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The Ringleader (Dick Grayson) by loungact
The Ringleader (Dick Grayson)by 𝔩𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔤𝔞𝔠𝔱
Her blood red lips smirked as she stared at the boy. A glimmer of pearly white teeth gleamed through the crimson skin. Her eyes followed his figure as it danced around...
  • soleil
  • nightwing
  • harley
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Check, Set and Match by Ciewra
Check, Set and Matchby Ciewra
One Second, Take a breath and don't let it go, you have no clue what you can miss. Hear the Audience, hear their heartbeats as it quickens with every daring drop. Two S...
  • adventure
  • villian
  • inclusion
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Beautiful Disaster by amylee89
Beautiful Disasterby Amy
Short fan fic about Evra the snake boy in Cirque du Freak. Lead girl, Kat, is an original character. The story is more based on Kat's growth as a person which helps deve...
  • freak
  • vampires
  • assistant
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Vampires Assistant? [Darren Shan fanfic] by madeleintjuh14
Vampires Assistant? [Darren Shan madeleintjuh14
Sapphire Stone is just an ordinary girl. Until she saw something that was written in a book. Something that she thought would never exist! Her peacefull life is turned...
  • freak
  • crepsley
  • sapphire
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Cirque du Freak: Preferences  by Anime_Neko
Cirque du Freak: Preferences by Anime_Neko
Characters included: Darren Larten Crepsley Vancha March Evra Von Mika Ver Leth Arrow Kurda Gannen Harst Steve Leonard Arra Sails
  • gannen
  • arrow
  • kurda
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The Vampire's Daughter: a Cirque Du Freak Fan Fiction by ayyojohns
The Vampire's Daughter: a Cirque ayyojohns
This fanfiction is a continuation from my previous beginning of it, which I personally thought was kinda bad but some of you liked it which is why I've decided to re-vam...
  • cirque
  • show
  • freak
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Cat Woman~Cirque Du Freak Fan Fic(Evra Von) by SkittleFlavoredGleek
Cat Woman~Cirque Du Freak Fan Fic( Jinx Rodrigez
Aria always knew that she was a freak. Born looking like a cat will give you that impression.But being best friends with a half-vampire and a snake-boy will make it all...
  • freak
  • evra
  • von
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My Cirque Du Freak by Sarayu-
My Cirque Du Freakby Alex
  • cirque
  • darren
  • crepsley
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A liar and a Freak(Cirque Du Freak fan fic) by danasawr2495
A liar and a Freak(Cirque Du Devin Edgar Eli
Kayden James Caleb. That's me. A girl too. Raised a boy unwillingly until seven. I love my foster mom, but I resent her boyfriend, Larten. He's...different. Along with h...
  • foster
  • fiction
  • fan
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darren x steve paradise by darkuzumaki45
darren x steve paradiseby dark uzumaki 45
a short steve x darren story
  • fanfiction
  • romance
  • steve
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Moon Lit Love ~Cirque Du Freak Fan Fiction~ by Freak_show_Girls
Moon Lit Love ~Cirque Du Freak Dana(Spiderman) and Cierra
Written by Dana What if Madam Octa wasn't the attraction for Darren? What if it was the love the boy had for Larten Crepsley? Boyxman (Because Darren is 11 or 12, and Mr...
  • fan
  • dumb
  • cirque
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Little Miss Vampiress by LilMissLauraLee
Little Miss Vampiressby Laura Koerner
DISCONTINUED for now Supposedly 14 year old red head vampire sweetheart Delia Horston had a feeling about these two boys called Darren and Steve. A bad feeling about one...
  • cirquedufreak
  • larten
  • crepsley
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Evra von x reader oneshots by Cirquedufreakgirl123
Evra von x reader oneshotsby Izzabelle
Hi this is my first book and I can't find any of these anywhere so... I will take request and I will try my best to update regularly and keep up with requests so on with...
  • freak
  • boy
  • evra
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IMMORTALIZED - Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil by bctpaul
IMMORTALIZED - Michael Jackson bctpaul
Five Teenage Boys get hired as Dancers in Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour. This story chronicles their three year, world tour journey, as they...
  • acrobatics
  • love
  • michael
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Cirque De Freak: Werewolf kingdom by ScottGirl
Cirque De Freak: Werewolf kingdomby ScottGirl
This story is about a young werewolf girl who joins Cirque De Freak. But when Darren and Mr. Creepily go on a vampire mission she learns about her true parents, who are...
  • fiction
  • freak
  • cirque
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Cirque Du Freak: A Freak Story by madamoctaa__
Cirque Du Freak: A Freak Storyby madamoctaa__
Alexa Detillier is no normal middle school girl. She is a cat girl. Her two best friends Darren and Steve are the only ones who understand her. But when the Cirque Du Fr...
  • freak
  • steve
  • darren
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cirque du freak the story of vancha by DavidTaylor
cirque du freak the story of vanchaby David Taylor
this is the story o vancha march from the fatefull day to the end enjoy please comment and vote and fan please
  • darren
  • vampanez
  • freak
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Freak Show{terminé} by frida830
Freak Show{terminé}by ~Zia972~
Trois amis ,Leia, une ado de 13 ans ,originaire de la Nouvelle Orléans ; Finn ,13 ans, originaire de Californie et Lidy, originaire du New Jersey , décide de faire une...
  • cirque
  • clown
  • frémissez
Maledictus by blablacool44
Maledictusby Blandine
Échappée depuis peu du cirque dans lequel elle était emprisonnée, Louise reçoit quelques temps après une lettre pour Poudlard, la prestigieuse école de sorcellerie. Acc...
  • poudlard
  • loup
  • remus
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