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difficult - hyunlix by Felixramenn
difficult - hyunlixby 헤다 ♡
[ON HIATUS] Hyunjin thought that he was straight, but after finding the right one, the only problem was the large age gap... "Will it work?" ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Age D...
stray kids texts by chronosaurvs
stray kids textsby sorcha
what happens when hyunjin accidentally adds you into the stray kids group chat ?? warning: cursing updated daily :)
i want you hyunjin || hyunlix by starlostlovers
i want you hyunjin || hyunlixby starlostlovers
Felix has two VIP tickets to Stray Kids' Maxident tour. What happens when he gets chosen for the 143 Member Pass by none other than...? In this story, Stray Kids is a se...
Stray Kids 10th member | Predebut by flcwrlino
Stray Kids 10th member | Predebutby flcwrlino
[DISCONTINUED] in which Park Jinyoung recruits a female trainee under JYPE to be a part of his group, Stray Kids Started: 23/12/19 #1 - hanjisungfanfiction - 26/3/20 #1...
alone | minsung by beatuptindrum
alone | minsungby YOU MADE MY DAWN
Jisung likes writing letters to the boy who's always alone. Then everything flips and he's the one who needs someone by his side. But who could love him enough to be the...
The "No Harm" List || l.fl by itspixie_
The "No Harm" List || l.flby ★ ρ¡x¡ε ﹆ׂׂ ˖
"A MAFIA?!?! Oh c'mon, Felix used to cry with you when you had period cramps!" . . As you're about to exit the jewelry store you just entered, a group of men i...
even a fool knows this by thestarsofdraco
even a fool knows thisby thestarsofdraco
24 year old Song Hana is living her dream as a manager for Stray Kids. But, she also deals with the harsh reality that comes with being a single mother in Seoul. When he...
Spin The Bottle | CHANGLIX by sugarxcore
Spin The Bottle | CHANGLIXby luna
"Here goes nothing." Little did they know it was definitely not nothing. Felix Lee seems to be quiet and reserved until his best friend brings him to a party w...
More than friends||Stray kids||Male oc by CYBERRXCK
More than friends||Stray kids|| #KAIDEN¿!🎸
"i like u more than that" you the nineth member of straykids crushes over his members. [OC] ----------- Started: 12-23-19 Still in process
sweetheart | seungjin ☑ by _yuto-da_
sweetheart | seungjin ☑by 💚
Seungmin is a poor kid that lives on the street alone with no family to go to. He doesn't want to go to an orphanage so he just lives life alone on the streets. One day...
one shots | skz ships by minhoscats
one shots | skz shipsby 𝐝𝐞𝐞.
[ONGOING | REQUESTS] ❝ you really hold onto me like your life depended on it not once, but twice today. ❞ in which the author tries to write stray kids ships one shots...
euphoria || felix lee stray kids [completed]  by guccifelixx
euphoria || felix lee stray kids [ #1 multifandom
[soulmate au] "You have stars on your cheeks" "And you have them in your eyes" - Nari Park had begun to give up on the idea of soulmates, until of co...
Toxic/Jeongchan by jeongin8biased
Toxic/Jeongchanby Jeongin.biased
Jeongin is in an toxic relationship that he refuses to tell any of his friends about. But what happens when he starts to catch feelings for one of them? - side ships- ~M...
Would it be gay if...?/Jilix by jeongin8biased
Would it be gay if...?/Jilixby Jeongin.biased
Felix: hey Jisung, would it be gay if I thought you were cute? Jisung: not necessarily OT8 -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Start: 2-3-20 Finish: 4-27-20 ~slight trig...
The Baby Sitter | Minsung by snowy_sxngie
The Baby Sitter | Minsungby Nixie <3
Completed! ❝ Get in loser, we're going shopping ❞ ❝ You've watched Mean Girls? ❞ ❝ Of course they have, ...
Friends?/Seunglix by jeongin8biased
Friends?/Seunglixby Jeongin.biased
Hello~ would you like to be friends? -Umm this is a school desk So? ~~~~~~~~~~ In which Seungmin tries to become friends with his crush who doesn't know he exists by wr...
Imprinted (Lee Felix X Reader) by MissDevoured
Imprinted (Lee Felix X Reader)by MissDevoured
You meet a guy and his friends at the bar one night. You become friends but one of them seems extra protective over you. Eventually you find out some secrets that you we...
Kingdom of Roses | Stray Kids Royal AU by elena24aly
Kingdom of Roses | Stray Kids elena24aly
What a cruel fate was destined for the heir of the Kingdom of Roses, Han Jisung, and his future lover, the Knight Lee Minho. Their story remained unfinished, so their so...
HTGAB101 :: changlix ✔︎ by Jinnieeeeefood
HTGAB101 :: changlix ✔︎by nina
Using 'How To Get a Boyfriend 101,' a book which was originally intended for straight girls, Lee Felix makes a final attempt to woo his crush. [ started ] Octo...