have always been overprotective of him. So when they hear their little bird has been in contact...
  • reversebatfamily
  • nightwing
  • reverse
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Miraculous Revrse Au by Imnigfury
Miraculous Revrse Auby Imnigfury
Meet Marinette Dupein-Cheng daughter of Tom and Sabine Dupein-Cheng famous fashion designers.A famous model of Paris, smart, wealthy ... basically she's perfect. But pe...
  • adrien
  • fanfiction
  • miraculous
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ASK/DARE su Gravity e Reverse Falls :) by Alice_lastrana
ASK/DARE su Gravity e Reverse La strana di turno
allora......................dice tutto il titolo dico solo che ci sarà tanto degrado e disagio :D
  • reversefalls
  • dare
  • askanddare
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Doomed Love (Dipper Gleeful Lovestory) by LovesickFangirl_Rps
Doomed Love (Dipper Gleeful Lovesick Fangirl
Ivory Kamp lived in Reverse Falls, Oregon, and dreams of a life outside of the small town. Her family hates the Gleefuls, calling them lairs and cheats. But what will ha...
  • reverse
  • reversedipper
  • mabelgleeful
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reverse | vkook by sunnytaes
reverse | vkookby ‹uwu›
have you ever want to reverse your time to fix your mistakes? Jungkook thought it was ridiculous to wish at the shooting stars. He wants Kim Taehyung to forgive his bigg...
  • jhope
  • vkookfanfiction
  • bangtanboys
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Ask and dares for the Reverse AU by azIcarus
Ask and dares for the Reverse AUby azKidanime
hello got bored and why not spend the free time making a ask or dares book with the Reverse AU
  • ask
  • reverse
  • random
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Winter Cipher by dewflower26
Winter Cipherby Dewflower
A sixteen year old girl named Winter Cipher woke up one day in a town called Reverse Falls. She is missing memories, afraid and doesn't trust anyone. can she be trust...
  • gravityfalls
  • cipher
  • bill
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Dumb Blonde Witches by 23112311g
Dumb Blonde Witchesby 23112311g
An incident with a hexed Time Pendant leaves 'Dumb Blonde' Stacey Moonstone trapped in the 16th century, where her kind of accepted powers in the present day could get h...
  • fiction
  • magical
  • fantasyfiction
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 Song's of The Innocence  - Willdip by TicSyringe
Song's of The Innocence - Willdipby Nicole
Mason couldn't help but to think that his servant's voice was beautiful as he listened in on him singing every night.
  • mason
  • reverse
  • cipher
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Don't Wake Me Up by uberdicks
Don't Wake Me Upby LLJ💛
"Dearly Beloved, If This Love Only Exists In My Dreams... Don't Wake Me Up" 2/13/18sp
  • ghost
  • ayoandteo
  • love
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The Blue Streak by Lazy_Pigeon
The Blue Streakby Lazy_Pigeon
Sarah Allen and her twin, Barry, are both forensic scientists who work to free their father and solve the murder of their mother. When they are struck by lightening, on...
  • gypsy
  • eobard
  • reverseflash
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