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Betrayed By Fate by alice-ayuzawa
Betrayed By Fateby Alice Ayuzawa
PREVIOUSLY CALLED "My Coldhearted Beta" Highest Rank #2 in Werewolf And again Idk how tho lol *************** "I , Jake Anderson, reject you Lily Kim as m...
  • beta
  • romance
  • love
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Goody Two Shoes #Wattys2017 by RomanticaA27
Goody Two Shoes #Wattys2017by Pearl
He married her to please his dad. It was just another business deal for him. He had a girlfriend from the start and wasn't willing to give her up. He h...
  • wife
  • opposites
  • blame
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REGRET • [COMPLETED] by Junglee_Jagi
REGRET • [COMPLETED]by Junglee_Jagi
2019 HIGHEST RANK- 1 #regret Thank you so much.!! 😁😘😍😍💓 2018! *Highest rank- 2 #btstaehyung Ohmygod!!!😱😱 Thank you so much! 😘😘❤❤😍 **************** There's a b...
  • jungkookfanfiction
  • lovestory
  • regret
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Never Let Go [on hold] by little_dreamer27816
Never Let Go [on hold]by little_dreamer
Leelah Montessory was set up for adultery by her husband's best friend. And everyone seemed to believe him. Rejected and abandoned by her family, she leaves without tell...
  • never
  • child
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The Italian Adonis  by BumofLouis95
The Italian Adonis by Keyla Gonzalez
It has been about 2 years since the last time I saw him. 2 years since he asked for a divorce. 2 years since I left the mansion with only my broken heart, tears, and a b...
  • divorce
  • regret
  • love
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The Lone Wolf by BlackThornedRose717
The Lone Wolfby Blackrose
I was a Rogue. I was an Outsider. I was running from my mistake, and my thoughts haunted me, the words oozed and they hurt, but I could handle it. What I couldn't handle...
  • regret
  • rogue
  • betrayal
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You'll Regret That Alpha(BWWM) by kitty01meowquinniya
You'll Regret That Alpha(BWWM)by Quinniyadavis
Jadah is the betas daughter of the SilverMist Pack,She's invisible to them at least that's what she thinks.Despite being the second in commands daughter no one spares a...
  • love
  • werewolf
  • bwwm
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Rejected, Rejected, Regret It by OneSimpleAuthor
Rejected, Rejected, Regret Itby A Simple Girl
Eden Carter was a normal girl until her 16th birthday came and everything came crashing down. She meets her mate. Mason Collins. Her pack's Alpha. He is the most feared...
  • mate
  • rejected
  • rejection
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His Regrets by oh_my_sam
His Regretsby Sam
"I'll show you what happens to cheaters and whores like you." Aamir muttered before lashing her. Zara arched her back in pain and writhed on the floor as the...
  • marriage
  • romance
  • domestic
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Queen Of Rogues by Katana_Knight
Queen Of Roguesby 🔱Ms.KK🔱
  • queenofrogues
  • romance
  • runaway
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Signed Away by maryash12
Signed Awayby maryash12
A signature, a signature was all it took for Diane's life to come tumbling down and smashed into a million pieces. Diane knows what betrayal is. She is the definition of...
  • romance
  • regret
  • billionaire
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Don't Look Back (ON HOLD) by ravuluto
Don't Look Back (ON HOLD)by ravuluto
"I, future alpha of Full Moon Pack, Zayn Miller, reject you, omega, Ashley White as Luna and as my mate." It felt as though my heart literally broke in two. I...
  • sorry
  • help
  • hate
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The ALPHA and me. by Voiceless_Speaks
The ALPHA and Anna
Nerdy Filthy Fat Skye Hale has been bullied since she could remember, she was Fat and a Nerd making her the biggest loser in school. On her Sophomore year, her best fri...
  • nanowrimo13
  • mate
  • lies
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I'm Suicidal. That's all there is to it. by LR14xo
I'm Suicidal. That's all there 👑 Leia 👑❤
Violeta is a suicidal werewolf and that's all there is to it. Well, I guess that's a lie. Jace is the powerful, unopposed alpha of the deadliest pack known on earth. The...
  • anorexic
  • alpha
  • werewolf
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Regretting Now, Alpha | ✓ by Iamnikki1
Regretting Now, Alpha | ✓by Nikki Hall
#1 in Werewolf [10-01-2017] #5 - THE CRYSTAL AWARDS WINNER ________ She waited eagerly to meet her Mate. He rejected her at first sight. She was broken. He didn't care...
  • mistake
  • mystery
  • rejected
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James & Lyla by UnsinkableShips
James & Lylaby sarah
When Lyla starts writing the words she should've never left unsaid. Copyright © 2016 by UnsinkableShips. All Rights Reserved. Cover by @bateaux.
  • firstlove
  • emotion
  • love
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Regrets (Aomine Daiki x Reader) by skylerx21
Regrets (Aomine Daiki x Reader)by Skyler
You and Aomine are best friends since you were young, including Momoi. However... why is it always you that Aomine seems to be bullying? Why is his eyes always on Momoi...
  • anime
  • manga
  • kurokonobasket
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Immaculate Deceivers | ✓ by introverttgirll
Immaculate Deceivers | ✓by 𝘛𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘺
This isn't your everyday love story. It's much, much more complicated than that. I mangled my fingers into his soft black hair, not in any way satisfied with what has be...
  • deceivers
  • heartbreak
  • lies
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Regret// Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction{Completed}✔️ by rejoiceo
Regret// Miraculous Ladybug miss.fortune
I'm all ready... I'm sure it won't be that bad, Marinette tells herself all over again. She had decided it was time to tell Adrien how she felt and confess. They'd been...
  • kiss
  • kagami
  • adrien
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Blamable by insaneheadcase
Blamableby Megha Saboo
He crouched down next to her bed beside her motionless body and took her small hand in his big ones and intertwined his fingers with hers. His eyes wander over her beaut...
  • exhusband
  • desire
  • lust
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