Yurio x Reader (yuri on ice fanfic!) COMPLETED by ExternalYouth
Yurio x Reader (yuri on ice ExternalYouth
it all started when you were 8 years old and new to ice skating in a fresh pair of ice skates. that day was your first day ever of skating and a blonde Russian punk was...
  • yurio
  • yurionice
  • flexibility
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❝Lovelorn bunny.❞                                              ||Jihopekook|| by JeonJungkook-Jk
❝Lovelorn bunny.❞ Hopekook
❝It's cute that you think you have a choice, our little bunny.❞ A Jihopekook fic...
  • cosplay
  • junghope
  • multifandomfic
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cosplayer || taekook by SnakeuInMyBoot
cosplayer || taekookby kookoo
In which Jungkook is an otaku and Taehyung likes cosplaying and crossdressing -Instagram au -top kook -bottom tae
  • taehyung
  • bottomtaehyung
  • taekook
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Knotted up (Sasunaru fanfic) by SophiaTheDork
Knotted up (Sasunaru fanfic)by SophiaTheDork
Naruto, finally age 17, decides it's time he gets a job. There, he meets a beautiful maid named Sasuko, but there's something... strange and mysterious about her. What s...
  • anime
  • kawaii
  • cosplay
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Fall《Todoroki x Reader》 by Born_KPOPPER
Fall《Todoroki x Reader》by Phyra
《Modern AU!》 It all started with one event. One person One character One Anime-con There are a lot of conventions in the world, but i would never expect one convention...
  • shouto
  • todorokixreader
  • xreader
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Jessica Nigri x Male Reader by batmanbeyondis
Jessica Nigri x Male Readerby batmanbeyondis
Reader is a childhood friend of Jessica, and she calls him when she offered to voice Cinder Fall and he happens to be in the Texas Area, and they use the chance to recon...
  • love
  • roosterteeth
  • cosplay
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Ghost Fever ( Marah Chambers x Male!Reader ) by Koda_Ice_Prince
Ghost Fever ( Marah Chambers x Fragile_Skeleton
I'll have (y/n) explain it.
  • xreader
  • gayyyy
  • lgbt
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Cosplay Kill Club by Kuronoshio
Cosplay Kill Clubby Kuro
Obsession. Murder. Lies. Amputation. Miki Tominaga's world is turned upside down when she is involved in a car accident that leaves her face-blind. Unable to recognise...
  • thriller
  • love
  • cosplay
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Nightcap  by ogre2009
Nightcap by ogre2009
A collection of short stories to end the night, or perhaps start your morning, which ever you prefer. --- "Drink," he demanded. He started to pour liquor in m...
  • mbj
  • blackerotica
  • trevanterhodes
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Taylor lynn X reader (spaceprince0928) by fallen-angle09
Taylor lynn X reader ( fallen-angle09
y/n was forced to move from California to Arizona with her mom. She thinks everything is going to be bad and hates the fact she has to leave the place where she grew up...
  • spaceprince0928
  • cosplay
  • taylorlynn
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Really? - A Marah x Reader story by humantrashcanbabbs
Really? - A Marah x Reader storyby wow okay hi
'Just maybe, I might love you back'
  • lgbt
  • kennedy
  • cosplay
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COSPLAY'S CREEPYPASTA by vilmaEscobar123
Cosplay creepypasta pedidos abiertos
  • cosplay
  • creepypasta
  • nuevo
Face reveal & stuff  by its-kaneki-ken-
Face reveal & stuff by its-kaneki-ken-
  • reveal
  • bnha
  • todoroki
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Shame on You | jikook by ttaechim
Shame on You | jikookby Tae-Chim
Aos olhos de qualquer um, Jeon Jungkook é um rapaz comum. Um estudante de medicina dedicado aos estudos e com um futuro promissor pela frente. Mas a verdade é que ele es...
  • bts
  • otaku
  • boyxboy
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Admins random Cosplay book by X_Ein_X
Admins random Cosplay bookby Ein and A⃒z⃒r⃒a⃒i⃒l⃒
The title says it all..... WARNING!! THE PERSON YOU ARE ABOUT TO...
  • random
  • cosplay
  • iwanttodie
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Butterfly by fantasyou
Butterflyby Fantasyou
🆕 update SETIAP HARI • Cast Haruka Nanase • Makoto Tachibana • Nagisa Hanazuki • for Male • Rin Watanabe • Momo Fujihara • Yuri Kagawa • for Female Kau makhluk paling...
  • baper
  • funfiction
  • pemula
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Muggleborns of Hogwarts by bookworm_69
Muggleborns of Hogwartsby What's It To You?
In the Harry Potter series, not much is mentioned about the Muggleborns and their upbringing. This is a series of short, brief, headcanons about Muggleborns. Some of the...
  • mychemicalromance
  • supernatural
  • muggleborn
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Marah chambers x reader(book 2) by fallen-angle09
Marah chambers x reader(book 2)by fallen-angle09
it's been a year since everything that happened with Ashley. y/n is fully recovered and hers and Marah's relationship is "perfect" or at least that's what ever...
  • olivia
  • xreader
  • pasteltheghost
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Masky x reader lemon by MeganTrancy
Masky x reader lemonby Megan Tachibana
The title says it all
  • cosplay
  • fanfiction
  • lemon
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Brown Eyed Boy✔ (Marah Chambers x Reader) by limitless_reader
Brown Eyed Boy✔ (Marah Chambers sweater klepto
°~(Made April 8th, 2018)~° °~(Finished May 8th, 2018)~° "Faeries are such freaking muppets," I muttered, my jaw set. "Is that so?" Marah asked, placi...
  • lgbtqa
  • coffee
  • davenekostrider
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