Fate of A Rejected

Fate of A Rejected

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Maddy has always had it rough. Even more so when her parents abandoned her at the side of the road sedated. Her pack was forced to take her in at the cost of making her an omega, the lowest rank in the pack. For the past 12 years she was one, until she finally met the one person who she thought would save her. 
    He was all that she thought he'd be. Until he opened his mouth. He treated her like dirt and ignored the one thing that they were meant to be - mates. 
    When she finally breaks, Maddy does what she was meant to do in the beginning; leave.

-Werewolf #68 (09/02/18)
-Alpha #149 (18/05/18)
-Academy #5 (22/05/18)

*Slow and Irregular Updates. Be warned.*

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